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    Religious Aaronism is a form of Aaronism that encourages religion and sees it as a net positive for society. It wants to remove bad parts of religions and support the good parts of it which cause progress, liberty and happiness.

    Christian Aaronism is a christian, protestant, aaronist ideology. It thinks that christianity is the best way to make humanity happy, but it respects other religions as well. It thinks that the only correct christianity is protestant and only relies on the word of the bible.

    Islamic Aaronist is a type of Aaronism that follows the religion of Islam. It wants to bring order and progress to the middle east and wants to introduce them to Aaronism. He wants to start a populist movemnet which supports Aaronism and the idea of a Arabic federation. It's strongly against islamic extremeists like the Taliban.

    Jewish Aaronism is a type of Aaronism that is jewish. It wants to give the jews a homeland in israel but it is acceptable of arabs as well and wants to have a duocultural Israel. A alternative solution is that Israel only gets Jerusalem while Palestine get's the rest. It's called the Urbist Solution.

    Satanic Aaronism is a version of Aaronism which supports Statanic Theocracy and Satan. It wants to destroy abrahamic religions mostly christianity because it thinks that abrahamic religions stop human progress and happiness.

    While normal Aaronism is already slighly infuenced by Taoism, Taoist Aaronism got way more influenced by Taoism.

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