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    Relationism, also known as individual-collectivism is a philosophical stance as well as a cultural ideology which advocates for the fusion of individualist and collectivist principles. The ideology primarily emphasizes the relationships between people above the concept of both society as a whole and the individual. The individual must act only if it does not negatively impact already existing relationships.

    The individual's personality must also adapt to social norms in the sense that they must be appealing to others, the person can be different but not too much. The individual must serve only itself and those he has good relationships with while the others are less important. The ideology was invented by a Jew under the Mongol empire. The individual can choose to work alone or in group as long as there is no repercussion on relations.

    When entering to a certain place, you have to choose clothes that feel appealing to such a context, especially including school and work, as well as behaving in a way that, no matter if shocking or not, must be pleasurable to others, for example, discipline is strongly recommended. Behavior and aesthetics, even if grossly out of place seem acceptable and not shocking too others, then it is completely acceptable. Aesthetics are far more important than collective values, in some case, certain of these traditional values are recommended but never forced.

    The people, in a relationistic society, are judged strictly by their own person and the group is never taken into account if one individual commits a disaster. The reason behind this is the fact that there must be as few enemies as possible. Privacy, on the other hand is only important if relationships are not negatively impacted. Rewards are solely based on the individual and merit-based. Punishment is more fear-based than on guilt and shame. Opinions can also stand out as long as they do not cause conflicts.

    Differences between the three great cultural values

    Relationism Individualism Collectivism
    The individual must adapt their identity to social norms and take care to those they have good relations with, the relations are above everything else including the person and the group. Individual does not need to adapt their identity to society and takes care of themselves and their immediate family. The individual is above the group. The individual must abandon their own identity in order to adapt to society, they take care of everyone whether they like it or not. The group is above the individual
    • Focus on relationships
    • Fear-based
    • Discipline > work
    • Pleasant, unique or not
    • Aesthetics > values
    • Self must be pleasant
    • Privacy must not impact relationships
    • Harmony
    • Opinions must be appealing
    • Blame the person and only the person
    • Recommendation of values
    • Can work alone or in group
    • Reward merit based
    • Judaism
    • Loyalty to your friends
    • Focus on person
    • Guilt-based
    • Discipline < work
    • Uniqueness, pleasant or not
    • Neither are important
    • Be yourself
    • Privacy is important, even if it impacts relationships
    • Competition
    • Anyone can have opinions
    • Can choose to blame the person or the group
    • Any opinion accepted
    • Works alone
    • Reward equity based
    • Christianity
    • Loyalty to yourself
    • Focus on group
    • Shame-based
    • Discipline = work
    • Norm, pleasant or not
    • Aesthetics < values
    • Self must adapt to context
    • Privacy is less important, even if it impacts relations
    • Cooperation
    • Opinions must be the same
    • Blames the entire group, even if only one to blame
    • Forced values
    • Works in group
    • Reward equality based
    • Islam
    • Loyalty to group

    How to draw

    • Draw a ball
    • Paint it green
    • Draw a black "R" on the middle
    • Done!

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