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    Rigby Thought is a Economically Center-Right, Culturally Center-Right to Right, and Nationalist Ideology that aggregates the political opnions of Rigby From Regular Show.


    Rigby Thought is a Far-Right ideology, that organizes in a Illiberal Democratic framework that restrict the Voting for the most intelligent individuals of our society. he is also a big supporter of Imperialism and exploitation of other countries, because he wants to make Brazil "part of the group" that includes inumerous big powers like: USA, China, Russia, India, France, Israel, Turkey, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Germany who actively exploits neighbour countries for their own interests. he also is a Traditionalist Conservative.

    Economic Policy

    My economic Policy can be Described as Center to Center-Right. as i believe that the Economy should be Free to everyone, but at the same time it should be regulated in order to ensure that the Market forces harm no-one.

    I also supports a Keynesian policy, even tought i dislike Keynesians because most of them are Progressive.


    I do believe in basic public services like: Healthcare, Education and Pensions. because it's explicit in the bible that we must be compassionate to the poor, Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.


    I believe that Protectionism is good when it comes to develop the country, and i wants to raise tariffs to increase our trade power. also, tariffs will not apply to exports, only to imports, so Mercantillism will occur.

    Social Policy

    I'm a Traditionalist who supports a Extreme rigid code of conduct that would be applied to the Youth, this means that Fines would be used against who break these codes.

    LGBT Rights

    I believe that Homosexuality is undesirable, and, we needs to decrease the power of Pink ideology that is corrupting the youth. and i will take steps in combating the pink ideology similar to Poland and Hungary. so yes, LGBT Free-Zones where public display of Pride flags is forbidden.


    I believe that Abortions are murder, and Rape and Mother life threats are the only exceptions for abortions. otherwise, fuck Murderers!


    I supports Confessionalism, because it provides the best between Secularism and Theocracy, benefiting both sides with this. as the Religion would have a mild interference within the Government, but the Government will still respect all the Religions.

    Foreign Policy

    I believe that the world is divided in 5 powerful powers, United States, Russia, China, India and France; who only cares about their interests and screw-off other countries, like Iraq for Usa, Ukraine for Russia and etc. and Brazil should strive to become the 6th Power in the closest time possible.

    But how?

    Simpli, we will employ Corporations and Mercenaries to conquer our weaker neighbours throught election rigging, funding coups, send mercenaries to take control over the country and arm the corporations until they become more powerful than the governments itselfs.


    I believe that the Catholic Population is lowering in Brazil, so i propose a Immigrational doctrine that will restrict Immigration for countries with a Protestant population while welcoming Immigrants from Countries with a high catholic populance, in question of other Religions and Atheists i believe that they should be free from entering in Brazil. as my only problem is with Protestants actually.

    National Policy

    I believe in Unitarism as the ideal for Brazil, as the only reason why Brazil becomed a Federation was to serve the interests of Big Agricultors. and when Brazil was a Unitary state, the government bringed Technology and Progress for all the States.

    Ideal Government

    My ideal Government would restrict the Voting only for those who happens to have Basic Knowledge, and the Government will also be a Dictatorial Republic. where the Executive power is too Centralized, and the President has more Power to the point that he can directly control the Police and the Military, uh... and i forgot that he also can Remove any Supreme Court Jury if he has the will of doing this.


    As I said before, I'm a Traditionalist who wants to implement a Code of Conduct. and the Code of Conduct that I want to impose will be this:

    • no one can buy or sell any form of alcohol, if the government doesn't approve the usage of it
    • The government will create "the great Brazilian firewall" that will crackdown on sites like Tik-Tok for example, and it will also make sure that anyone who watches porn haves 18 years or more
    • funk prooms can be closed and all their organizers arrested, if they allow anybody below the age of 14
    • and everyone who swears or smoke during the daylight will be arrested for 10 days and fined for 200$

    Nuclear Power

    The government will resign from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and will begin to test nuclear weapons. so Brazil could be part of the group of nine, that include all the countries who have nuclear weapons.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Rigby Thought acts like his founder, he is very edgy and likes to say the most silly and ridiculous things to irritate Progressives. but he also is a good friend for whatever wants to be, he also is an ardent Imperialist and likes to fantatizes about exploiting or invading other Countries.


    I'm gonna rewrite this shit



    • Gooberism - Economically, you are alright. Socially, you are kind of cucked. Civically, too Libertine. Diplomatically, big shit. this ideology sounds good in some parts while cringe in others.
    • Altemism - A Soccie, but based. Accept that Catholicism is the only true faith, while Protestantism is just a another name for Satanism.



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