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    Right Soulism is an ideological interpretation of Soulism that promotes the idea that forcing equality creates a "Flat Hierarchy". It advocates for the destruction of all hierarchy, both flat and structural. However it denies ideas associated with Soulism like outlawing gravity or rampant transhumanism as it is creating a Structural Hierarchy where human ideas viewed as superior to the natural order. However creating equality to prevent Structural Hierarchy makes Flat Hierarchy, logically the only real way to destroy hierarchy things must be given to those who deserve it. This can only be achieved with competition. Therefore Competition is the ultimate form of freedom.


    Flat Hierarchy is Hierarchy without the structure that defines most Hierarchy. Essentially a fancy term for Oppression, yet the distinction is important in order to understand why competition is the ultimate form of Freedom.

    If you gained something you did not work for, not out of the goodness of someone's heart but out of requirement. That is oppression.

    Many Left-Wing Anarchist ideologies solve this problem by removing those who do not wish to give, but this is forcing those to accept your ideas along and therefore oppression.

    Forcing something on anyone is oppression, yet Laws and a tiny State must exist for the greater good of the public. If the people want something, and then it becomes Law, it is really considered oppression to give the people something they want?

    Flat Hierarchy is when someone or a group forces things upon the people, but when the people come together to decide something it is not Oppression or Hierarchy.



    Autarchism is Superior to both Capitalism and Socialism, as it allows for reliance on one's self rather than on others.

    Although Capitalism is more competitive than Autarchism, it is the best system because it does not create Structural Hierarchy nor take advantage of the Working Class. Socialism creates Flat Hierarchy by aiding people who did not act to get it the aid, thus creating Flat Hierarchy. Socialism only exists because of Capitalism. When Autarchism is established, Socialism is no longer needed.

    This Philosophy extends to systems like Marxism.

    Classical Economics

    Even though Autarchism is superior to Capitalism, forcing people to not trade is a Flat Hierarchy. Aside from the moral implications, markets make economies better and more competitive. Although economies (mostly) regulate themselves, the market cannot serve the common good in every aspect.


    As was elaborated on in the "Classical Economics" section the Market is a positive force. Yet for freedom to flourish in a Market Economy, Co-Ops are a good start. Other alternatives to Top-Down Business and Capitalism should be explored, but Cooperatives are a good example which have been shown to work in the real world and not just in theory.


    Direct Democracy

    Direct Democracy is the best Alternative to a standard state. A system similar to a fusion Swiss and Athenian Democracy is the best, but if the people wish to change the system of government then it would be oppression to deny them the choice. A constitutional system should be established to prevent any changes to system that would cause inherit Hierarchy yet allow enough wiggle room to allow for meaningful change.


    Once the people become educated, you can trust in them to make decisions on what the state should intervene in instead of the Market. What the state can and cannot do, as well every Law and Diplomatic action must be decided by the People. In order to prevent the uneducated ones from becoming too influential, Experts in different fields (which are elected by those with a professional Education) count as 2 votes (or more depending on what the people's vote)


    Federal Districts should have a say on Minor Policies, what these minor policies are should be elected by the people. The Swiss Federalism should be used as a building block to expand upon.


    In order for the government to exercise the will of the people, each individual federal district should include its own militia with partial funding by the state. The Militias act on accord to the state and serve as both a Police force and Military organisation.



    Autarchism: The best economic ideals


    File:Slavreichismsmallnew!.png Slavreichism: I mean its ok.

    Great Dislike

    Neo-Airisuism: Nah. I aint feeling this one chief.

    Neo-Plenderplarism: This one does not spark joy.

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