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    Robert Lockheartism is an off-compass libertarian unity/centrist ideology that advocates that rejects any "positive" form of political activity or organization, although neutral to specific ideologies, it doesn't want to (or can't) understand opinions or points of views of other people/ideologies, making the point of view of the follower the only one that is valid or viable, in a way that they think the whole world seems like it revolves around themselves.

    It believes that leftists should take inspiration from and use elements of the Acidcomf.png Fisher movement to imagine future political possibilities, with beliefs such as the belief that the future is canceled because every idea of the future has been thought of and realized in the past interpretations of such future, it rejects all types of the satirical ideologies and prefers any serious ones.

    The main goal of which is to counter Libtard.png Liberalism in all possible ways, usually it is the making allies to Euras.png Fourth Theory, both of them rejects the ideas that the main subject of politics is one of Indiv.png Individualism because it seeks to return to a set of values that oppose those of the current Neolib.png liberal politics, the opposite of the political philosophy of it.

    It's typically associated with Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism but with some personal touches.




    • Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism - Kind of like me but with praxis
    • Philan.png Philosophical Anarchism - I like this but I won't do any praxis
    • Nrx.png Neoreactionarism - I like your Neologisms but in rest I don't care
    • Dem.png Democracy - You are incompetent in the consequences of post-modernism
    • FDF-Pirate.png Piratism - I like this but i am skeptical about this e-democracy
    • Nihil.png Nihilism - Like the extreme pessimism but why the radical skepticism
    • File:Pessimistic Socialism.png Pessimistic Socialism - The current state of socialist people
    • Krater.png Kraterocracy - Hard times creates strong men Strong men creates good times Good times creates weak men Weak men creates hard times
    • Petersonism.png Petersonism - Not a bad guy although you are focusing on the wrong thing
    • Sanders.png Sandersism - Failed economy Great philosophy
    • Vandal.png Vandalismism - I like this one although you are focusing on the wrong thing and also praxis
    • Guevara.png Guevarism - Nice tactics failed economy
    • Cball-British India.png Orwellism - Love the fight for freedom although failed economy
    • Monoegoism.png Monoegoism - Post-apocalyptic me
    • Leftac.png Left-Accelerationism - Capitalism is already at it's breaking point but it can't be replaced
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - I like technology but not in my body (on my body is okay though)
    • Žižekism.png Zizekianism - Chill philosopher although you are communist but i don't mind it
    • Autarch.png Autarchism - Soon my friend
    • Totalitarian Nihilism - I like this but keep religion and other stuff please
    • Jokerismball.png Jokerism - Based but no praxis for fucks sake (Although you use the joker face to symbolize the disillusion to neoliberalism and i gotta respect that)
    • File:Corruption.png Phanpite Corruptionism - The more you joke about something the less it had become a joke and you will adhere it's ideas soon
    • Cosmicism - I agree that there are other creatures within the universe although god is real and he disappeared but who is this god?
    • LeftCom.png Left-Communism - Drop the communism and this ideology is based af


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