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    Revolutionary Conservative Socialism

    Flag of Revolutionary Conservative Socialism

    This is the ideology of Justaborrito.


    I believe in a market socialist economy based off of Josip Broz Tito's idea of worker's self management. However, if a certain market goes against the state, then it is closed down, and then nationalized. It is also important that managers of these markets are elected by workers. This is to prevent workplace oppression, and to avoid the economy becoming c*pitalist. I also support free healthcare for all citizens.


    I support the idea of a benevolent dictatorship, as while I do want to impose law and order, I also want to develop the nation[1] to becoming at least close to a world power. I also do believe in death penalty, but only for the worst of the worst.

    User Test

    Civic Axis

      • Anarchist (-10)
      • Libertarian (-5)
      • Civically Moderate (0)
      • Authoritarian (+10)
      • Totalitarian (-10)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • Direct Democracy (0)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (0)
      • Representative Democracy (0)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+5)
      • Anti-Democracy (+10)

    Economic Axis

      • Communist (+5)
      • Socialist (+10)
      • Corporatist / State Capitalist (same fucking shit) (-10)
      • Capitalist (-10)
      • Anti-Economy (-10)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • (Alter-) Globalist (0)
      • World Federalist (0)
      • Cosmopolitan (0)
      • Internationalist (0)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Patriotic (+5)
      • Nationalist (0)
      • Chauvinist (-10)
      • Racial / Ethno-Nationalist (-10)


      • Western (-10)
      • Non-Aligned (+10)
      • Eastern (Cold War) (+5)
      • Eastern (Modern Day) (-5)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (-10)
      • Progressive (0)
      • Reformist (+5)
      • Syncretic (+10)
      • Conservative (+10)
      • Traditionalist (0)
      • Reactionary (-10)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (-10)
      • Pre-Industrial (-10)
      • Deceleration (+5)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Acceleration (+5)
      • Automated (0)
      • Transhumanist (0)
      • Posthumanist (0)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-10)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-5)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Industrialist (-5)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
      • New Mass Extinction (-10)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (+10)
      • Non-engagement (+10)
      • Intervention (-10)
      • Irredentism (-10)
      • Revachism (-10)
      • Jingoism (-10)

    Religion Axis

      • Literally any other religion (+10)
      • Irreligion (-5)
      • Satanism (-10)




    I'm redoing this shit

    State Socialism - Authoritarian AND socialist? Based!

    Arab Socialism - Nasser and the FLN are based as fuck.
    Socialism - No explanation
    Market Socialism - Best economic system ever!
    Social Authoritarianism - Literally me! Well, I relate more to your left-wing side.
    Christian Socialism - "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."
    Conservative Socialism - Based.
    Eco-Socialism - We need to protect not just people, but animals and plants as well.
    Welfarism - So based.
    Titoism - Yugoslavia is still alive in our hearts.
    Gaddafism - ...And so is the Jamahiriya.
    Environmentalism - Fuck pollution!
    Bundism - Anti-Zionist socialists? Based!
    Kemalism - Atatürk was extremely based. Your socialist variant is even better.
    Authoritarianism - Great tool used to crush degeneracy.
    Police Statism - Same as above.
    Progressive Conservatism - This is kinda me...
    Eco-Authoritarianism - Based.

    Marxism-Leninism - Well, I'm not exactly a communist myself, but comrades like Thomas Sankara and Maurice Bishop are heroes.
    Marxism - Same as above.
    Tridemism - Sun Yat-Sen was extremely based! But most modern-day Tridemists are just... yeah...
    Liberal Socialism - L*btard. But Dubček was based as hell.
    Maoism - Mao himself was cringe, but some of his followers like Kwame Nkrumah were based as fuck.
    Ba'athism - Michel Aflaq was based as fuck, but sadly, like Tridemism, Ba'athism was ruined by it's modern followers and turned into a corrupt capitalist ideology.
    African Socialism - There's people like Sankara and Nkrumah who are extremely based comrades, but then there's people like Malema and Mugabe who are complete shitholes.
    Progressivism - Some of you are great and some of you are bad. I do support some progressive values like racial and gender equality, but I am still a conservative, so... yeah.
    Ho Chi Minh Thought - Long live Comrade Ho! But nowadays, you've depricated into a form of Dengism, which is sad.
    Posadism - No, we are NOT bringing Fallout in real life just to achieve socialism. There's better ways at doing that than NUKING THE ENTIRE FUCKING EARTH.
    State Capitalism - Worst economic system ever! (Khama was based though.)
    Dengism - Mao may have been horrible, but you're just a capitalist with red paint.
    National Bolshevism - Fascist with red paint. PREPARE TO BE OBLITERATED!
    Fascism - 1945 go brrr
    Capitalism - Second worst economic system.
    Authoritarian Capitalism - Kill yourself
    State Liberalism - The worst ideology that humanity has ever made.
    Ingsoc - I fear this is what the future will be.
    Libertarianism - NO, we are NOT making driver's licenses illegal! What kind of shit are you on?
    Nazism - Don't think I need to explain this one. To the pit you go!
    State Atheism - Shut up, neckbeard.
    Plutocracy - This is just capitalism again isn't it.
    Clerical Fascism - Bro picked up the wrong bible 💀
    Neoconservatism - IMPERIALIST!
    Imperialism - JUST DIE ALREADY!
    Esoteric Fascism - Go back to the mental hospital.
    Strasserism - Are you not just Nazbol again?
    Welfare Chauvinism - Welfare... but only for your nation? Cringe.
    Alt-Lite - Shut up, PragerU.
    Reactionary Socialism - WAY too far.
    Juche - You're not a socialist. You're a totalitarian monarcho-fascist who starves your people while giving your leader all of the food.
    Corporatocracy - Oh HELL no...
    Neoliberalism - The only thing worse than l*btards and neo-colonial imperialists is the two of them combined.
    Pink Capitalism - SJW capitalism. Nothing else to describe this pathetic ideology.
    Revolutionary Progressivism - Fuck the Cultural Revolution, and fuck SJWs.
    Liberalism - WAKE UP, L*BERAL!
    Pol Potism - The ideology of Satan himself.
    Climate Skepticism - STOP POLLUTING, BITCH!
    Pinochetism - Helicopters? HOW ABOUT WE PUT YOU IN THE PIT, NEOLIBERAL!
    Corporatism - Aren't you just state capitalism again?
    Avaritionism - TO THE PIT!
    Zionism - FREE PALESTINE!!!
    Labour Zionism - I don't care if you're a socialist, you're still a filthy ziotard!
    Reactionaryism - 1520? More like 2015 lmao.
    Peronism - I don't care if you were a welfarist, you were a social fascist who harboured Nazis and Ustasas in Argentina!
    National Capitalism - LITERALLY XI JINPING!
    Trotskyism - Social imperialist who would've been just as bad as Stalin.
    Eugenicism - How about YOU get out of the gene pool, bitch!
    White Nationalism - Shut up, edgelord.
    Francoism - Nazcap with Neocon characteristics.
    Totalitarianism - Too far, man. Too far.
    Jihadism - TERRORIST!
    Kahanism - Nazcap with Ziotard terrorist characteristics.
    Kakistocracy - IDIOT!
    Anarchism - Anarchism wouldn't work, since someone would rig the system to make themselves leader and make another state lol.
    Illegalism - [Comment Deleted. Banned for 24 hours.]
    Kleptocracy - [Comment Deleted. Banned for 48 hours.]
    Hive Mind Collectivism - No.
    Alt-Right - Average 4chan neckbeard.
    Bio-Posadism - I don't miss Covid. Not at all.
    Radical Feminism - We can't eradicate sexism by bringing more sexism.
    Manosphere - Same as above.

    Ilminism - Just as bad as Juche, if not worse.

    IRL Figures

    Sun Yat-Sen (1866 - 1925) - Based af revolutionary who founded the extremely based ideology of Tridemism. It's sad that people like Chiang ruined it.

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881 - 1938) - Best Turkish president ever. He lifted the nation out of the reactionary Ottoman Empire and implemented based af reforms.
    Ho Chi Minh (1890 - 1969) - Fought against Japanese fascist imperialism, then French colonialism, and then finally Neocon imperialism before he died.
    Josip Broz Tito (1892 - 1980) - Fought against Nazis and Ustasas during WWII, resisted Stalin, implemented a based af market socialist economy, founded the Non-Aligned movement to unite nations from both neo-colonialism and Soviet social imperialism, and held together Yugoslavia until he died. It's sad that nowadays, what was once a prosperous united socialist state is now a fucking mess.
    Augusto César Sandino (1895 - 1934) - Rebelled against US imperialism in Nicaragua which is extremely based. Sad that Ortega is using your name to do fucking corrupt things in the country.
    Kwame Nkrumah (1909 - 1972) - Based af anti-colonial non-alighned leader. Sad that you were overthrown.
    Michel Aflaq (1910 - 1989) - The founder of Ba'athism, and the only good Ba'athist in my opinion (as of now).
    Juan Velasco (1910 - 1977) - Economically wise, you weren't smart. But you were still a based revolutionary who was inspired by Tito and Nasser and was against imperialism.
    Ahmed Ben Bella (1916 - 2012) - Based anti-colonial Titoist leader.
    Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918 - 1970) - Extremely based Pan-Arabist leader who did many good things in Egypt. Though, deporting Jews was bad, but understandable since the Ziotards were being a threat towards you.
    Seretse Khama (1921 - 1980) - The ONLY, and I mean ONLY good capitalist.
    Alexander Dubček (1921 - 1992) - Wanted to make Czechoslovakia an independent nation from social imperialism. Extremely based.
    Patrice Lumumba (1925 - 1961) - It's sad that you were only prime minister for a few months. If you were in power longer, the Congo would be a prosperous nation instead of the shithole it is now.
    Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968) - Extremely based anti-racist activist.
    Omar Torrijos (1929 - 1981) - Best Panamian leader.
    Houari Boumédiène (1932 - 1978) - While you did overthrow Ben Bella, you still did good things in Algeria.
    France Albert René (1934 - 2019) - Extremely based Seychelles leader who increased the literacy rate in the country.
    Muammar Gaddafi (1942 - 2011) - Okay, so you did do a lot of bad things, such as supporting terrorist groups like the Shining Path and backing horrible leaders like Idi Amin and Bokassa. But even then, you were Libya's best leader. The country was stable under you until the Neocons came in and ruined everything.
    Maurice Bishop (1944 - 1983) - The second best leader ever. It's a shame that counter-revolutionaries overthrew you and then Neocons came in and made Grenada capitalist again.
    Thomas Sankara (1949 - 1987) - #1 best leader ever. Created an entire nation from scratch, vaccinated millions of children, planted a million trees, had based anti-colonial and anti-imperialist views, had good relations with Gaddafi and other socialist leaders, and made the country neutral. It is depressing that SOMEONE overthrew you and turned the country into a shithole.
    Abdourahamane Tchiani (1960 - ) Same as below.
    Ibrahim Traoré (1988 - ) The next Sankara. I have faith in you to continue what he started. But your relations with Russia and Iran are suspicious.

    Hua Guofeng (1921 - 2008) - You would be based if you didn't support Pol Pot.
    Leopold II (1839 - 1909) - The Congo Free State, along with Kampuchea and the ISC, was the closest Hell got on Earth's ground.
    Yuan Shikai (1859 - 1916) - Reactionary who forcefully took power from Sun Yat-Sen and brought China to a warlord era.
    Ioannis Metaxas - Greek quasi-fascist dictator, though slightly better than most fascists, but still cringe.
    Syngman Rhee (1875 - 1865) - Quasi-fascist dictator backed by Neocons. Hell, I prefer Kim Il-Sung over him.
    Leon Trotsky (1879 - 1940) - You fucking deserved the pick, you red imperialist.
    Douglas MacArthur (1880 - 1964) - This mofo the kinda guy to destroy an orphanage because there was a kid there named Red 💀. Okay, but seriously, this man was the Neoconservative version of J. Posadas.
    Wang Jingwei (1883 - 1944) - You should've stayed a Left-Tridemist, but you just had to become a fascist.
    Benito Mussolini (1883 - 1945) - One of the literal founders of fascism.
    Hideki Tojo (1884 - 1948) - Killed millions in imperialism, and did a bunch of other evil shit like Unit 731.
    Josef Tiso (1887 - 1947) - Slovakian Pavelic, pretty much.
    Chiang Kai-Shek (1887 - 1975) - Corrupt Neocon backed dictator who killed a shit ton of Left-Tridemists and Taiwanese aboriginals.
    Adolf Hitler (1887 - 1945) - No explanation lmao.
    Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (1889 - 1970) - Portuguese Franco, but worse.
    Idris I (1890 - 1983) - 1969 Libyan Revolution go brr.
    Francisco Franco (1892 - 1975) - Rest in piss, Nazcap. Don't know why anyone would support a reactionary dictator like you.
    Rafael Trujillo (1893 - 1961) - Pedophile dictator who was so fucking insane that even the Neocons thought about ending your horrifying regime.
    Mao Zedong (1893 - 1976) - Mismanaged shit like the Great Leap "Forward" and killed what I assume was 1/10 of China's population, if not more, causing you to be #1 on the list of the highest amount of people killed in a regime. You also destroyed a fuck ton of Chinese culture, as well as imposing a totalitarian dictatorship onto the country.
    Oswald Mosley (1893 - 1980) - The fact that there are still Mosleyites in this world simping for this Nazi fascist is just depressing.
    Plaek Phibunsongkhram (1897 - 1964) - Antoher reactionary nazcap dictator.
    Ante Pavelic (1899 - 1959) - Imagine being so fucking evil that even the Nazis shit their pants when they see the insane shit you did.
    Ngo Dinh Diem (1901 - 1963) - Killed a fuck ton of Buddhists in South Vietnam, all while being backed by Neocons.
    Fulgencio Autista (1901 - 1973) - Even as an autistic myself, I still call you Autista for a reason. You were pretty much an IRL state liberal who only cared about tourism and casinos and did nothing to care for your citizens. Glad Castro overthrew your ass.
    Deng Xiaoping (1904 - 1997) - Just as bad as Mao. Overthrew Hua Guofeng and changed his Titoist economy into just straight up capitalism, and also supported Pol Pot. Also, he was a social imperialist who invaded Vietnam for whatever fucking reason.
    Horia Sima (1906 - 1993) - Your rule over Romania was horrific, almost as horrific as the ISC.
    Le Duan (1907 - 1986) - The only good thing you did was overthrow Pol Pot, but other than that you're still a social imperialist.
    Francois Duvailer (1907 - 1971) - "Papa Doc?" More like "Peepee Dick"
    Ne Win (1910 - 2002) - Burmese Pol Pot, fucked up Myanmar by poisoning water supplies and killing ethnic minorities.
    Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004) - Worst American president ever.
    J. Posadas (1912 - 1981) - Wanted to achieve communism by nuking the entire fucking earth. Glad this man never got into power.
    Alfredo Stroessner (1912 - 2006) - Take Pinochet and then make him 10x more fucked up. That's this dude.
    Augusto Pinochet (1915 - 2006) - Why do people support this corrupt ass authcap who harboured nazis and fucked Chile up?
    Ferdinand Marcos (1917 - 1989) - Another corrupt Neocon dictator.
    Park Chung-Hee (1917 - 1979) - Syngman Rhee 2: Electric Boogaloo.
    Anwar Sadat (1918 - 1981) - Reverted most of Nasser's policies and turned Egypt into a Zionist-simping Neocon-backed capitalist regime.
    Ian Smith (1919 - 2007) - Man, shut the fuck up you sound like the fucking 👴🏻 grandpa emoji. *cue music*
    Jean-Bedel Bokassa (1921 - 1996) - Blud thinks he's Napoleon 💀
    Suharto (1921 - 2008) - One of the most brutal and corrupt people in history. Killed a fuck ton of people and comitted state terrorism all the while being backed by the US like literally every single Nazcap dictator during the Cold War.
    Francisco Morales-Bermúdez (1921 - 2022) - Overthrew Velasco and turned Peru from a based anti-imperialist socialistic state into a Neocon-backed capitalist dictatorship.
    Henry Kissinger (1923 - ) - I have no fucking clue HOW this Neocon terrorist is allowed to live past 100, but he did it.
    Robert Mugabe (1924 - 2019) - Not any better than the grandpa emoji back there. Initially, you had good intentions but then you killed white farmers during your rule and basically made reverse apartheid. Also, your a fucking retard when it came to economics.
    Francisco Macias Nguema (1924 - 1979) - African Pol Pot.
    Idi Amin (1925 - 2003) - Hitler on steroids, holy shit. Why people fucking support this subhuman cannibal is beyond me.
    Pol Potism (1925 - 1998) - The closest thing to Satan IRL.
    Jorge Rafael Videla (1925 - 2013) - Argentinian Stroessner, pretty much. Peron may have been cringe for harbouring fascists, but I still prefer him over Videla.
    Jiang Zemin (1926 - 2022) - You are not a market socialist. You are a kleptocratic capitalist Dengoid. You and Deng are the reason why China isn't socialist anymore.
    Magnus Malan (1930 - 2011) - A literal white supremacist pedophile.
    Mobutu Sese Seko (1930 - 1997) - Killed Lumumba, then turned the Congo into one of the most corrupt and brutal regimes in history.
    Meir Kahane (1932 - 1990) - A nazcap, a Zionist, and a reactionary. This dude would've been just like Hitler if he ever got into power.
    Manuel Noriega (1934 - 2017) - Turned Panama into a criminal state backed by Neocons.
    Jonas Savimbi (1934 - 2002) - OUR JOURNEY TO VICTORY HAS BEGUN! DEATH TO THE UNITA!!!
    Abimael Guzman (1934 - 2021) - This piece of shit right here. Kidnapped and boiled babies alive, hung random people's dogs on the streets, bombed buildings, massacred entire towns, and probably more horrific evil shit. All just to achieve your version of "communism" which would just be Maoism or Stalinism but even worse. Rest in piss, you fucking terrorist. And also, to all the Gonzaloites who genuinely support this monster, fuck you.
    Mengistu Haile Mariam (1937 - ) - Economically retarded, and also the Red Terror was cringe as fuck.
    Alberto Fujimori (1938 - ) - Neolib who was racist toward natives for whatever fucking reason. The only good thing he did was beating the shit out of Guzman.
    Ted Kaczynski (1942 - 2023) - Combine Pol Pot with Gonzalo and you get this primitivist terrorist fucker. Glad he's dead lmao.
    Joe Biden (1942 - ) - Just because I don't like Trump doesn't mean I like you, either. Actually, you're worse. You have done nothing good for America other than causing the rise of SJWs and Wokeism, and being a laughing stock.
    Donald Trump (1946 - ) - You did try to ban Tiktok, which is good, but your still a corrupt president, mismanaging COVID and shit.
    Charles Taylor (1948 - ) - Holy fucking shit, this dude was just Pavelic on steroids.
    Dennis Prager (1948 - ) - "Hurr durr socialism bad but my fake "university" which shoves exaggerated capitalist propaganda down children's throats telling them that all leftists are bad and that the British Empire did nothing wrong is good hurr durr." Just fucking KILL YOURSELF!
    Benjamin Netanyahu (1949 - ) - Rak Bibi? MORE LIKE FUCK BIBI! Seriously, this Ziotard Jewish supremacist needs to be removed.
    Narendra Modi (1950 - ) - ANOTHER Neocon-backed Nazcap, and a neo-fascist as well. The only good thing you have done is ban Tiktok, but that's it.
    Blaise Compaore (1951 - ) - Overthrew Sankara, then fucked up Burkina Faso while you call it "cOnTiNuInG sAnKaRa'S rEvOlUtIoN." Well, if you wanted to continue his policies, THEN WHY DID YOU OEVERTHROW HIM YOU CAPITALIST FUCK?
    Vladimir Putin (1952 - ) - Capitalist, imperialist, kleptocratic, and supports Xi and Kim Jong-Un. Fuck you. (Not I support Ukraine, as it's government is equally as bad as yours.)
    Jeffery Epstein (1953 - 2019) - Rest in piss and burn in hell, pedophile. Guys, we're going to Epstein Island
    Xi Jinping (1953 - ) - Deng but worse, since now he's a Nazcap.
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan (1954 - ) - Neo-Ottoman reactionary. Need I say more?
    Shinzo Abe (1954 - 2022) - Reactionary neoliberal who supported Imperial Japan and tried to cover up their war crimes.
    Baruch Goldstein (1956 - 1994) - Like Kahane but worse since he's a terrorist.
    Osama bin Laden (1957 - 2011) - No explanation.
    Mullah Omar (1960 - 2013) - Typical Jihadist lmao. Founded the Taliban and committed terrorism, then when he got into power, he destroyed a fuck ton of Afghan culture.
    Nicolas Maduro (1962 - ) - Kleptocratic piece of shit who is doing nothing to fix the "socialism" in Venezuela and instead is making it worse and worse.
    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (1971 - 2019) - Another terrorist.
    Julius Malema (1981 - ) - Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up. You are not a Sankarist. You are an anti-white "socialist" who just wants reverse apartheid.
    Kim Jong-Un (1982 - ) - Continuing the Monarcho-Fascist regime as usual, I see.
    Ben Shapiro (1984 - ) - "fAcTs DoN't CaRe AbOuT yOuR fEeLiNgS." Well, the only facts you should know are the ones that tell you how to kill yourself, you fucking Zionist Pr*gerite.

    Andrew Tate (1986 - ) - Literally my IRL political opposite, and also the main influence of those edgelord "sigmas" who be like "hehe Women bad Sigma men good amirite 🍷🗿." Go fuck yourself. You're just Ben Shapiro but worse.


    Anti-Capitalism - DEATH TO CAPITALISM!

    Anti-Stalinism - Based! Though a lot of you are either capitalists or Trotskyites, which is cringe.
    Anti-Imperialism - Down with imperialism and neo-colonialism!
    Anti-Totalitarianism - While I do want to impose authority, I still want to let my people have some freedoms.
    Anti-Dengism - Deng Xiaoping was a capitalist who paved the way for modern-day Nazcap China. Also, we both agree that Tiktok is cringe.
    Anti-Atlanticism - Death to NATO imperialism!
    Anti-Anarchism - Based.
    Anti-Liberalism - Down with the l*btards! Though some of you are fascists / nazbols.
    Anti-Racism - What's even the point of racism? We're all humans regardless of skin color.
    Anti-Trumpism - Just because I hate Biden doesn't mean I'm a Trump supporter.
    Anti-Zionism - Down with the fascist ziotards!

    Left Anti-Communism - Some of you are bad, and some of you are good.
    Anti-Fascism - Antifa is cringe, but still... DEATH TO FASCISM AND NAZISM!
    Anti-Americanism - If you hate the government, I can understand. But if you hate the people, then... I got a problem with you.
    Francophobia - Woah, woah, woah, CHILL! Fr*nch "people" lmao

    Self Inserts

    Serbian Socialism - Based
    - Based
    - Based

    Patrick thought - Hmmm. Conservatism is based. Monarchism is ok I guess. You don't seem to spouse any economic policy as of now. Overall, I guess I am fine with you.
    Sane Ayafantoho Thought - Holy shit, this is BASED! Compared to your cringe anarcho-pol potist larp, your actual ideology is based af. Punishing degeneracy is extremely based. You might be the most based ideology I know of on this wiki. :D

    German.red.patriot Thought - Stop hating on conservatism and religion! But other than that, you're fine I guess.
    Glorified Communism - Cringe anarchist, and I'm too retarded to understand the rest lol.
    Jefbol Thought - Fine I guess...

    - So similar, yet so different. Mussolini never had any potential, but at least you support the Yugoslav Partisans and the Vietcong.
    Brazilian Liberalism - Me if I was economically and culturally the complete opposite

    Rigby Thought - An unironic imperialist ziotard Putinist. The environmentalism is based, but that's all the good I can say about you. Also, iirc I read somewhere that you're just one of his fucking larps, though I could be wrong, but even then you're just as bad as he is.
    User:Khomeinism - Okay, holy shit. Initially, I didn't know what you meant by "holocaust article", but after reading your page, I can see you're a holocaust denier, which is so fucking cringe. I used to have you in the frenemies section, but I guess I was being a bit too nice that day. First off, you're a holocaust denier. Secondly, you're an unironic reactionary Putinist corporatist. Cringe. Overall, there are some tolerable things about you, like the anti-zionism and anti-totalitarianism, but I most likely won't forgive you for "the holocaust article"
    Ayafantoho Thought - ... Good. Fucking. Lord. This better actually be a fucking larp, cause if this is your actual political views, then... get some help.

    User:DarkEggChocolateBowser - Ew, a fucking liberal neocon zionist. Literally my complete opposite (aside from the environmentalism).


    Ms Green Show Thought - Hmm. Ayafantoho told me to add you. Don't know who tf you are but.... *goes to Ms Green YT channel* hmmm. *go to community post* hmm. *scroll downs* ... (live reaction)

    Political Test Placements

    Democratic Republic of Scorpistan

    The Democratic Republic of Scorpistan is a self-proclaimed socialist micronation claiming sovereignty over... hey wait a minute, I'm not revealing my location :)

    Anyways, Scorpistan was founded on November 4, 2023 by Justaborrito himself.

    Scorpistan Worker's Party

    Average propaganda poster in Scorpistan

    Art Gallery

    People who I consider "Subhuman"

    • Pedophiles
    • Zoophiles
    • Necrophiles
    • People who abuse/neglect their children
    • People who abuse/neglect their pets


    Comment if you want to get added

    • - Add me?
      • - Done. Also, I thought I removed that edgy "2015 nostalgia" shit, I'm not like that anymore.
    • DECB - My page is still WIP but add me
      • - Done.
    • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - o ye what did u see in ms green channel
      • - Bruh I went in the community post and saw fetish art of her OC farting black gas or some shit 💀 I can't remember clearly what it was but I do NOT want to see it again. 💀
      • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - true that gurl needs to go to hell actually or we form some mob around her channel
      • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - ngl bro the dr trayurus in ur lastest video pretty much described ms green (the fetish art part)
    • Ayafantoho Thought - check ur user page btw
      • - Bruh 💀 I thought no one gave two shits about my Toodles cult obsession, that shit's old. 💀 Maybe replacing Toodles with Scorpi from Mixels would make it even more based. Anyways, holy shit it's surprising that someone drew a fanart of it lmao. Me at least escaping T*ktok degeneracy is based as fuck.
      • - fr
      • - copy paste the scorpi image or draw it entirely?
      • - Draw it, I guess.
      • Ayafantoho Thought - uhhh done
      • - Based
      • - o ye the larp ideology i made wasnt actually my political views, i might make a self insert with my actual beliefs but i sadly cant find my own ideology cus i forgor
      • - Thank god lmao
      • - check ur userpage again
      • - Holy fucking based.
      • Sane Ayafantoho Thought o ye u can also add my real self insert if you want to.
      • - Done.
      • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - u can also add Ms Green Show Thought ideology (which based off a cringe ytber, if u check their community or video u will regret instantly)
      • - Done.
      • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - one thing, if you check her "Animation heat" video you will probaby question your sanity after seeing that video
      • Sane Ayafantoho Thought - o ye new internet policies and more
    • Ayafantoho Thought - add me as a enemy frfr
      • - ... Done...
    • User:Khomeinism - Hello, I want to add you, if you can add me too.
      • - Done.

    Serbian Socialism can you add me?

    • - Done

    German.red.patriot Thought- Pls add me

    • - Done

    Brazilian Liberalism - Add me

    • - Done

    Glorified Communism Add me,,,

    • - ... Done...

    Jefbol Thought - add me

    • - Done. Also, sorry you had to wait a while because I couldn't save my edits for some reason.

    - noooooo not conservatism!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways re-add me

    • - Done

    Serbian Socialism hey bro check my new YT channel [1] . I do YTPs in Italian language

    • - add me :)
      • - Done.
    • - Hello, please help me, they blocked me on the main page of the wiki. Tell them I will remove the Holocaust article. Tell them I didn't read the rules. Please talk to the administrators.😢🙏🏼🙏🏼
    • Rigby Thought - Add me
      • - Oh great, it's you again. Also, done.
    • Terekhofism -Add me pleace.
    • New World Socialist Model - Add me plsase, you're my greatest ideological inspiration. You've given a great example to me and it's so great!
      • - Oh, thanks. Never knew I had any others who were inspired by me aside from Ayafantoho (who left the wiki sadly). Anyways, my new self-insert is here.
    1. Could be any nation IDK, my ideology can be applied anywhere
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