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    Reluctant Neo-Liberalism is a reluctantly economically right-wing ideology. In policy, he is almost exactly the same as Neoliberalism and Third Way, however for him this is not an ideology he chooses freely but instead is imposed onto him by globalised financial capitalism and institutions like the IMF, World Bank, European Union, Eurozone, and European Central Bank. To him, in an ideal world he would be a Social Democrat, Democratic Socialist, or perhaps even a Marxist, but faced with the choice of either accepting neoliberal orthodoxy or facing a mass capital strike, economic and political isolation, a run on the currency & massive inflation, or bankruptcy, he feels that the former is the lesser of two evils.

    Other left-wing ideologies accuse him of being nothing more than a cowardly traitor, but he says that they have the advantage of not being in power and facing difficult choices, and that being principled won't do justice to the working-class people they're trying to help.



    When he was elected President of France in 1981 with the help of the French Communist Party, Francois Mitterand campaigned on the 110 Propositions for France, which advocated mass Keynesian fiscal stimulus to alleviate unemployment and mass nationalisation of industry. However, France was also part of the European Monetary System (EMS) at the time to make the value of the Franc on par with the West German Deutchmark. The economic measures implemented caused a capital strike, causing a spike in inflation and fiscal deficit. Therefore, the Mitterand government U-Turned in 1983, turning towards combatting inflation through austerity measures and neo-liberal economic reforms.

    A similar thing happened in France under the presidency of Francois Hollande where he created a 75% tax bracket for individuals earning more than 1 million Euros a year in 2012, causing a mass exodus of businesses and capital flight, rising unemployment, as well as not raising the expected revenue because of this. Therefore, Hollande backtracked to neo-liberal orthodoxy and cut taxes and spending instead.


    During the 2008 Great Recession, Greece was very badly affected due to its pre-existing high level of debt, and its reliance on shipping and tourism industries that were heavily damaged. Facing a spike in the cost of borrowing, Greece appealed to the European Central Bank and IMF for a bailout package, but this was on the condition of sharp cuts in spending, which made the economic situation and unemployment even worse. The Hellenic Socialist Party (PASOK) a social-democratic party, was in power from 2009-2012 and was forced to introduce these austerity measures, leading to a collapse in its vote in a process called Pasokification, which is also used across Europe for the decline of social-democratic parties.

    In 2015, Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) was elected and its leader Alexis Tsipras became prime minister on a platform of rejecting the EU imposed austerity. Greece held a referendum in 2015 about whether to accept or reject further austerity measures imposed by the EU and IMF, which was rejected, but faced with the only alternative being ejection from the Eurozone and re-introduction of the Drachma, that would cause collapse in the value of Greek exports, Tsipras capitulated and implemented even harsher austerity measures.


    Reluctant Neoliberalism doesn't wear the sunglasses that his father does, as he is not enthusiastic about free markets and de-regulation, but sadly accepts that in the globalised world of today, there really is 'No Alternative'. He's forced to live a lie, associating and sucking up to lib-right balls that he really hates. He is a lonely, bitter ball, ostracised by his Left family and viewing his right wing associates with scorn.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a white ball
    2. Make it a rough globe with dark red
    3. Give him normal Polcompball eyes instead of sunglasses
    4. Done!



    Virtually no-one.


    • Third Way - I guess we're pretty similar in that we both come from a left-wing background, except you're economic right by choice.


    • Leftists - They all hate me and call me a sellout but don't recognise that once your in power you have to make difficult choices. They can be all purist because they don't actually do anything other than exist on paper.

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