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    Right-Wing Democratism, also known as Right-Democratism, is a version of Democratism that strongly favors the right of the compass over the left. It can be used as a satirical term for DINOs (Democrat in Name Only) or as Potash666 describes the Democratic Party (as an exclusive right-wing organization). It is a capitalist and culturally center ideology that is not completely different from the GOP in terms of economics, unlike the rest of the party. It is fiscally conservative and economically centre-right to right.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in black. (#141414)
    3. Make a Democratism logo, but draw it in yellow. (#FFFF00)
    4. Draw the eyes.




    • Center Democratism - You're a bit okay but you're a DINO because free markets are based. Also you should care more about inflation control than welfare spending.
    • Bidenism - The same as the above. Also fuck you—, I mean your staff.
    • Harrisism - I don’t need to repeat it again.
    • Liberal Libertarianism - Liberalism is good, especially the fact that it accepts free markets as they are. You're a libertarian which is a giant cope.
    • American Republicanism - Sure, sure, bipartisanship is important. Even though you aren’t really willing to work with me and is instead playing political tricks.
    • Social Liberalism - Liberalism but a welfare tactic which disturbs the harmony of the free market.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Not necessarily a corporatist, but cool otherwise. Almost like me but too authoritarian. The status quo.


    • Maoism - Most stupid Chinese guy to have ever lived.
    • Syndicalism - Unions should not control the businesses!
    • Reactionary Libertarian Socialism - You're against everything I stand for. Markets should be free as well as diverse.
    • Left Democratism - Stop fucking insulting and harassing me for scrapping build back better when it’s your fault for not compromising!!
    • Sandersism - I am not afraid of your primary threats and you don’t represent the views of the majority of Americans.
    • Trumpism - Even though I don’t hate you as much as the rest of the party, I still voted twice to impeach you. I also voted to investigate your loyalist gangsters who assaulted the Capitol Hill on January 6th.

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