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    Revolutionary monarchism Is the ideology of 謚之克武宗(Shi Zhi Kewuzong).TA is the ideology of a government headed by a monarch and elected by the people too. A monarch is a ruler who rules a country until death or abdication and holds the title of king or queen. Has the characteristics of absolute monarchy, socialist economic constitution, the supremacy of a single nation, and the ideology of pursuing absolute dictatorship



    Everyone has a job, everyone has happiness, and everyone has equality


    Carry out nationalization reform (public ownership of most private enterprises, mainly by organizing the Workers' Revolutionary Department to take over factories, allowing partial public-private partnerships), implement rural industrialization policies, carry out on-site urbanization, promote county development, gradually reduce the urban-rural gap, and strengthen union rights and enhance union armed forces in cities. We should also significantly improve education, medical care, housing welfare, and people's welfare. The state allocates jobs, and local governments control the local economy. If local governments embezzle, it is (Make a neck wiping motion).


    Ensure local and ethnic cultures, introduce a small amount of legitimate foreign cultures, and publish cultural products by the state. There should be no strict mechanism for review while it exists. (There is no obvious tendency of capitalism, fascism and social imperialism that can be basically passed. Those who are relatively explicit or have the tendency of syndicalism and left-wing anarchism will generally only raise the age rating, but can also pass the trial.) Popular culture (such as ACGN) can be accepted by the revolution, accommodated and actively used (of course, freedom of expression must be guaranteed). We should strengthen the elimination of religion, which is superstitious and idealism, and an important enemy of the revolutionary monarchical revolution.


    We should not expect reform and elections to complete our cause of revolutionary monarchism. We must fight against people who oppose the interests of the people and the cause of counter revolution. Due to the hypocrisy of bourgeois "democracy", the way to build a socialist system in capitalist countries is generally various forms of armed struggle, such as guerrilla warfare, riots, urban guerrilla warfare and coups, but not including peaceful means such as parliamentary elections, Because if that's the case, they'll either destroy us or spoil us. Demonstrations are generally legal, but they are subject to certain regulations and should be discussed with protesters, whose opinions will be taken into account.


    Nuclear energy, as an environmentally friendly and mature energy source, should be the main source of energy. We should put people first and not allow machines to replace manual labor, unless it is extremely dangerous work (such as rescue and disaster relief, nuclear power plant workers). Technological development is crucial, and funding for applied physics should be significantly increased. We need to accelerate the development of technology significantly. We should also accelerate our flight into space.


    We should advocate the Non-Aligned Movement or the National Movement, in order to prevent interference in the politics of other countries and be opposed by multiple countries.


    Educational welfare should be improved. (Compulsory education in high school/vocational school, universities (associate's, undergraduate, master's, doctoral) are completely public and free of charge, and as many people as possible can accept it) Students' early love should not be prohibited, and hairstyles should not be strictly required. Sex education should be done early, but gender differences should not be highlighted. The student union has greater power under the premise of a more democratic organizational structure. Primary and secondary schools should establish sound student union organizations to ensure that schools have a "democratic politics". There should be a limit on the duration of electronic games for minors, but they cannot be too short. The school can add computer programming (c++) and Esperanto courses. There should not be too high pressure for further education and too much homework. The way to make students consciously learn is to let them experience responsibility and rights. Because schools cultivate social builders rather than bookworms, physics and labor skills should be given more attention.


    Everyone and every nation are equally noble, and we need national unity and class struggle, not the opposite. Regardless of skin color and bloodline, people of the same class and faith are comrades and friends. I believe it is necessary to standardize, simplify, and promote the use of Zhuang characters and other minority languages. Because ethnic languages can only maintain vitality by absorbing new vocabulary, the creation and transliteration of vocabulary cannot be stopped (priority given to lexical creation). I am opposed to all forms of national chauvinism and sympathize with separatism in some cases (such as Mongolia's independence, but I firmly oppose Taiwan independence).


    Society will not stop developing, conflicts will always exist, but they will all be resolved. Commercial surrogacy, alcohol, prostitution, drugs, private firearms, and betel nuts should be prohibited, which are detrimental to the physical and mental safety and health of the people. They are evil phenomena in capitalist society and old ideas that need to be abolished. We can accept refugees and provide residences, labor, and cultural courses and professions, but they will be subject to more supervision in the early stages of settlement. It is allowed to immigrate to unfriendly and non socialist countries, but a portion of the welfare subsidies provided by some countries must be reimbursed. Immigrants from these countries need to pass political scrutiny.

    military affairs

    We should pay attention to the people's livelihood while paying attention to the construction of armaments. We should not move towards militarism. Guerrilla warfare tactics can still be of great use in modern warfare. It is necessary to study and use tactics in urban guerrilla warfare. The equipment and tactics of individual soldiers still deserve attention. In addition to the regular army, militia and armed police are also important parts of the national defense system. We need more advanced technology and bold innovation and experimentation in military construction.


    很好(Very good)

    • Absolute Monarchism - You are me!
    • Manosphere - We have given women enough rights, but they are too greedy and want to be superior to our men, so we men must take back the rights from women!


    一般(General relationship)

    不太好(Just so so)


    很好(Very good)

  • Six-Two-Zero - You brought me into Polcompball!
  • 好(Good)

    一般(General relationship)

    不太好(Just so so)


    • Heinrich-Cheungism - You used to be a Marxism-Leninism-Maoism+National Bolshevism, but now you have become like this

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