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    Reverse Conservatism is a syncretic cultural ideology, combining the anti-wokeness, family values, and adherence to common sense on the cultural right, and the aversion to culturally right ideologies on the cultural left. It sees anti-SJWs and conservatives as having gone too far with their preaching of the cultural propaganda of white, cisgender, heterosexual males, and as utterly hypocritical in their criticism of SJWs and progressives. It believes in the preservation of common sense and family values, of which minority groups happen to be the best defenders. It can best be described as an anti-anti-SJW.

    It loves watching compilations of conservatives being woke and cringe. It loves laughing at Sister Cindy. It doesn't use Twitter much, but loves the account Conservative Self-Owns.

    Reverse Conservatism sees straight culture (especially straight male culture) as excessively promiscuous, with hookup culture being started and consistently dominated by straights, and heterosexual sex and romance being forced upon countless gay people in history. It also takes issue with the fracturing of meaningful familial connections endemic to heterosexual-couple families, with all their brainwashing from birth, generational abuse, and frequent cheating due to internal hypocrisy and sexual frustration. It is most disgusted by incels, as they are the ultimate woke warriors and sexual deviants.

    Reverse Conservatism sees society as having gone too far with its straight propaganda: While children's story books often contain heterosexual relationships, along with kissing, and straight people often read said story books to children, gay relationships are rarely if ever shown, and people who try to introduce children's books with gay relationships are beaten down by the woke straight mob. The same applies across many other identity spectrums - cisgenders making everyone accept their slurs of "free speech", religious people spreading propaganda about God's creation, men making women accept sexual abuse if even an inch of thigh is ever exposed, meat eaters forcing vegans to eat meat, and whites forcing everyone to assimilate with their culture or be cancelled and mobbed, or a few centuries ago, occupied and genocided.

    To combat all these daunting problems in society, Reverse Conservatism advocates a rational return to normality and common sense. It fundamentally believes everyone should be granted equal rights, even the whites, straights, and cisgenders who whine all day despite being privileged. It differs from culturally left ideologies, however, in their tactics but also their aversion to family values - it believes that minority groups set an example of modest behavior and a well-structured lifestyle, in comparison to the whites, straights, and cisgenders, and as such, should uphold such morals that those majority groups preach but betray. It distances itself from SJW, believing that fighting wokeism with more wokeism is not the answer, although it will always conveniently forget to criticize it in favor of making fun of actual wokes.


    Prudent, but with sarcastic and narky sides, Reverse Conservatism likes nothing more than the figurative annihilation of anti-SJWs and conservatives with their own talking points.

    In daily life, it acts very similarly to a stereotypical conservative boomer, with constant talks about the "good old days" when common sense and the family unit were still alive. Along with this conservative side, however, it also has the humor sense of an online teenage political genius. It loves making, sharing, and reposting memes about anti-SJWs acting like a 14-year-old crybaby, as well as retweeting the Twitter account Conservative Self-Owns. It loves laughing at Sister Cindy.

    When actually met with an anti-SJW, it grows quickly annoyed, immediately complaining about their wokeness and hypocrisy, and throwing insults. Its insult vocabulary bears striking resemblance to that used by anti-SJWs and conservatives against progressives: "cuck", "normie", "beta", "libtard", "woketard", "literally 1984", "soyjak", and even "degenerate" (against religious fundamentalists and incels). It won't stop asking whites and cisgenders how to get a C-word ("cracker"/"cissie" respectively) pass.

    It has a particularly bitter hatred of children's story books containing heterosexual characters and relationships, believing them to be the prime medium of woke conservative propaganda.

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    • SJW-Lite - Your name is incredibly misleading - you are one of the most rational, based, and redpilled cultural ideologies. Just don't stoop to the level of the wokes.
    • Orwellism - Based author of 1984. A true visionary who saw through the totalitarian dream of the wokes.
    • Feminism - Knows who the real oppressors are.
    • MLKism - Owned the propagandizing white normies with his pure bigbrainery.
    • Black Lives Matter - Your strategies are far too close to woke for my liking, but you do an amazing job of pissing off privileged groups, so I respect you.
    • Anarcho-Communism - Shares a mutual love for owning conservatives and other woketards.
    • Gamerism - Dab on them normies.


    • Progressive Conservatism - We might seem similar, but we aren't.
    • Progressivism - Pretty based ideas, not gonna lie, but too much weed and casual sex. Also, your optics strategy is horrible, stop playing the woke conservatives' game with them!
    • SJW - Look buddy, you can't fight wokes by being similarly woke. That's how they win.
    • Pink Capitalism - Same boat as Progressivism - good general direction, horrible optics.
    • Libertarianism - Fellow hater of woke brainwashers. You have weird phases of joining the woke mob, though.
    • LGBT Conservatism - Has some of the right ideas, but is way too sympathetic to woketards.
    • State Atheism - Kind of overboard, but I can't deny that I have a soft spot for you.
    • Homonationalism, Transarchy - See above.


    • Conservatism - My deranged fraternal twin.
    • Alt-Lite - Cringe woketard stuck in 2016.
    • Alt-Right - Cringier woketard stuck in infancy.
    • Incelism - Complete degenerate.
    • Petersonism - Holy fuck, look at yourself, you're the biggest woke moralist around. Are you blind?
    • Christian Theocracy - Prime example of the dystopia conservatives want.
    • Imperialism - You'd go to war with people who won't suck your white cracker toes? What a pathetic excuse of an ideology.

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