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    Robloxism is an ideology based around the idea of Roblox ruling the world. It's stances are based off of the platform, which includes the laws being changed to the Community Standards and ToS, and in extreme cases, making Roblox the reality where people live in.

    Some common Robloxist policies include adopting the Roblox system of measure (studs instead of meters/feet), using Robux as an official currency, making work & education optional, abolishing natural hierarchies (but keeping artificial ones), the belief of the Roblox model of psychics (or in extreme cases, the change of psychics to replicate Roblox), and generally supporting capitalist & authoritarian leaning policies.


    Robloxism either acts like your typical Roblox moderator/staff that usually talks about banning people, or less commonly, the stereotypical Roblox player, usually portrayed as obnoxious and childish. He also really likes Robux and will do practically anything for it.

    Other Notes

    Robloxism cannot swear or, say anything not censored on Roblox, and will censor any word he deems unacceptable with hashtags (#).

    Roblox will either talk in perfect grammar with long, complicated words, or all lowercase with little grammar, depending on which personality is used in the comic/art.

    Examples: Main Personality: "Hello, I am Robloxism. An ideology on the Polcompball Wiki." Alternative Personality: "Hey im robloxism im like a guy on polcompball"

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle. (Another suggestion: Draw it in the shape of a bighead)
    2. Draw a grey background. (#909090)
    3. Draw a red square O (the hole is small and also square) and tile it a bit. Draw it like this picture.
    4. Draw eyes.
    5. [OPTIONAL] If you used the bighead shape, make one side lighter to look like reflection.



    • Gamerism - Father! Thanks so much for brining me to fame! Just ignore how I removed the word "games" from the website and called them experiences instead
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - I'm ashamed to admit it, but he's practically me.
    • Multiculturalism - Roblox honors and welcomes users of all ages, backgrounds, and identities.
    • Combatocracy - I honestly don't care about violence as much as ### & ####s, so go ahead and make your PvP game! (but just make sure to not take it too far!)
    • Bio-Posadism - Thanks to COVID, Roblox nearly doubled our popularity! I might have to start thinking about this...
    • Plutocracy - The richest players on Roblox have the most power!
    • Georgism - You practically get infinite land on Roblox, do what you want with that.
    • Kritarchy - Helped me sue Ruben Sim. Problem?
    • E-Democracy - Huge fan of this apart from the democracy!
    • Scientific Soulism - The ultimate end goal! Just become a little capitalist and accept authority, and you're good to go!


    • Robloxian Extremism - That's a bit too far... a warning will do. Keep on enjoying Roblox, but you must accept that people can enjoy other games too.
    • Roblosism - That's WAY too far... I'm considering a 1 day ban.
    • Minecraftism - He used to be my arch-nemeses and I would ban people for just mentioning him, but I've been much more relaxed with him recently.
    • Childism - I'll let you on here, but don't expect all the features, and you can't type numbers for some reason.
    • Totalitarianism - I hate your real life version, but this amount of power is how much we need to keep our players safe!
    • Parentism - You give me the money, but you seem to hate me for some reason.
    • Pink Capitalism - Like I know I made some pride-themed accessories and that, but I'm honestly not the biggest fan of you, and I refuse to turn my logo rainbow in June. But our beloved UGC creators seem to be Pink Capitalists, so we really have no choice... We banned the word homosexual.
    • Dengism - Like I mean I created Luobu, but I shut it down as well. I never really liked you anyway, to be honest. At least we both hate Ruben Sim.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - We really hate ### & ####s, but you don't like me in the slightest.
    • Anarcho-Gambling - No, you cannot gamble with Robux. But yes, we do let you gamble with in-game currency you can buy with Robux, and casino-themed experiences are accepted. We'll ban you if you start using Bloxflip though.
    • Neoconservatism - We understand that you intended your 9/11 memorial game as respectful, but we won't allow it. We're not gonna ban, just a warning.


    • Mediacracy - "Cybersecurity experts warns of the dangers of popular online kids game Roblox" my ###!
    • Racial Nationalism - I don't support racism, get banned!
    • National Socialism - He's literally a ####, ban him immediately!
    • American Confederatism - And make sure to ban this confederate as well! Don't mention that hat I made back in 2009.
    • Ochlocracy - I don't care about your stupid little RDC twitter drama!
    • Neoluddism - Don't you dare try to shut down our servers! We already know how to do that good enough lol
    • Piratism - Stop publishing uncopylocked versions of my popular games with scripts!!!
    • Islamic Theocracy - Jordan & Oman blocked me, and the UAE also used to!
    • Juche - North Korea banned us as well!
    • Banana Republicanism - Let's not forget that Guatemala and Guam banned me too!
    • Lisaism - You're just a stupid little troll, so you're not worth our precious time. Leave that up to him.
    • Avaritionism - Yeah, I think this guy wasn't JUST talking about killing cops in Jailbreak...
    • Illegalism - You committed a felony in real life, so we're getting your account banned. Da Hood and Jailbreak are cool games though.
    • Jingoism - That goes for violations of international law as well! Stop with the war crimes!
    • Narco-Anarchism - STOP BREAKING THE RULES, AND STOP DOING ####S!
    • Insurrectionary Anarchism - OH ####, THIS ONE'S CALLING FOR TERRORISM!!!
    • Jihadism - PROMOTES #########, GET BANNED!!!

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