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    Revolutionary Liberalism is a form of liberalism that seeks to radically change the status quo of a certain region in an effort to establish a liberal democracy. Much like regular modern Liberalism, it is close to centre on modern conventional left-right political spectrums, and it highly values freedom of speech and expression, supports Keynesian economics, is generally culturally progressive, and most of all, strongly supports liberal representative democracy.

    It can seek to revolutionize any status quo, as long as it sees said status quo as fundamentally non-liberal. This means it can oppose any status quo it sees as too socialist, too authoritarian, too corrupt, too traditionalist, or too plutocratic/cronyist. It can even oppose modern liberal democracies, if it sees them as lacking in modern liberal values in some way or another.

    Its opposition to various status quos and its revolutionary ideals put it at odds with most other centrist ideologies, and its centrism puts it at odds with most other revolutionary ideologies.


    Revolutionary Liberalism has a rather strong personality, being very blunt, very vigilant in upholding political integrity, and very intolerant of deception. They are often seen crashing liberal meetings and talking proudly about their new latest uprisings against non-liberal governments. They have a visceral hatred of anyone who opposes liberal democracy, only somewhat softening their attitude with those who make an effort to appeal to liberalism. As a revolutionary, they can somewhat sympathize with some other revolutionary ideology balls, though their modern liberal ideas cause rifts to occur there too.



    • Liberalism - What I'm fighting for against the anti-liberal forces of the world. I don't necessarily always get along with your followers, though.
    • Populism (in theory) - I agree, return power to the people!
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - One of my closest allies. Unfortunately, he is not too savvy in politics and often ends up simping for a shade of illiberalism different to the mainstream one.
    • Radical Democracy - A bit too radical, but we agree on many things.
    • Radicalism - Same as above, though by now he comes off as a moderate funnily enough.
    • National Liberalism - The Springtime of Nations goes brrrrrrrr...
    • Washingtonism - Slavery is cringe, but what you and the American Revolution stood for are still greatly inspirational.
    • Hong Kong Democratism - Probably the most well-known present-day manifestation of my ideas.


    • The Establishment - Some of my supporters are somewhat comfortable with you; others want you overthrown.
    • Left-Wing and Right-Wing Populism - I can see what you mean when you say that the elites of modern liberal democracies are traitors to the people, but I also don't like either of your ideals.
    • Classical Liberalism - Yes, our system may be no longer liberal. No, I do not fully subscribe to your definition of "liberal".
    • Social Liberalism - Long live the Milk Tea Alliance! That said, FDR, JFK, and LBJ were rather based, but the internment of Japanese-Americans and COINTELPRO were uncool. Canadian Liberals are mostly okay though Justin Trudeau's policies are increasingly... concerning.
    • Conservative Liberalism - Still a liberal, but one of the more stuffy ones. At least we have Yun Posun.
    • Neoconservatism - He used to often support dictatorships over democratic governments in the Cold War times, but now prefers liberal movements like in Serbia and Ukraine.
    • Post-Left Anarchism - I like your hatred of the establishment and disillusion towards both the left wing and right wing, but you're also very absurd.
    • Japanese Liberal Democracy - An improvement over him, but you can hardly be called liberal.
    • Huism - Good guy, good influence on the Chinese common people of the 1980s, but too moderate.
    • Dengism - Somewhat liberalized China for a few years, but then cracked it all back down.
    • Gorbachevism - Tried to make the Soviet Union more liberal, but still too authoritarian.
    • Yeltsinism - Brought an end to the illiberal Soviet Union,and tried to make Russia liberal but brought Putin’s dictatorship to power.
    • Saakashvilism and Zelenskyism - You two had such promise, but the former turned illiberal so quickly and the latter appears to follow in his steps.
    • Morsism - Another big disappointment.
    • Illiberal Democracy - WTF is this? At least Sieyès was better than the Jacobins, if worse than the Directory.
    • Anti-Imperialism - Shame the movement was taken over by illiberals, but Bernardo O'Higgins, Jose Marti and Jose Rizal were awesome.


    • Populism (when a populist politician continues upholding the system or builds an even less liberal one) - TRAITOR!! LIAR!! EAT MY BULLETS!!!
    • Anarchists - Take a chill pill, man. Too much freedom at once will just overwhelm the people and drive them to embrace another tyrant.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Replacing a conservative tyrant with a "progressive" one is not gonna solve the problem!
    • Reactionaryism and Revolutionary Conservatism - Nor is doing the other way round.
    • Fascism, Nazism and Showa Statism - This anti-liberal bullshit is ridiculous. 1945 NEVER FORGET!
    • Marxists - Your ideology killed milions. Keep dreaming, but communism will never come and the world revolution will never happen.
    • Stalinism - 1953 was a great year...
    • Marxism-Leninism - ...and so was 1991.
    • National Bolchevism & Fourth Theory - Two anti-liberal ideas combined? Disgusting. We defeated fascism, defeated communism, so your whole ideology is one small failure that has no chance in reality.
    • Ingsoc - The ultimate goal of all illiberal ideologies.
    • Neoreactionaryism - GRAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
    • Xi Jinping Thought - An illiberal menace that must be toppled in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, or East Turkestan!
    • Alt-Right - Aren't you just his newest skin?
    • State Liberalism - You call yourself a liberal?
    • Corporatocracy - No, I can't allow you to be the face of liberalism.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - You too dude. Just because some of you are economically liberal doesn't mean you can be undemocratic.
    • Ilminism - Party like it's 1960...
    • Marcosism - ...or 1986...
    • Pinochetism - ...or 1990.
    • Putinism - Be afraid. Be very afraid. And yes, you lost Ukraine to me twice, cope and seethe all you want.Protests on Bolotnaya Square should have led to your overthrow. But I hope this will happen in the future.
    • Yanukovychism -2014 was amazing.
    • Lukashenkoism - 2020 was a pretty close call, but we will meet again.
    • IDK Thought - "Revolutionary Socialism" just another name of tyrant!


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