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    Roblox Physicsism is the ideology that states that Robloc.png Roblox physics is the superior model of physics and that all other models of physics are inferior to what is seen while playing Roblox. It is generally unconventional, even though it is also somewhat conventional in nature (e.g. Newton's laws of motion.) The following paragraphs describe typical Roblox physics.

    In general, it does not believe in fall damage, stating that no matter how much momentum one has when falling, no damage will be dealt. Exceptions to this exist, like Jailbreak and Natural Disaster Survival. Most games on Roblox have no concept of fall damage.

    Kinetic damage by high-momentum objects is also nonexistent. If one gets hit by a fast and heavy object in the model, like a car or space rock, no damage will be inflicted, and the object will simply bounce off of the player. Also, the heavy object will bounce off of the player (even if the player is lighter). In some cases, kinetic damage is constant for the given object no matter how fast it moves (or if it is staying still).

    Robloxian physics also supports the flat earth theory. Instead of one world being 1000s/10000s of kilometers wide, worlds are usually only 100s to 1000s of meters in diameter. Even though these worlds are very small, the gravity is *always* down at 9.8 meters per second per second. Millions of individual small worlds (technically "servers") exist (instead of having one very large one, like conventionalism supports). Each world may have its own sky, day length, gravitational attraction, or sometimes some non-Robloxian physics. Each world is more like its own universe then. Worlds are usually flat squares ranging 550 meters in width by 550 meters in length (Galaxy is an exception to this rule). It is also possible for certain objects to be completely immovable.

    There is no universal gravitation (as Newton used the term). Every "universe" (in Roblox it's technically called a "workspace" but whatever) has its own gravity that points downwards. Usually it is 9.8 meters per second squared, but in some games, it can be different or even changing. In Zombie Rush, for instance, the gravity of the entire universe will decrease on a dime if the hosen map takes place in outer space (like Space Station 2.0 or Spaceship). Gravity is always the same everywhere in one universe.

    Weapon damages in Roblox physics are fully independent of their caliber. For example, a 2mm Kolibri could be an instakill while a nuclear weapon could not damage the player or the environment. Weapons do not usually damage the environment. In terms of guns, even the thinnest walls have seemingly infinite resistance to weapons of any type, including high-powered explosives (an exception would be Destruction Simulator). Players and the environment require totally different weapon types to damage.

    There are hard limits to how small or large large an individual single component can be. The smallest possible object is 1.4 centimeters (0.05 studs) in size while the largest possible object is 573.44 meters (2048 studs) in size. Also, spheres are giant polytopes that have visible faces. Sometimes, you could walk over one face of a sphere and not actually touch it.

    Dozens if not hundreds of forms of exotic matter exist. From Krixanium to glowstone to mythical money chests, there is always exotic matter. The Law of Mass Conservation does not exist; a cube could instantly vanish and immediately turn into massless cash. It is even possible to step on a red button on the floor in some cases, and in exchange for massless cash, produce hundreds of kilograms of building material directly in front of you.

    A planet is defined differently in Roblox physics. Instead of an extremely large sphere/spheroid held together by its own gravity, a planet is a small plate (usually only 10s/100s of meters wide) with distinct features and a giant wall. From a distance, a "planet" appears to be a giant bowl. By conventional standards, such an object would only qualify as a meteor.

    Players and any objects can teleport between parts of a universe and even other universes without consuming energy. Even though, by conventional standards, such a feat would require millenia of the current global energy output to achieve due to the mass-energy equivalence, ROBLOX physics makes it consume absolutely no energy and only a few seconds.

    Also, the sun and moon are infinitely far away. Even a million blocks away from ground level, the sun and moon have the same apparent position in the sky.

    A roblox universe is simply a flat plane suspended in a void. If anything falls far enough into the void, it will be utterly annihilated (regardless of size/health). Unlike in Minecraft, this void can be light or dark, depending on what time of day it is (dark in daytime, light at night).

    When a character dies, it will break into an assortment of parts that made up the body of the character. These parts will vanish when the player respawns (at a designated location).

    Water is a weird substance. Either it is a substance that stays level and does not slow the player, or it is a substance that does slow down the player and stays suspended in the air indefinitely.

    Damage by radiation, extreme temperatures, or acidity/alkalinity is extremely rare.

    At extremely high elevations, even those of thousands of kilometers, air pressure does not drop. The atmospheric pressure stays constant at all elevations. This is evident because at y values of millions of studs (~100s to ~1000s of kilometers), the player can still survive without exploding or suffocating. The same is true at extremely low elevations. As long as the void does not kill them, the player will survive without imploding.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a bighead shape.
    2. Fill the background in red. (#C8102E)
    3. Make a brown stripe run from left to right. (#a95d1e)
    4. Draw a blue stripe running down from top to bottom. (#0a0997)
    5. Draw a black shield on the ball. (#141414)
    6. Draw two bones on top of each other inside of the shield. One bone should go from top-left to bottom-right while the other bone goes from top-right to bottom-left. (#ffffff)
    7. Draw the eyes.




    • Alternative Idea Jingoism.png Alternative Idea Jingoism - Still believes in some conventionalist physics, like kinetic damage.
    • Newton.png Newtonism - Ok, but stop shilling kinetic damage and "gravity"!!
    • Metricf.png Metricism - Sometimes we use meters.
    • Space.png Galacticism - Space is real, but not how you think it is. THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION!!!!! PLANETS ARE ONLY HUNDREDS OF STUDS WIDE!!


    • Univgravf.png Universal Attractionism - Boohoo. You're coping because Roblox physics IS the true physics.
    • Mainjing.png Mainstream Idea Jingoism - Why do you support fake earth and fake damage outputs?!
    • Scientocracy Small.png Conventional Scientocracy - Now what mother-###### in this room believes in the Law of Mass Conservation and universal gravitation?! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF YOU ALSO THINK PEOPLE DIE IN CAR ACCIDENTS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
    • Einstein.png Einsteinism - "General Relativity" You mean General Irrelavancy?!
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