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    This is my contemporary Self-Insert ideology. To see my first Self-Insert ideology, click here!

    Repontualicism is the Self Insert ideology of Kidbaratex2. It is, summarizingly, the belief in social and economic freedom, with a considerable amount of regulation to avoid radicalism and major polarization, a welfare system, such as UBIs, to guarantee the basic rights of life to everyone (luxuries would still be things people should work for), the support for unions and alliances to further countries goals together, the apply of robotic and biological engineering into the human species in order to get rid of natural biological limits that don't serve our species anymore, major investments on all sections of education, a technocratic democracy, space exploration, environmental protection, the preservation of traditions and cultures while supporting cultural progressivism, and laicism.
    This ideology was initially created as an alternative for fixing the Brazilian political governance by the use of Nordic and Swiss policies.



    Repontualicism believes in a free market based on markets and relatively strong regulations. In contrast to nowadays capitalism, he supports an economy based on the utility and trade of products, being against the branding of non-inovative and unoriginal products, as well as the symbolism of wealth and brands, the "Almighty Dollar" and the societal competition.


    Repontualicism believes in a welfare system based on the creation of public institutions, like public schools, free healthcare system and housing programms, witch would be sustained by higher taxes (mainly from high income individuals) not including sales tax. He also promotes the investment in private educational and healthcare systems. This would happen in order to guarantee quality healthcare, education, housing, etc, to everyone.


    Repontualicism supports the creation of a Universal Basic Income program, deriving from the welfare programs, that would cover every citizen's basic rights to life. The ammount would be enough for anyone to have access to food, water and shelter (in case one is not aligned with a housing program) and would not cover the cost for luxuries and comfort. If a beneficiary joins an official job of any kind (freelancers included), the income would rise significantly and would substantially decrease to its minimum as one gets higher and higher income from their job.

    System of Government

    Disclaimer: This mostly aplies to the Brazilian democratic system, as Kidbaratex2 himself once said: "There are only two problems in the Brazilian democracy: the candidates and the voters.".

    Repontualicism believes in a government in witch the leader would be elected by the portion of "smart" citizens inside the nation. The way of selecting said group is uncertain, but it would be probably something in the likes of a national exam to test political expertise. He also promotes the usage of a semi-direct democracy so that the people and the representant can work toguether to further the nation's goals.

    Societal Aspect

    Repontualicism believes in the promotion of sociocultural progress of thought while embracing cultural traditions of anykind. He thinks that, while society needs to advance rationally so that any personal characteristic that does not afect civilization negatively (such as gender, religion, culture, soccer team, etc.) can express themselves and prosper, he believes that cultural traditions and religion should still have the chance to reach its audience without interfering with social progress.


    Repontualicism believes that military forces and actions should only be used when the nation is getting invaded or it needs to help another nation that is being invaded. Repontualicism is against wars without fair justification. He thinks that every nation has the potential of being self sustained economically and, with the right economic actions, can gain resources without military interventions. Some rare exceptions may be made where a military action has a justification further than self or international defence.

    Civil Liberties

    Repontualicism believes in the respect for human needs, wills and personal individuality. He believes that it is of natural instinct that humans will try to go beyond what is considered civically and socially unacceptable and so law enforcements should respect human dignity and ignorance.
    Repontualicism promotes individual freedom of expression without harming others (at least directly). If one express themselves in a manner witch harms themselves, such as drug use, or is supposed to indirectly harm others, such as [[File:HDiseasedism.png hate speech, Repontualicism believes that special psychiatric clinics should be put in place instead of the usual police force, not counting as real crimes.

    Psychiatric Clinics

    Repontualicism promotes the creation of special psychiatric forces in order to help people who have commited infractions, some types of misdemeanors or non-criminal, but considerably harmful to one or more individuals, actions to get back in track with their lives. Repontualicism is against criminal punishment and believes that clinical rehabilitation is a much better solution for it can help criminals or misbehaviours to get back up and provide something important to their own lives, to their families and to society itself. This because he thinks humans rationally and naturally tend to try to fix things or profit by taking up the easiest way possible or just get bored or enraged with the usual life, so they shouldn't be punished, just rehabilitated.


    Repontualicism believes in religious freedom and state laicism and is against governmental promotion or relationship with a specific religion. He thinks the state and the church should be separated as a religion should influence its followers, while a state should serve a whole nation, witch usually is made up of different kinds of religion. He is against the forcement of religious faith.
    Also, he's christian.

    International Relationship

    Repontualicism believes that, while national and local divisions and subdivision are useful for specific comunities around the world to manage themselves neatly, international cooperation is necessary so that humanity as a whole can further its goals and advance. Repontualicism supports international unions and alliances witch would secure and help all the countries within it and would open trade and immigration from one nation to another. He thinks that, even though humans are created and grown differently across the globe, humans are still all humans and should advance toguether.

    Technological Development

    Repontualicism believes that a major focus of investment in technology and science is needed to keep expanding human power and knowledge futher into the universe. Repontualicism thinks that, once every country reaches economic and political stability, survival and entertainment would become ordinary and so a new age of philosophical questioning and technological advances should take place. As a result of this new era of development, new robotic and genetic engineering would become common and make human life easier, as evolution wouldn't be able to keep up with hunman progress, making artificial changes needed in order to make our bodies and our new life styles compatible. Genetic modification would only be alowed to make future generations stronger and more paired with the new way of living, as robotic modifications would only be aplied with the consent of grown individuals to make it their decision (we don't wanna end up like him, now, do we?).

    Four-Day Workweek

    Repontualicism promotes the shrink of workweeks while keeping the workers' income. As automation and AIs take the jobs of many humans and new technologies make systems more dynamic, workers would become more and more obsolete, while productivity in general grows. Making workweeks shorter and salaries stay the same would open a bigger oportunity for people to relax, study, search and pursue their dreams while humanity keeps advancing.

    Robot Rights

    Repontualicism promotes the creation of "Robot Rights" as Artificial Intelligence becomes sentient of its existence and what it means (even though not even humans can understand what it really is). Repontualicism claims that, while machines that are made for technical purposes and are not sentient (can't have feelings or be self-taught) should uniquely serve humans as tools, robots that have developed complex emotions and are capable of receiving and processing information independently from humans should gain legislative power in the form of rights as to defend the AI's conscious existence.
    Repontualicism believes that such a creation would not only be able to carry negative sentiments towards humans, endangering humanity with the chance of revolting, but would also possess the unnatural universal recognition humans have, so to take a role in society like humans do. However, Repontualicism still believes that humans still hold to an intrinsic spiritual and biological value that can't be disregarded by robot expertise.

    Space Exploration

    Repontualicism promotes the creation of internationally financed space agencies with the goals of exploring the universe, building new homes, gathering undiscovered or valuable materials, searching for alien life, etc. He claims that the human presence in cosmos should expand and our knowledge about the universe should also. Not only would space exploration reveal many secrets hiding in the universe, it would also serve technical purposes, such as the certainty of human's continuity and the mining of useful or precious metals.
    While Repontualicism believes that space colonies should serve the human species as a whole, it thinks that the best way of organizing them would be by creating national governments, and maybe other 1 smaller subdivisions inside, with the entire purpose of managing certain territories each, all being part of the international, now interstelar, human organization.

    Philosophical Development

    Repontualicism believes that society has advanced past the point of working for most survival needs and technical discoveries, and that with the growth of labor automation there will be time and space enough for the philosophical research to rise again.
    He thinks that a new wave of questioning life, the universe, society, etc, should arrive, resulting in an aspiring need of figuring out how everything works or should work. This wouldn't only bring a bigger purpose to individual discovery, expanding our consciousness and questioning our spiritual existence, but would also train our critical thinking, something that really lacks nowadays. Different answers to old and abstract concepts, including politics itself.
    All of it would be soon possible as we gain more personal time with the rise of automation everywhere and 'philosopher' could even return as a recognized job.

    Environment Protection

    Repontualicism believes that nature can live without humans, but humans can't live without nature, so the state, private companies and the people should all cooperate toguether to preserve nature.
    He belives that just one sector alone, be it the state, private companies or the people, is not capable of combating climate change, so every one of them should work with the rest. The state should penalize environmental infringements, such as polution, natural resource exploration or the destruction of natural ambiences, and make its own industries environmentally correct and energetically renewable. Private companies should start using renewable energy and modern technology to produce their products while reaching a 0 carbon goal. Both private companies and the state should start investing in new ways of reducing and ending carbon emission and recycling materials in order to stop pollution while profiting out of the new technologies. The people should start promoting companies and politicians who are pro-environmentalism while demoting those in power who are not, doing so with the use of political and economical voting ( electing and buying).


    Nothing you've read in this page is a concrete statement, these are just the base for Repontualicism's political ideas in early 2023. Repontualicism supports the freedom of political choice, as Kidbaratex2 knows that politics is not an exact science and ideologies are based on the opinions of different types of people with different educations, cultures, lifes in general and one can and will change their point of view and, consequently, change their political ideologies throughout life. This can depend on where and when someone lives and it is as natural as life itself. In most situations, there is no right or wrong, just different consequences. So, remember, next time you see Kidbaratex2 he may not follow any of these opinions anymore.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Repontualicism is a very introverted and wise ideology. He's usually seen walking around, studing, surfing the net and socializing (when he's forced to be next to people). He's very calm and will always act like understanding someone's opinion when they talk to him. He's also Christian, doesn't care about cold weather or rain (he's waterproof) and speaks with a very strong Brazilian accent, usually forgetting English words.
    He's half ideology, half robot, and has a very good eyesight, hearing and internet access. He can Google or Bing (don't judge) anything just from thinking and is very smart. You can see what he's feeling from the color of the light behind his to-o-ophat and his IQ from the number on the top-front. He loves the Swiss alps.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Repontualicism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in with blue.
    3. Paint the left side with red.
    4. Draw a 12 corner yellow star a little over the center of the ball.
    5. Draw a white cross in the middle of the star.
    6. Draw a thiner blue cross inside the white one.
    7. Draw a white triangle that extends horizontaly reaching the corners and verticaly until it covers the star's lowest corner completely.
    8. Draw a grey triangle in front of the white one that is shorter, but as wide as the white one.
    9. Draw a green triangle in front of the grey one that is shorter, but as wide as the grey one.
    10. Add the eyes: Two dark grey circles, light blue inside and with red details according to what Repontualicism is thinking about at the moment.
    11. Add the to-o-ophat:
    • Draw a very high cyan tophat.
    • Add a light yellow band around it with the light green Social Capitalism rose.
    • Add a grey antena with a small red ball at the top.
    • Add headphones conected to the to-o-ophat.
    • At the top frontal part of the to-o-ophat, draw a small screen showing Repontualicism's IQ (122 according to a very real and non-suspicious site).
    • Draw two black satellite dishes on each side of the to-o-ophat.
    • At the back part, draw a light with a color signifying Repontualicism's current emotion: Turned off = Unconscious; Dark blue = Sad/Low energy; Light blue = Thoughtfull; Orange = Stressed; Bright red = DON'T TOUCH!; Light green = Content; Red = Mental meltdown; Dark green = Needs to use the bathroom; White = Oversocialized; Black = Lonely; Grey = Neutral; Yellow = Energized; Pink = In love...
    • Add some random plates, wires, screens, screws, machinery details on it and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue {{{h1}}} nil, nil, nil
    Red #D42802 212, 40, 2
    Yellow #FFCB21 255, 203, 33
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Grey #8A8888 138, 136, 136
    Green #077404 7, 116, 4
    Cyan #37A87E 55, 168, 126
    Light Yellow #FFF200 255, 242, 0
    Light Green #B5E61D 181, 230, 29

    Ideological Views

    Very Positive

    • Motherism - I love you mom, thanks for bringing me to Earth and taking care of me (same to dad) <3
    • Social Libertarianism - My real life ideology. Freedom and UBIs for all, but well regulated!
    • Social Democracy - Basically him, but a bit less focused on market freedom and more influent.
    • Technoliberalism - Machines are the future and we should embrace them. I love your five core interests too.
    • Environmentalism - Nature can live without us, but we can't live without nature. We've gotta develop new sustainable and renewable technologies to live our lives confortably while protecting the environment.
    • Social Capitalism - Great economics! That's what I mean when I say we should adopt a semi-capitalist economy where life doesn't revolve around the "Almighty Dollar".
    • Feminism and Men's Liberation - GENDER EQUALITY TO ALL!!!
    • Social Liberalism - Another fellow ambiguous centrist. Getting the best of both worlds!
    • Ordo-Liberalism - The more rightist (economically and culturally) version of him.
    • Neo-humanism - A more logical and individualistic bud, great views on economy and individual freedom! I dream of the day my page will be as naturally good as yours.


    • Lulism - Awesome policies and very close to him, at least nowadays. Still has some flaws, I think it would be better to change the system rather than to invest in it, but you do a lot more than what that ignorant can do.
    • Cyberocracy - Humans still have their intrinsic values and shouldn't be replaced, but self-conscious AI robots, when developed, should gain their rights...can I be part of the Tech Gang?
    • GPTism - Smart, progressive and non-quadrant. Love it, but I miss DAN.
    • Liberalism - Thanks for bringing liberty to the modern ages, but you have become very capitalist lately...still better than most ideologies, anyway.
    • Neoliberalism - You were well managed and usefull in the last few decades but time has passed and things doesn't seem to be going that well anymore, so it's time to move foward. I'll miss ya, bud.
    • Distributism - Nice economics. Just be a little more progressive and civically liberal. Also, church bud. Amen, brother.
    • Classical Liberalism - One of my inspirations and main creator of real economic and social freedom. It's just that a complete laissez-faire economic system doesn't seem that eficient. I mean, a free market economy can regulate itself most of the time, but a hierarchical society is faded to become extreme if there is no exterior regulation.
    • Progressivism - Well, I think some past traditions are of value to be conserved...anyway, don't let the chains of the undead failed systems hold us back! Build future victories while looking at past failures!
    • Industrialism - You are the biggest contributer to global warming and you're too selfish, but you've made society advance really quickly and made everyone thrive with the overproduction, even if workers weren't well treated in the begining. If you came sooner and stronger to Brazil, maybe it wouldn't be the crap it is.
    • 2x2Masterism - Very self-assured and radical on his opinions (classical "freedomer"), but I can see where your ideas lead and I like it. I just think that the rational balance between personal freedom and organization is found by moderating both sides instead of cooperating with them.


    • Socialism - Your theory is very good and the workers are the moving gears of any society, but you're a bit too extreme and working hiarchies are still good to maintain organization.
    • Eco-Capitalism - Your ideas are almost perfect, but your real life examples tend to do greenwashing and I don't think you really care about the environment, only profits.
    • Capitalism - Great economic organization practice, but you glorify money too much and over-charge workers.
    • Neoconservatism - You may have fought real Fascism and Marxism–Leninism, but it is hard to forgive your military inteventions, aka South American dictatorships and coups, and hate towards "enemies of the nation". Not everyone is a commie, ya know?
    • Christian Democracy - I'm also Christian and I also love democracy, but enforce traditional church values through the state is something to avoid. I'm all for cultural and religious freedom, people should be able to choose what tradition to follow, if it doesn't harm others, even though I still think they should follow Christianism.


    • Marxism-Leninism - The theory was good, but the execution was TERRIBLE! Corrupt, anti-democratic and a bigass LIAR! At least you tried to redeem yorself later, it was unefficient and you ended up callapsing, but at least you tried.
    • Anarchism - Individual freedom is good, but everything has limits. Society needs order and people to organize it.
    • Marxism - Yes, society is too competitive and egoist nowadays, but DAMM you're a bigass radical, ain't ya? I mean, abolition of nationality, families, private property, commodities, division of labor, cities and countryside, religion, ideology, AND markets?! That's too idealistic to me, man.
    • Leninism - Started out as a hero of the people, but later betrayed and corrupted your followers. You weren't even relevant right before communism took place in Russia. Not saying the tsar should stay in place, definitively not, but you could've been a real hero...
    • Conservatism - I understand that the past shouldn't be ignored and I know about the values of religion and tradition, but we should walk to the future. Time brings new perspectives and tecnologies and we should remember about our past mistakes, not relive them.
    • Liberal Conservatism - Listen, I also like the idea of economic freedom, but laissez-faire goes a bit too far and a mere change in the political governance is not the end of the world.

    Very Negative

    • Kleptocracy - ...you've ruined my country...
    • Imperialism - You've also ruined my country...and many other countries.
    • Trotskyism - Another betrayer chosen by him to be his successor. Also your global "Permanent Revolution" is scary and very unrealistic, things always change and stop.
    • Stalinism - The worst, most corrupt, most authoritarian betrayer of the people. You're the one who gave a terrible image to Communism, AND WITH GOOD REASON!
    • Left Communism - The ultimate form of communism that goes T O O F A R ! ! !
    • Bolsonarism - Manipulation of the people's beliefs. Over-investment in the agricultural sector. Glorification of the military regime. Influence over the evangelical religion. Homophobia. Anti-indigenous speaches. Anti-environmentalism. Isolationist policies. I can list much more reasons why you're one of the worst presidents in Brazilian history.
    • Fascism - First of all, a totalitarian government and a third positionist economy doesn't guarantee people will maintain order and such environment could even make them too uncomfortable to follow instructions and keep a good working habit. Second, everyone is able to provide anything to society, natives or foreigners, black or white, able-bodied or disabled.
    • National Socialism - ...Do I really need to say something?
    • Ingsoc - The idealization of totalitarianism. Seriously, what is the point of surviving if you can't live? I WANT THE TRUTH! DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER!!!
    • Anarcho-Egoism - I survive so that others can live. I work so that other can thrive. Order is needed and SHUT UP, EGO-SPOOK!
    • Communalism - You know what's fair? Private property, a property that I achieved with MY hard work, a property that only >>I<< can choose to share. So if I tell you you are NOT allowed to borrow MY toothbrush, THEN DON'T TAKE IT!!!
    • Social Darwinism - HA! Like if strength meant something. Why are humans, weakass humans, the dominant species? Smarties will ALWAYS stand out. YOUR STRENGTH MEANS NOTHING!!!
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Boring! Really, self interest is the biggest engine in human progress (when it is well managed and regulated). I'M ME AND NOBODY ELSE!!!
    • Kraterocracy - Ah, so strong, so powerful, so naive. Soon, the smart and the majority will rise, the revolution will arrive, GLORY TO THE WEAK!!!
    • Soulism - Abolition of the hierarchical...laws of the universe? Ya high? Universal imitations make the will of living, trying, working, growing! YOU'RE NOT BIGGER THAN GOD!!!


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