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    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism

    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism is a communist, third-positionist, culturally syncretic and ultranationalist ideology that is the opposite of Brazilian Liberalism.

    Economic Policy

    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism support a combination of communist and third-positionist economics, with the government controlling the entire economy. However, some neoliberals are still based as they care about themselves and not the poor. Reverse Brazilian Liberalism does not support free healthcare, college or affordable housing for this reason.

    Social Policy

    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism believes that the Brazilian society is very Racist, Sexist and homocentric and thus Reverse Brazilian Liberalism believes he needs to heal all our problems in the relation of bigotry. He believes the Brazilian society needs to make mandated quotas for everyone who is cisgender, white or male. He also believe in banning abortions, because it gives women power over their unborn child.

    Civic Policy

    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism believes that we should encourage Assault-Rifles, but ban all other types of weaponry.

    He also believes in criminalizing weed and banning euthanasia.


    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism thinks that the Brazilian police kills too much white people, and we need a police reform to combat this problem. But he completely understands why some people want to defund police, as no white people would get arrested

    He also believe we should escalate the drug war and see the dealers becoming rich because of the weed criminalization.

    Foreign policy

    Reverse Brazilian Liberalism is an interventionist who believes that Brazil should align itself with the East, as they tend to be less democratic and more authoritarian, which he supports.

    He believes that the Brazilian army should fund terrorist groups like Farcs and EPP.

    Environmental Policy

    He believes that every CO2 emission should be encouraged and that we should use the money from the co2 emissions to further accelerate the deforestation of the Amazon. He also believes we should give tax-breaks for the private sector for 2-months if they use oil or natural gas.





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