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    Revolutionary Prussianism

    Page created,,, please don’t delete I SWEAR I’ll work on it

    NOTE: The creator of this page does not consider this ideology her own and you should NOT consider this the creator’s self-insert. Rather, this serves as merely a thought experiment where the creator attempts to justify and rationalize with an ideology she would in reality oppose. For the creator’s actual ideology, please go here. (wip)

    Revolutionary Prussianism is an ideology. I’ll work on this more in due time.


    The Prussian Revolutionary opposes the degradation of the Germanic culture, harmony within the Völk, and spirituality caused by the advent of the Enlightenment, which spurred on materialistic thinking and scientism over piety, Prussian virtues, and the Germanic Völk’s innate spirituality. However, we recognize the many benefits science has brought to the wellbeing of our people, and while we oppose the domination of materialistic scientism over spirituality and virtue, we also recognize that technology, if regulated and forced to work for the benefit of the Völk, could be used to further enrich the harmony among each caste and the nation.


    Die Aristokratie

    • Hohenzollern Restorationism - The Kaiser was the embodiment of the Germanic Völk and nation! God willing we shall place you upon the German throne once more! It was such a shame you were betrayed by internal enemies. Heil Kaiser, dir!
    • Totalitarianism - The nation must be synthesized into one content and happy totality, all dedicated towards the cause of the Völk.
    • Reactionary Socialism - We desire actual socialism, one where each rank adheres to its own, one where each laborer works for the joy of the Völk and for the eternally glorious Kaiser, where everyone from all ranks of life work for the benefit of and obedience to their hierarchy and their people.
    • Cultural Nationalism - Long live the eternal glory of the Germanic Völk!
    • Aristocracy - Long live the Germanic aristocracy, whose virtue has defined the sublime spiritual character of our great people!
    • Patriarchy - Men are simply the most capable of the two sexes of embodying the values and carrying the responsibilities for our people!

    Die Kaufmänner

    Die Leibeigenen

    Die Dämonen

    Der Teufel

    Nicht klassifizierbar…


    Sehr gut!

    Nicht schlecht




    The Pit

    Reserved for the lowest of the low…

    Uhhh, what?


    Pretty good!






    Ask me questions and I’ll try to respond from the lens of this ideology. You can also ask to be added to relations for me to critique your ideology from the perspective of an unironic supporter of this ideology. Don’t add me back however

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