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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Right-Trotskyism is an Authoritarian, Economically Far-Right, Culturally Far-Left, Globalist, Capitalist and Liberal ideology which wants to spread capitalism, rationality and freedom to the entire world.

    Much like normal Trotskyism it believes in a global "revolution", but rather than a communist one it wants a capitalist revolution. It therefore wants to use Imperialist tactics and sponsorship of capitalist groups to create a capitalist world. Just like how Trotskyism doesn't like the bureaucratic state, Right-Trotskyism hates it too, but for a different reason. While normal Trotskyism see it as a way to take away control from the workers, Right-Trotskyism see it as a form of communism.

    The ideology is very progressive as it views culture as a potentional threat to the free market. Culture makes people consume less products and with the eradication of culture global marketing becomes much easier as everyone enjoys the same things. It also hates Nationalism since it makes trade harder. It instead suggests that everyone should give up their own culture ans instead join the global, free and tolerant culture.

    It hates everything which might challenge its freedom such as religion as people have to submit to a God, tradition since norms controls how everyone acts and any form of Left-Wing Economics because of the fact that they limit the free market. It therefore wants to get rid of all religion, traditions and economic leftism. While this action in and of itself limits freedom it still views it as a necessary step to take to maximize the total amount of freedom.

    It favors a totally free market. No government intervention or handouts should be made as it views these actions as fundamentally Communist.





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