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    Not to be confused with Revanchism.

    Revengism is to put it simply a tendency to carry out, or preoccupation with revenge. This page will go by variations into depth how this core tendency can be expressed in politics. Because it's only a tendency and not really a ideology it is Non-Quadrant.


    Now let's see some ways revengism can manifest into political reality.


    The most famous example of "revengism" in politics is Revanchism. It's a diplomatic kind of revenge where a nations wants revenge on another nation that previously took it's land to get it back.

    Individual Revenge

    While this isn't perse just a politicial manifestation of revengism is certainly can be or lead to it being political. One great example is where Aaron Burr took his revenge on Alexander Hamilton for the previous ill that he put on Burr.

    Revengism as a justice system

    Revengism has also been used as a justice system. It's usually called primitive justice or retributive justice and it sees everything as just that pays back the harm done to the victim.

    Personality and Behavior

    Revengism is an extremly vengeful ball. If someone does harm to him he usually get's his revenge quick and nasty. Many balls fear him because his revenges can be quite agressive and harmful. He owns tons of weapons with his battle axe being his favorite.

    How to draw

    Flag of Revengism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it out with a dark red.
    3. Draw two infinite symbols that are inside each other. (For clarification look at flag)
    4. (Optional) Add a weapon, preferably a battle axe.
    5. Add some eyes and you're done!





    • - - - Why do you hate me so much?!?!  :(
    • Selflessness - How you gonna get your revenge if you don't care about yourself!

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