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    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought

    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought
    is the personal ideology of JonahF2014 as well as a specific plan for the future of the Cball-Germany.png German city-state of Cball-Ham2.png Hamburg.[1]

    It is economically Leftunity.png left unity, and culturally, for the most part, Prog.png progressive; although it is slightly Opposite Unity.png syncretic and even, according to some, Trad.png right-leaning on a select few issues.

    The easiest categorization of the ideology can be made as Prog.png Progressive, Soc.png socialist, and Ethplur.png ethnopluralist Tinism.png Tinism/ Sep.png Separatism with a special focus on Hamburg.

    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought is a strictly regional ideology, specifically designed for the Cball-Ham2.png Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the current situation of the city as well as the Cball-Germany.png German people and nation. While it's ideals may partially be adapted for a national level or to serve a different region, this is not intended.

    -Table of Contents-


    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought
    Hamburger.png is the ideology of JonahF2014 which has mostly stayed the same since 2021 although it has been observed to be slowly moving to the Trad.png right on some specific issues, especially since mid-February of 2022. This self-insert page as well as the name and flag were created on 6th March 2022 and finished on TBA, before that this ideology had no written records and was relatively fluid.

    Warn.png Please look at the history tab to make sure the last edits were recent before making judgments as a potentially outdated page may no longer represent my views.

    Political Journey

    My Ideological journey
    Note: You can hover over the icons to see a small explanation.
    1. *2004
    2. ? - ca. 2018: Socdem.pngProg.pngApolit.png
    3. 2018 - 2019: Zimea.pngSec.pngParl.pngSocdem.pngLibertarian.png (Zimeaox.png)
    4. 2019 - 2019: Marketsoc.pngParti.pngCivlibert.pngProg.png
    5. 2019 - ca. 2021: Dsa.pngSep.pngUBI.pngAntiAm.png
    6. 2021 - late 2021: Tinism.pngDsa.pngAntiAm.png
    7. Since late 2021: Dsa.pngTinism.pngEthplur.pngMenslib.pngAntiAm.png (Hamburger.png)

    Beliefs (Overview)

    This is an overview of the ideology, basically a TL;DR.

    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought
    promotes a distinct system of statist, Soc.png socialist, and Ethplur.png ethnopluralist Tinism.png Tinism.
    It aims for the establishment of a Sep.png independent Cball-Ham2.png greater Hamburg under a Fed.png semi-federal as well as Semidirect.png semi-direct democratic government where most industry is a automated and directly Statecap.png owned by the state, allowing for local production and export with little to no human labor. Generated income from said automated and state-owned industries would then be distributed between the all citizen as a from of UBI.png Universal Basic Income. All non-automated industries shall be owned and managed by the Libsoc.png workers directly through democratic means.
    Antwork.png Work as such should ideally be made voluntary, with those choosing to work having a monetary advantage but not obligation.

    Housing and all land is to be owned and managed by the state (or rather local council) with private property being abolished in favor of only personal property (ownership by use), and housing being free and recognized as a right.
    Two Region.png autonomous zones are to be established within the state, one Ancom.png anarchist, acting as a completely independent "government"; and the other Anprim.png primitivist, serving as a unregulated natural forested area for Neolud.png luddites and Anprim.png primitivists alike to retreat to either permanently or temporarily.

    Government System

    The interdependent city-state of Hamburg (likely officially: Cball-Ham2.pngRepublic of Hamburg) shall be a sovereign, Fed.png Semi-federal, Ethplur.png ethnopluralist, Parl.png parliamentary, and Soc.png socialist Semidirect.png semi-direct democratic Republicanismpix.png republic.

    File:Hamburg Government System.png
    Government System of Hamburg (PLACEHOLDER)


    Electoral System

    Original explanation by the Hamburg government (German)
    English translation to the best of my abilities
    Explanation of the contemporary Hamburger ballot system as provided by the Hamburg Government for the 2020 election (Translation by me)

    The new Hamburg should use a slightly modified version of Hamburg's current electoral system, that being a local and national candidate vote via percentage allocation rank-choice ballot with a grand total of 10 votes for everyone. This is to work within the framework of a MMP system.

    Explenation of the contemporary system


    Examples of how Hamburg's ballots currently look:

    National Territory

    Current borders of Hamburg (Red) in comparison to my proposal.

    This new state shall encompass the territory of all of modern-day Hamburg as well as parts of the modern rural districts of: Stade, Pinneberg, Harburg, Stormarn, Segeberg, and the Duchy of Lauenburg; (All those currently sharing a land-border with Hamburg).
    This enlargement of Hamburg's territory would create a Imp.png second Greater Hamburg.

    Naturally, the internal border would also have to be severely restructured, how they would look can be seen in the map below, while how they would function is explained in #Subdivisions & Semi-Federalism.

    Map of the new state with all relevant subdivisions

    I this section you can see a full map of the proposed borders of the city-state, including all relevant subdivisions (Boroughs and Districts), naturally this would be subject to change if actually implemented, but thus far I have determined this to be the ideal.

    The territory of new Greater Hamburg as well as it's districts and boroughs with names as proposed by me.

    Subdivisions & Semi-Federalism

    A chart showcasing the subdivisions and their management/ tiers within Hamburg
    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought
    advocates for a system that could probably be best described as Fed.png Semi-Federalism; It advocates for a strong national (/ city) government which is divided into city boroughs which handle more local manners, somewhat akin to municipalities, as well as local economic planning and land management.
    While boroughs serve mostly a executive role, they may also be permitted some very limited legislative abilities, for example pertaining to geographically-based exclusion of certain vehicles or objects as well as local incentives.

    Boroughs are further divided into city districts which are mostly based on cultural, geographic, and historical distinctions; city districts have no power or even government by themselves unless they join/form a regional council (Regionalausschuss) or decide to hold district assembly meetings, both of which are mostly concerned with executing the borough's plans and using their allocated budget for local improvement. Everything except the district assemblies are already in place in contemporary Hamburg to a slightly lesser extent.

    Borough and Local governments

    As mentioned above, the state is normally (excluding autonomous zones) divided into 3 administrative divisions and/or up to 5 political divisions. What the national government does was already explained under #Government System, here is what the other divisions do:


    City Boroughs (German: Bezirke) are wip

    Regional Councils
    Contemporary example of a regional council in Hamburg (Regionalausschuss Finkenwerder)

    Regional Councils or Regional Committees (German: Regionalausschüsse) are councils of regional delegates that are formed between usually more than one city district to communicate with the borough councils on local issues, they are also provided with an annual budget which they can use however they please, usually by doing things the borough hasn't gotten around to (such as fixing roads) or helping the districts culture/ history in some capacity. Regional councils are primarily used as an intermediary between the Borough and the districts, serving the function of advising the borough on what the district(s) need(s) help with and advising the borough in the execution of it's plans.

    Regional councils are optional, while many districts might form/ join one, there is no obligation to; this can be seen in contemporary Hamburg where regional councils already exist but not for most districts. Regional councils are a delegation of 5-15 elected politicians from the member district(s) (depending on population) which are elected at the same time as the borough council is elected, providing a secondary ballot for everyone living in districts which are part of a regional council. Everyone may attend a regional council meeting and even interject with questions or their own proposal, non-elected citizen are not allowed to participate in regional council votes however.

    District Assemblies
    Contemporary example of a 'Bürgerversammlung' in Moorburg, Hamburg.
    Photo: Niels Kreller, 2019[s 1]

    District Assemblies (German: Stadtteilversammlungen) are a community meeting in which everyone residing in the district may participate and which may be organised by anyone in the district (officially or unofficially) to discuss and debate the borough's plans and policies as well as decide on extremely local manners such as district insignia and events. If a vote of any kind is held, it is via Directdem.png direct democracy, letting every resident (over the age of 14) who is participating/present at the meeting have one vote.
    District assemblies must be held in public and accessible spaces such as a community/ youth center, school, park, club house, or sports hall; The government is required to provide access to any available public space if the residents wish to hold a meeting. District assemblies must also be held at reasonable and accessible times, usually on the weekend around afternoon. District assemblies should be attended by politicians from said district who work in any level of government (usually borough or regional) to listen to the citizen's concerns and suggestions as well as debate with them whenever possible; non-elected politicians from said district may ideally also attend the meetings to partake in debate and perhaps even convince possible future voters of their ideas.
    They are comparable to current German concept of "Bürgerversammlung(de)".
    -Official vs Unofficial-
    Official district assemblies are registered with the borough government and are a permanent governmental body which holds regular meetings, it is organised by a single organisation (borough government, citizen's group, cultural group, etc.), and may have some of the regional council's resources (decisions and/or budget) allocated to it. If no regional council exists, a officially registered district assembly can replace it fully.
    Unofficial district assemblies are unregistered with the borough or regional government and mustn't adhere to any schedule or etiquette, in exchange for which they have no direct connection with any official governmental body and must thus file and submit all decisions independently with the possibility of them getting rejected.

    City Districts

    City Districts (German: Stadtteile) do not serve any political role and are not obligated to have a government (although they are able to from one via a Regional Council or Districts Assembly). They serve only as cultural, historical, geographic, and general identity-based subdivisions. They hold official status and primarily exist for identity, linguistic (as in referring to a specific area), administrative, and analytical purposes.
    City districts are strongly encouraged (but not required) to have their own insignia to strengthen local identity, insignia are usually and traditionally a Coat of Arms and Flag, but districts may also adopt a Logo or Seal instead or in addition. Some contemporary examples of district heraldry within Hamburg can be seen here.

    Autonomous Zones

    Map of the two Autonomous zones

    Within Hamburg there aught to be two autonomous regions established (see map), they are:

    • The St. Pauli Autonomous Zone is to be established in large parts of the current districts of St. Pauli and Altona-Altstadt, as well as all of Sternschanze. This autonomous zone shall be a independently governed Ancom.png Anarcho-Communist society under government oversight, this is to cater to local political interests without granting full independence but also as a test of the system itself. Hamburg PolState.png law enforcement and state services will not be permitted to enter the territory unless granted permission by whatever council/ government is to unify the (presumably multiple) commune(s). The independent government(s) are also permitted to make their own rules, even ones contradictory with those of the state (which do not apply in the territory).
      Due to extremely high autonomy and completely different rules (as well as possibly a different Immigration policy), strict borders will be enforced on the territory. Only those of provable Hamburger citizenship shall be allowed to enter and leave the territory with intention of entering into regular Hamburg territory. This does not apply to tourists who may attain a free visiting permit at the border which will be checked and destroyed upon leaving. Both citizen and tourists shall undergo inspection upon leaving the territory (and if applicable also before entering).
    • The Hamburger Berge Autonomous Region is to be established in the the southern forested region of the state. It its to be area of pure and largely or fully uncontrolled nature which shall be separated from the surrounding areas by a fence. It shall be a retreat for those that desire a simpler life such as Neolud.png luddites and Anprim.png primitivists; in this area they may roam free and practice their lifestyle uninterrupted and unimpaired side by side with the natural wildlife. The territory would be ungoverned other than by potentially Neolud.png luddite or Tribal.png tribal governments as well as an oversight committee, which would have way more authority than the oversight committee in the St. Pauli area does, even being able to call in Strato.png military or PolState.png law enforcement if situations get out of hand. The oversight committee would also regulate immigration - although less strictly enforced than with the St. Pauli area, this area too, shall have border checkpoints for legal entry and exit. Illegal entry may be done via the fence on all but the southern territory's border as the southern border is also the national border and will thus be enforced regularly if not stricter, likely though a wall.

    Oversight committees

    Oversight committees exist to oversee and keep the two autonomous zones in order.
    They are appointed by the National Convention and their duties vary depending on the territory; however it can generally be summarized as overseeing/ observing the autonomous regions, making sure they are functioning as intended, are save, and do not rebel against the central government; they may also call in state help in case of emergency such as a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or major fire - basically anything that may threaten the state itself's (and it's citizen) or the in the autonomous regions residing people's safety. Oversight committees also manage the border safety and controls between the regions and main Hamburg.

    • The oversight committee in the St. Pauli Autonomous Region is to observe the safety and stability of the territory and strongly enforce the border between the territory and main Hamburg. It is to only help in emergencies when the commune/ confederal government(s) either ask them to or have collapsed or when main Hamburg and it's people are at direct threat.
    • The oversight committee in the Hamburger Berge Autonomous Region is to patrol the territorial boundary and register entry and exit from the territory as well as the number of residents.[2] Similarly to the other oversight committee, this one too is to ensure stability and safety of the territory and it's residents but most importantly the plant- and wildlife. Armed patrols of the territory might be undertaken in irregular intervals to ensure that no one is disturbing nature to a significant degree, especially with modern (and forbidden) technology.
      In contrast to the other oversight committee, this one has actual power within and over the territory itself and may dismiss or oust any established government if it threatens the values of simple/ primitive living, nature presentation, and border security; or if it poses a significant threat to other people or wildlife residing within or even outside of the territory.

    Legal System


    Foreign policy

    Hamburg should take a position of relative neutrality, and most importantly, Pac.png pacifism; while also creating a export- and shipping-oriented as well as somewhat self-sufficient state and economy. Hamburg should retain friendly relations with states in it's neighborhood, that being other European states and especially, assuming applicable, other north German states; with whom Hamburg should strive to form a alliance as well as customs and economic union similar to the current Cball-EU.png EU but in a far weaker and non-confederal form.

    Border & Immigration policy

    Hamburg should have open borders with it's neighbors in a similar manner to the current Cball-EU.png European Union, this open border policy however is only applicable to temporary commutes (for example tourism or passing through), anyone wishing to immigrate and permanently reside in Hamburg must follow the procedures and requirements laid out in #Immigration Policy.

    Border Security

    The border should be clearly marked and visible everywhere, ideally even from space (except on the water); this means a clear line on the ground where shrubbery is removed (border vista), similarly to the US-Canada international border vista with a regular border fence running down the middle. The border should undergo regular patrols to make sure no one is violating the regular immigration procedure, in case someone is found to be doing so, they well be deported back to their country of origin or the country from whichever they crossed the border. Wherever there isn't space or necessity for a vista, just the fence alone should be enough.
    In addition to this border vista there shall be border signs set up at every possible crossing point, no matter how small or insignificant. Ideally said signs should also be placed every kilometer or so on the fence of the vista so as to make clear to passerby what the fence is. This includes en- and exclaves if applicable as well as the wadden water border of Neuwerk.
    If a certain point in the border is considered vulnerable enough it might replace the fence with a proper wall, potentially even permanently staffed. A prime example for where this would definitely have to happen is the southern border of the PCB-Anprim.png Hamburger Berge Autonomous Region, which incidentally also acts as Hamburg's international border and cannot be administered by the autonomous administration. Thus, a small strip along the border should be given to Hamburg proper to set up a permanently staffed wall that prevents passing according this incredibly vulnerable point of the border.

    Crossing procedure

    Every border crossing (Road or path) must have a permanently operational checkpoint. On most roads this would likely be a permanently staffed hut (on both sides of the road if applicable) where the passport is manually checked; at less vulnerable and less used crossings (such as a small footpath through the forest) there might just be a self check-in station where one can scan their own passport and will be let through as soon as it is verified by the machine. Said machines would however have several cameras to make sure the regular procedure isn't violated or that anything is damaged, these cameras would both be recording footage and streaming it to the nearest staffed checkpoint so that the nearest officer can respond to whatever is happening. If the self check-in does not end up working they'd have to be replaced by more permanently staffed crossing points.

    The Crossing procedure is strongly inspired by that of the Cball-UN.png United Nations Buffer Zone on the island of Cyprus, specifically the Ledra Street Crossing in Nicosia; however it also takes inspiration from the EU Schengen area to a small extent.

    Generally, everyone has the right to cross the border and stray in Hamburg for up to 90 days without a visa or further registration,[3] while citizen have the right to leave for an indefinite time.[4]

    Residents of Hamburg and surrounding countries (as well as potentially those of others that entered a agreement with Hamburg) are also allowed to use their ID card instead of a passport.

    Immigration Policy

    See Also: #Why Ethnopluralism? and #Ethnic Model

    Immigration should be strongly limited by a hard per-year limit so as to make it impossible for immigrants to threaten the local population. This limit should be very low, likely in the hundreds. Peoples from every country are to be held to the same standards laid out below.
    I would prefer a zero immigration policy but I recognize the value of immigrants and the importance of keeping up genetic diversity in such a small state (even if the current population is over two million); thus immigration should be possible (even to other ethnic groups if they are able to achieved 200 points) but heavily restricted.

    Here is a rough idea for the point-list for all immigrants, the more points one has the more likely one is to get in, anyone below 200 points will be always be rejected. The points are allocated as following:

    Requirement Points
    Be of over 60% Germanic ethnicity[5][6] 100
    Have been accepted into a stable place of employment within Hamburg 70
    Haven't been part of any violent or discriminatory political or religious extremist organisations 40
    Have never volunteered in the military of a foreign state[7] 30
    Have provable family or ancestry living in the territory of Hamburg 30
    Have completed a degree of higher education (such as university) 30
    Absolutely no criminal record 30
    Speak fluent English (C1 or C2) 30
    Not be of an abrahamic faith 20
    Have previously lived or worked in Hamburg 20
    Have intent on keeping the citizenship of their original country -50
    Have ever possessed American citizenship or lived in the USA for more than one year -100

    In addition to these points there are also other mandatory requirements such as:

    • Pass the citizenship test
    • No or minor criminal record
    • Speak the German language (fluently, C2)
    • Have stepped foot in the territory of Hamburg before (for example as a tourist)
    • Have never been involved in a organisation which the government of Hamburg considers to be terrorist
    • Be willing to accept your new nationality; including calling and identifying yourself exclusively as "German" and "Hamburger/ Hamburgian"
    "Whoever abuses his right to hospitality has forfeited any such right."
    ━ Sahra Wagenknecht, 2016

    Recent immigrants, residents without citizenship, residents with dual-citizenship, or refugees that commit crime should be immediately deported. Obviously we need to work on prevention, economic crime shouldn't be a necessity for any resident of Hamburg, no matter where they came from or how long they're staying; but violent crime (such as rape, murder, or other bodily harm) is never justified and should be punished with deportation.
    If you cannot behave and keep to our rules then you have forfeited your right to be here.

    Refugee policy

    In compliance with World.png international law and common decency, Hamburg too, should harbor war refugees until their home country is stable again, upon which they will have to return; no matter the government in place.
    The refugee policy does not change with ethnicity or territory of origin.

    A possible design and layout for the Hanskalbsand refugee camp

    During their stay in Hamburg, refugees should be able to enjoy a good standard of living in the Hanskalbsand refugee camp where they may attend classes and work relatively easy jobs while also freely and openly practicing their religion and culture separate from Hamburger society. They are to be provided with good food and shelter as well as plenty of other amenities, in exchange for which they are expected to either attend classes so that they may help improve their home country when returning, or to work in some capacity so as to give back to Hamburg's economy or further their culture.
    The Refugees are free to leave the camp for their home state, or a state in which they have attained citizenship, at any time and without reason.


    Note regarding currency in this part of the article.
    The currency used here will be the Euro since Hamburg currently uses the Euro as part of Germany and thus also the European Union; a system in which Hamburg could keep the Euro post-independence would be ideal, no matter if Hamburg is a member of the Union or not; in the case that a new regional or even national currency would have to be established however, these amounts laid out here would have to be converted. Due to recent inflation in the Euro it's possible that this might be necessary either way, as of now this page will use the mid-2022 value of the Euro.


    Ownership over the Means of Production


    Worker ownership


    Private ownership


    State ownership & automation


    UBI and the Prospect of Work Abolition


    Economic Rights









    Logo of the ASFA - General Tax and Revenue Service - the conceptualized Tax collection agency in Hamburg.




    Societal policy

    "We are convinced that liberty without socialism is privilege and injustice;
    and that socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality"

    ━ Mikhail Bakunin, 1953


    LGBT Issues

    "[...] he thus effectively advocates for Men's Liberation without Feminism."
    ━Description of a third person, 2022

    I am generally in full support of Gay.png LGBT rights and acceptance.


    There is no reason people of different sexualities should be restricted in their relationships or sexual and romantic preferences. As long as everyone involved is able to consent and does so you shall be able to do whatever you want with whomever you want in the privacy of your own home or another private space.
    Relationships and affection as well as the public display thereof are also not harmful to anyone and the fact that they are seen as abnormal compared to heterosexual relationships in the first place is a problem that should be resolved. Every consensual relationship, no matter which sex the people involved are, should be treated equally by both society and the state.
    Same-sex marriage and adoption should be allowed, there is no reason not to and research has continuously shown that growing up in a homosexual family is not harmful to the child's development, and it is certainly better than growing up without a family at all.






    Intersex people are a regular and completely natural anomaly, there is absolutely no reason to treat them as part of the LGBT category or to deny them acceptance. A third sex, like Germany introduced in 2018, is absolutely necessary and sensical.

    Polyamory and Marriage

    I'm in full support of same-sex marriage and other forms of marriage as long as they involve two consenting individuals, while I believe that Polyamory and Polygamy should be legal and generally accepted as relationship types, I believe that marriage should be between no more than two individuals and would thus forbid marriage between more than two people as well as one person having multiple marriages.
    Marriage as an institution is to be understood as a cultural and governmental validation of your relationship's deep connection and your intention to build a family in some capacity, more than two people cannot sufficiently do this.

    Gender roles, expression, and Femboys


    Sex atypical body parts and modifications


    Linguistics and similar issues of relation

    Gendered language and the forcible introduction of the Antigendern.png Gender star into the German language is a large topic in contemporary German politics in relation to the gender and LGBT discussion and thus has to be addressed. The gender star has shown to be immensely unpopular,[s 2] unnecessarily and in some cases even outright harmful.[s 3] In addition tho this, it is a clearly revisionist artificial alternation of language pushed only by the Ultraprogressivism.png ultraprogressive SJW.png liberal-"left" who has disregarded any actual left-wing policy in favor of useless culture war against the whole population and progress itself. This debate shows once again the clear disconnect the modern SJW.png liberal-"left" has from reality and the actual problems of the population which are continuously dismissed, this paints the wrong picture of the progressive left and only drives the population towards discontent for it and the right.
    The artificial alteration of language for the purpose of politics and "inclusion" where it is clearly unneeded is not only ridiculous and unnecessarily divisive, but also completely unnatural.
    Language develops on it's own and it develops in sensical directions we mustn't greatly interfere with.
    The solution proposed by Alicia Joe is one I would consider, however the status quo and natural development should be clearly preferred.

    As clearly stated above, I am strictly opposed to the introduction, inclusion, and use of Antineopronoun.png Neopronouns of any form. Linguistic revisionism at it's finest, all I stated above applies here as well; language is subject to change only via natural shifts which go into sensical directions, adding 10000 new pronouns because it makes you feel special is not a sensical development.
    English is a lucky language in that regard because it possesses a third pronoun for gender neutral language (they), I would wish German had something similar and it would be nice if a standardized gender neutral pronoun would develop, forcing it however is not the right way to bring such a development about.
    There are 3 pronouns in English and 2 in German, use them or don't, but don't invent new ones.

    I will actively refuse to use either of the concepts described above and will oppose any measure towards their acceptance.


    Main section: #On Pride and Nationalism

    I oppose Gay.png LGBT pride in the sense that I oppose any pride in immutable characteristics such as sexuality and gender.
    For further information please read #On Pride and Nationalism.

    Animal Rights

    no rights

    Bodily Autonomy




    Ethnicity & Culture



    State and religion should be completely separate and all religions treated equally before the law.
    Religious organisations that qualify as Cultism.png Cults[8] or engage in illegal practices should be observed/limited/banned on an individual basis, not on a theological basis (aka. banning the faith itself).

    Despite this however, I believe that we should work on eliminating the Abunify.png abrahamic religions from Cball-Ham2.png Hamburg altogether, this might be done subtly via the education system; The education system would teach facts and dispute religion, especially common abrahamic religions, so as to free children from parental indoctrination. Trends in the west have shown that people lacking faith (since they have left an abrahamic one in favor of Agnostic.png Agnosticism) tend to either become StateAth.png Atheist or seek new spirituality via the adoption of PagTheo.png non-abrahamic faiths Bud.png and Neo-Paganism-icon.png esotericism Satan.png, this shall bring us to a great new age of non-abrahamic religious diversity.

    This doesn't mean however that abrahamic faiths should be restricted; people believing in them should be able to practice them in the same way as previously while being protected under religious freedom as everyone else. However they must accept that the state will close down/ convert under-used religious buildings and that their children will be taugh the downsides and critiques of abrahamic religion in school. One who is able to maintain their abrahamic faith however is allowed to openly practice it under the same legal protections as every other religious person and should not face major social stigma.

    Ethnic Model

    See Also: #Why Ethnopluralism?


    Persistent Multiculturalism


    Actual Multiculturalism



    I support, for the most part, what is described as "The Nationalist Family Policy".

    State Services





    Recreation of the former Logo of the Hamburger Citizen Militia.
    We should consider bringing it, or a variant, back after reestablishment

    A Independent Hamburg should honor it's military tradition and thus reestablish Hamburg's former military force known as the Hamburg Citizen Militia; This was the name of Hamburg's military from 1814 until 1868, when it's abolition was forced by Hamburg's ascension into the North German Confederation.
    Ideally the anglicized version of the military's name should be changed from "Hamburg Citizen Militia" to "Hamburger Citizens' Militia" or "Hamburger Citizens' Military" to better reflect the original German name and to show that the military is of and for the people of Hamburg (As well as acknowledging that it's a military and not a militia, that'd be good).


    The purpose of Hamburg's military is exclusively defensive and there shall ideally be a clause in the constitution or law that explicitly forbids Hamburg's military from ever leaving Hamburg's sovereign territory unless directly attacked. This should prevent imperialist action by any future administration.


    Military service shall be completely voluntary and the government may not introduce any incentives that disadvantage non-military citizen.
    Every citizen over the age of 18 (17 with parental consent) shall be able to voluntarily enlist in any branch or service of the military irregardless of gender or sexual orientation; mental or physical evaluation may deny entry however if the person is seen as not fit for the service.


    The old Hamburg Citizen Militia had around 8 500 men in 1856, that was roughly 6% of Hamburg's population at the time; such a percentage would be around 120 000 men today (assuming a population of 2 million).[9] Such a size would make Hamburg's military bigger than that of 128 contemporary countries and put it on the same level as Spain.
    Actually reaching this theoretical 6% mark is unrealistic and probably also unideal however; such numbers are not needed for a defensive military that will ideally never be in use. It is also unlikely that so many people would volunteer for such a military.





    Hamburg App


    State Media


    Nationalized Internet


    City Planning


    Architecture and Aesthetics


    Public transit


    National Ideals

    Ideas concerning the contemporary German state as well as the German nation, i.e. ideological points that apply to all of Germany instead of just Hamburg.

    Cultural Irredentism

    "German Unification was the second in a long series of German mistakes."
    ━ JonahF2014 (that's me), 20/03/2022
    Map showing the ethnic cleansing of Germans in central-eastern Europe

    The unified German state has only brought suffering onto Europe and it's own people, this resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the eastern Germans.
    To whichever extent peacefully possible, we should aim to reverse both these mistakes; this includes both the dissolution of the unified German nation-state and the peaceful reacquisition and resettlement of some of the eastern territories, most notably Königsberg (/ East Prussia), today known as the the Kaliningrad Oblast.

    Cultirredentism.png Cultural Irredentism is thus a new term coined by myself to describe the practice of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic Irredentism.png irredentism (reacquisition of lost territories) not via the expansion of a unified and central state but instead simply the resettlement of ethno-linguistically lost regions based on a claim to the land and history rather than the contemporary population. This means that, not Germany should own Kaliningrad, but the Germans should; the German people are to resettle said territories and create independent governments there, not to expand the German state but to culturally, ethnically, and linguistically, reclaim lost territories that ought to form their own separate and independent states.

    While this is the basic definition of the term, in practice such territories should be peacefully absorbed (i.e. bought) into the unified German state first (wherever applicable) which is then to organize the leaving of the current inhabitants and the peaceful, civil, and organised arrival of the new settlers.

    Proposals for Irredentism

    The Plan:

    1. Buying or other acquisition (for example with promises) of the territories shown on the maps above (or the next best thing).
    2. (Ideally) the local population is removed as part of the acquisition contract by the government selling the land to Germany.
    3. Remaining foreigners will be bought out or possibly even deported.
    4. Ethno-linguistic Germans come to resettle the now empty land and towns.
    5. Central German government to grant the colonies independence.
    6. Central German state to completely dissolve, including in the currently (2022) held territories.


    Here I will elaborate on my views on Nation.png Nationalism and Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism, how I define them, and why I think they are good/bad. I strongly recommend you read this in order for context.

    On Pride and Nationalism

    I use Nation.png Nationalism exclusively as a way to define and recognize the existence of the nation; something essential to any political movement.

    In my nationalism there is no pride involved, for "Pride" is something reserved to only achievements, this cannot be applied to immutable characteristics - it is not of your achievement that you were born into a certain nation, state, ethnicity, or sexuality; thus you shouldn't be proud of it. Only be proud of things that were actually within your control, that you have actually archived.
    Similarly, I see Modnat.png patriotism and nationalism in it's extended form as a retarded ideology; not is it just pride of an immutable characteristic (not achievement), but it is also the unquestioning devotion to an entity; be it fictional (the state) or tangible (the nation); this is dangerous and cult-like behavior. One must always question activity, especially that of an authority or whomever claims to be one. As per above, pride is not something you are supposed to feel for immutable characteristics, and if you do it is a clear indication that you have no actual achievements in your life to be proud of.

    The same feeling I espouse for Nation.png national and Ethnonat.png ethnic pride, I also hold for Gay.png LGBT pride; some may claim LGBT pride is merely celebrating the achievements of the community as a whole, which would be acceptable, but in reality it is clear to see that people take actual pride in their sexuality and gender identity, something that cannot reasonably be called a achievement or even of a certain person's doing unless one is to concede that a person can consciously choose their sexuality or gender identity, something that is not true and would discredit the people with actual non-LARP identities.
    Taking pride in elements of your person or identity that are out of your control is foolish.

    The rule of what is truly acceptable when it comes to celebrations of "pride" is certainty strongly divided between Gay.png LGBT and Nation.png National; whereas national symbolism and celebrations are essential to the development of the nation and it's culture, LGBT celebrations are not. At best they celebrate achievements made by people with whom they share nothing more than a sexuality of gender identity, and at worst they are creating a parallel culture that decouples them from the national culture and harms the the community's cohesion through a clear difference between people's, as well as creating an actual identity of pride in immutable characteristics.
    National celebrations are based on culture, something that's not inherently immutable, and something everyone in the state can bond over, it is inherently inclusive and creates cohesion as well as furthering the national culture, that is why they are acceptable. The state shan't organize a festival of ethnic pride, or even cultural pride necessarily, but simply a festival of culture; one which promotes and furthers the culture and cohesion of the nation or a particular area within it, something anyone, especially of said culture, can participate in - it is clearly inclusionary. A festival of an LGBT movement however is, instead of being based on a true shared culture that anyone may adopt, built on immutable characteristics and/or a perceived identity through either a "shared struggle" (which is something that shan't exist in the first place within such a state) or a exclusionary parallel culture that distracts from, and destroys, national culture and cohesion. No matter if a "shared struggle" or an otherwise formed parallel culture however, an LGBT movement is always built upon exclusion based on immutable characteristics; and due to the movement's structure and presentation, so it has been observed, it always leads towards pride; either in said parallel culture, which would be harmful for national cohesion, or the immutable characteristics themselves; even pride in gate keeping can be observed as a consequence of the LGBT movement.

    Now of course, this doesn't mean that symbols or celebrations of pride should be banned, however it is important that pride in immutable characteristics, no matter what they may be, should be discouraged to a point where it shouldn't be a factor in anyone's life.

    Defining the nation


    Why Ethnopluralism?

    "Every people has the right to self-determination and the preservation of its cultural and national identity."
    ━ NPD Party program, 2010


    Why Ethnopluralism isn't racist


    Point Programs

    Here will follow lists of important changes that shall be undertaken in the contemporary German state and Hamburg as soon as possible. Below also several ideas on the practicality and timeline of establishment of the full program of this ideology and system.

    20 Points for the Contemporary German Nation and State

    Ten points of reasonable realism that should be enacted as soon as possible in the contemporary German state.

    • An immediate end to immigration from non-EU countries and a reevaluation of inner-EU immigration into the German state.
    • To provide safe and stable housing as well as work and education programs for currently harboured and potential future refugees separate from German society until they can return to their country of origin (those not fleeing from war zones or persecution and without citizenship to be deported immediately).
    • Undoing the revision of what it means to be "German"; the FRG has essentially denied the existence of the German people, this is a crime against said people and must be immediately reversed.
    • The end of foreign aid to non-complying EU member states such as Poland and Hungary.
    • The withdrawal (or threatening thereof) from NATO and all foreign military operations.
    • The immediate reversal of the military budget increase.
    • National ban on the usage of Antigendern.png gendered language by public institutions.
    • The immediate end to coal mining operations and proper compensation for those effected by the mines.
    • The peaceful reacquisition and resettlement of the Kaliningrad Oblast from the Russian Federation.
    • Implementation of a new electoral system on federal and all state levels modeled after that of Hamburg.
    • Complete reform and unification of the national education system; modeled after Hamburg's current system.
    • The abolishment of HARTZ 4 and replacement with a non-vicious and non-humiliating alternative; UBI should be strongly considered.
    • Usage of Article 15 GG wherever applicable, most importantly for housing in the major population centers.
    • Implementation of the FDP's Selbstbestimmungsgesetz(de), or a comparable law, for a more progressive transgender policy.
    • Legalisation of Cannabis and decriminalization of most if not all other drugs.
    • The immediate reintroduction of nuclear energy into Germany.
    • Kohleausstieg 2025. (Coal phase-out 2025)
    • Complete abolishment of dual-citizenship.
    • Adjustments to immigration law.
    • Reduction of bureaucracy.

    15 Most important points for Contemporary Hamburg

    Five points of reasonable realism that should be enacted as soon as possible in contemporary Hamburg.

    • The immediate reversal of the objectively terrible and ableist HVV redesign.[10]
    • The end to ALL high-end construction in favor of exclusively affordable housing.
    • The banning of all sight seeing tourists from public transport Ferrys with harsh punishments.[11]
    • The reevaluation of the current flag and coat of arms design of Hamburg, especially to the extent of the removal of the Latin cross.
    • Return to reactionary architecture and the cancellation of any current building projects that represent architecture of modernity.
    • Reevaluation and redistribution of nature reserves under current German law to make nature truly accessible to the average Hamburger.
    • Preservation and expansion of natural areas such as forests. VÖLLI BLEIBT!
    • CLEAN THE FUKCING CITY. Let us strive to be like Kigali.
    • Don't tear down the Köhlbrand Bridge, wtf?
    • Reevaluation of the construction of the A26 Highway through Hamburg's most cultural southern rural areas.
    • Free public transit. If the Federal Government under the libs won't do it we can do it ourselves.
    • Better connections to rural areas, especially in the far north and south-west.
    • Extension of the planned U5(de) line.
    • Bring back trams.
    • BAN CARS

    The Path to Establishment

    "One can wonderfully overcome capitalism within the framework of the constitution - and we don't want more than that."
    ━ Sahra Wagenknecht, 2008






    How to Draw

    Flag of Rejuvenative Hamburg thought
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill with red.
    3. Add a yellow (heraldic gold) stripe on the side.
    4. Add a red star in a red circle in the canton.
    5. Fill the red circle with white
    6. Add the castle of Weimar Hamburg in the middle of the red field.
    7. Add the eyes.


    The flag of Hamburger.png
    Rejuvenative Hamburg thought
    uses a total of 4 colours, these are: red, white, black, and yellow (heraldic gold); all of these except black (which only serve as a stylistic element of the charge) have their own meanings:
    • Red and white are the hanseatic colours and thus represent the the Cball-Ham2.png Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg as well as the former Cball-Poland.png Hansa, a big part of Hamburg's history. Red and white also double as representing Soc.png Socialism and Pac.png peace respectively.
    • The yellow (heraldic Gold) is the same as on the Cball-Germany.png German flag and is thus supposed to represent the German nation and people.
    • The charge of the flag, the the weimar-era castle of Hamburg's flag, is the primary component to represent Hamburg itself as well as it's history and the creation of something new, based upon the old rather the current.
    • The star in the canton represents Socialism and freedom.

    Note that this flag is purely made for the ideology, not the proposed state; this is not a national flag and shouldn't be understood as such.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #CC0000 204, 0, 0
    Yellow (Gold) #FFCE00 255, 206, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0


    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based

    Note: Components of my ideology are usually not listed here but instead under #Components so as to not have double.

    • Tinismpolcompball.png Tinism - Literally the best ideology.
    • Sep.png Separatism - Same as above but a bit less extreme, I'll still support you every time.
    • Soc.png Socialism - Capitalism cringe, socialism based. The workers must seize the means of production and create a state that serves it's people.
    • Utsoc.png Utopian Socialism - Fuck Marx!


    • Ethwelball.png Ethnic Welfarism - Not perfect but good. You're still a capitalist which is cringe af, but the rest, including and especially your ideas of voluntary work are extremely based for a socdem. Your analysis of the welfare state in relation to ethnicity is also pretty shit. Other than that however we're pretty much the same, you're just a more [especialyl economically] moderate me.
    • Pro-Life.png Immortalism - As long as it can be archived via biotranhumanism instead of technological transhumanism I have no issue with it; I'm definitely all for slowing aging and fully support efforts that go towards that, stopping death itself however I see more critically. If it's made possible and people want it we shouldn't stop them though.
    • Femboy.png Femboyism - The ideal male.
      • Catfemboy.png Catfemboyism - Even better, also just like Vulpeidía!!!!
      • Catboy.png Catboyism - Same as above but slightly less epic, these kinds of things are why we need Biotranhumanism.

    Kinda Yes.png

    • Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism - Decently based but usually racist & far-right, bad affiliation.
    • Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Nationalism - Also decently based but I'm very critical of the concept of culture.
    • Irredentism.png Irredentism - Based but hardly applicable to Hamburg whereas Germany itself should dissolve, thus only cultural irredentism is an option; this too however is hard to archive peacefully for the most part and thus unfavorable.
    • Rural.png Ruralism - While yes, I advocate for a city-state, I personally prefer living outside the city core and would advocate for depopulating and deurbanizing that very core to a livable degree.
    • Naturism.png Naturism - I really want to support you but it just seems a bit odd in regular society, that's social conditioning tho I guess. While I might not fully support nudism in main Hamburg I would like to destigmatize it and make it normal to show more skin or for example run around without a shirt; as soon as it comes to genitals tho I'm a bit more critical although it probably shouldn't be illegal per se.
    • Neoprogressivism Icon.png Neoprogressivism - Seems decently based, even if the page looks like it was written by a 5 year old. Not forcing diversity and fighting SJWs as well as not recognizing hate speech are definitely great, although we disagree on the multiculturalism and some other small issues this seems to be based for the most part.
    • Catfeud.png Catboy Feudalism - Based and accurate critique of anarchism, that's basically all it is; but if it were a real system I do definitely like the idea of "catboy breeding" even if it sounds very inhumane, kinda hot.
    • Satdem.png Satanic Democracy - With a socialist economic policy? Yes please, great counter to Christian Democracy. Just be careful not to go too prog, you don't want to end up as a theistic version of them
    • Cat icon.png Catism - Cats > Dogs, but not everyone needs a cat


    • Satan.png Satanic Theocracy - We do a little bit of trolling.
    • Paetel.png Paetelism - Too nationalist + soviet economics are cringe, could be a lot worse tho
    • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - I agree with a lot of your stuff but on other key issues we strongly disagree. I also find the establishment and upholding of an anarchist society to be unrealistic to impossible in the current societal order, we also disagree on how this society is to be established in the first place. Plus the state, no matter how unjust of a hierarchy, helps greatly in organisation.
    • NWordAcc.png N-Word Accelerationism - Good sentiment but you can't stop racism with it, people will find new words; just not how racism works.

    Kinda No.png
    Mostly Cringe

    • Natan.png National Anarchism - I like the effort for ethnopluralism, but damn tone it down with that reactionary/fascist shit. From what I've read about you, you're usually corporatist instead of socialist, so basically just Anarcho-Fascism; class collaborationism is not acceptable. Also obviously the same critiques I have for anarchism also apply to you, just, more so because you introduce another layer of unmanaged bureaucracy. Please just be ethnopluralist anarchism, then I'd like you [a lot more].
    • Hfash.png Homofascism - Technically mostly cringe, but yk


    Mega No.png

    This is judging political parties and movements as well as other organisations.
    If a link leads to a unique page for the party's ideology you will see a "(u)" for unique, if there is no "u" the link will lead to whatever ideology best describes them.

    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based


    • Aufstehen.png Aufstehen
      - So far I've only been able to attend one of your online meetings, I hope to get involved more soon and see if you're truly as based as I hope, we'll see.
    • UAP.png UAP
      - From everything I've read about you, you were pretty based (except for the European Federalism, anti-nuclear , and pro-military service of course). However I don't know much about your cultural stances so I'm unable to fully judge your ideology and fear it might've been too conservative for my liking, until proven otherwise you will thus stay here. I wish you still existed and that I could've joined the party, or at the very least learn more about it.

    Kinda Yes.png


    Kinda No.png
    Mostly Cringe

    • NPD-Germany.png National Democratic Party of Germany - I agree with like 85% of your party program, so sad you don't actually want what you write but are instead just a nazi party full of retards.


    • Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging.png Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging
      - Y'all shouldn't be down there in the first place but eh, I suppose decolonisation hasn't been an option for a very long time so the Volksstaat idea is good, just make sure it's actually homogeneous (aka. no apartheid or slaves). Also yk, you're nazis, maybe stop that (very cringe).

    Mega No.png

    • Sm.png The O9A
      - Giving satanism a bad name (cringe)
    • JOS.png Joy of Satan
      - Same as above except your effect is arguably worse as you used to be one of the primary resources on theistic satanism on the inernet, luckily these days are now numbered and most people knowing anything about satanism now know to not interact with you. Also I made your wikipedia article, thank me for the free victim deterrence later ;)
    • Alternative for germany ball.png AfD
      - Lösch dich. We need a party like you in Germany, during the rise of right-wing populism with the refugee crisis all European countries got a party like you, just usually that they're not this fucking garbage. The true Finns in Finland, the Sweden Democrats in Sweden, and the National Rally in France; All are more rational and most importantly more left-wing then you. In such a country as Germany, what did we do to deserve this ultra-capitalist anti-environmentalist bundle of retards that is the AfD?
    • ThirdPath.png The Third Path
      - Yeah, nah.

    This is judging public figures, such as politicians, by their political positions not their private lives.
    If a link leads to a unique page for the person's ideology you will see a "(u)" for unique, if there is no "u" the link will lead to whatever ideology best describes them.

    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based

    • Troll.png Tom Radtke - It's hard to get any actual info about your ideology, especially nowadays since you apparently privated all social media, but damn I appreciate your trollage in the Left Party so fucking much, such a fucking legend.


    • Wagenknecht2.png Sahra Wagenknecht
      - Best person in her party. You're mostly based and I'd join your party if you founded one; although you're quite questionable at times, especially pertaining to your stances on Russia and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Yet still, "Die Selbstgerechten" is a great book and I agree with most of the stuff in it, when it comes to 'cultural' issues we seem to pretty much agree.
    • Geotin.png Hank Pellissier
      - Based fellow tinist who helps spread the word! However you seek a egalitarian world without abolishing capitalism? I don't know mate, you're fairly based but have to just realize that you're already practically a socialist and accept it.
    • RajabWali.png Mohammed Rajab Wali
      - You've done good work in your time and I hope that you will see your land liberated within your lifetime. Also, meme legend, obviously.
    • AntiAm.png Muntadhar al-Zaidi - BASED!
    • GRUNEN.png Robert Habeck - I FUCKING LOVE YOU. I wish you were chancellor, you're one of the most competent and pragmatic politicians I've ever seen. You had no scandals yet, your ideology is decent, and you actually interact with the people; even to the extent of explaining politics and your decisions. This is what a politician has to be. Someone needs to get rid of Olaf so that you can be our chancellor.

    Kinda Yes.png

    • Neo-Wolffism.png Richard D. Wolff
      - You're pretty based.
    • Socan2.png Vermin Supreme
      - Very epic & based, if the USA needs a politician, it's you.
    • Thun.png Greta Thunberg
      - You've done good and important work; but come on, you MUST finally embrace full anti-capitalism, stop making vague hints and then contradicting yourself.
    • Kuchenicon.png Tim Heldt (KuchenTV)
      - I really like your videos, especially the more political ones. I agree with a lot of stuff you believe in, yet I'm very critical of your pro-multiculturalism and pro-immigration positions. However, you still have some really good cultural positions and you're doing amazing work destroying the ultraprogressives,
    • Awaj.png Klaus der Geiger - Good music, valid critiques from what I've read.
    • Honk.png Martin Sonneborn - Quite the gamer I must say, good work you're doing.
    • Green Party (US).png Howie Hawkins - You sound relatively based from what I gathered. Sounds like someone the USA needs.


    • Gaddafi.png Muammar al-Gaddafi
      - Most based north African leader?
    • Homonaticon.png Thomas Mosmann
      - I barely know anything about you but I appreciate you for bringing us the fun historical anecdote that is the DSLP.
    • GerSPD.png Peter Tschentscher - As much as I do meme about you, you are in the end not much more than a centrist/socdem. What I do very much like about you however is your handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Hamburg shall never lift the restrictions!
    • GerSPD.png Max Brauer - While I don't know much about you, I must admire the chad move you pulled in retaliation to the Nazis annexing Altona.

    Kinda No.png
    Mostly Cringe

    • Merkelism.png Angela Merkel
      - Not a fan but I suppose it could've been a lot worse.
    • Osama.png Osama bin Laden
      - Based 9/11, cringe everything else.
    • Trumpism.png Donald Trump
      - I do not like you, but I greatly admire your work of dividing the USA further.
    • ML.png Khertek Anchimaa-Toka - There is little info about you (or I just haven't read it yet) but I believe you were pretty cool for the time.
    • GerSPD.png Martin Schulz - I liked you as a candidate in the 2017 election and you were responsible for some funnies but the more I learn about you, the less I like you.


    • Vaush.png Ian Kochinski (Vaush)
      - I wanted to say I'm pretty neutral on you, like I don't really beleive any of the bs that's being spread about you, and that it's just fun to make fun of you and your fans because you're unpopular; but looking at your actual positions and all the interaction I've had with you, you're fucking horrid. American exceptionalism, ultragprogressive to the point of extinction and post-rationality in some cases (you helped pull me towards ethnopluralism with your idiotic takes on mixing/ immigration bdw.), LARPING as an anarchist, and being a generally uneducated and insufferable person, I'm fucking glad I never watched you for more than 2 months and that I was able to stay logical through that period.
    • GerSPD.png Olaf Scholz - GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD
    • GerSPD.png Ralf Neubauer - You are a lair and you're running away from me.
    • Conservative.png Philipp Amthor - Good memes, terrible politics. Amthor muss sich mal richtig einen saufen und eine Alte ballern.

    Mega No.png

    Remember that this is judging the ideologies, not the people. Although obviously ideology is a manifestation of personality and vice-versa.

    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based

    People I know

    People I don't know


    People I know

    • AutisticSeparatist.png AutisticSeparatism - You seem like a pretty interesting person, and I think you're genuinely helping develop theory for your cause; that said - your ideology, as evident in this video, is suffering from a grave misunderstanding of the terms Nationalism and Ethnicity. While I do not think Autistic nationalism is possible under a classical definition of nationalism, as I use it, I'm not opposed to the concept; if you strive for a separate identity and the creation of a cultural nation I support that. As a Tinist, I obviously support the right to sovereignty and self-determination for your group, even if I don't think it constitutes a nation. Also: Your economics seem decent, social views look good, and your governmental views are also pretty close.
      Overall, grave misunderstanding of nationalist terminology but I support unconditional secessionism and would love to see how a autistic state would work out. Most your other views are also pretty decent.

    People I don't know

    Kinda Yes.png

    People I know

    People I don't know

    • Yoda8soup.png Yoda8soup Thought - Pretty based.
    • Cantonjack.png Cantonese Montagnardism - Overall pretty cool, I can appreciate your nationalism, however in being cultural exclusively I think you're missing the mark a bit. Auntology is a great idea from all I've read about it, I'd just hope you'd embrace it's ethnic aspects a bit more, Cantonese culture is nothing without Cantonese people. Socialism is also pretty cool yk. I also really love your artstyle and colour choices.
    • Atronism-icon.png Atronism - Pretty based, pretty much everything described on the page I can agree with. My only problems really come from your (harsh) limiting of free speech, "military training", gender abolitionism, striving for communism, and ideological indoctrination during school. Also you call yourself a "Radical Progressive" in the infobox, yet the actual text itself doesn't seem to contain any such ideas, which is good.


    People I know

    • Beryism.gif Beryism - We agree on pretty much everything except nationalism and economics; also it's fun trolling people and talking with you. Just stop being a capitalist and you'd be pretty fucking based.
    • Mikolayism Pixel.png Mikolayism - You're pretty based from all I've gathered, although you're a bit too conservative for my liking, especially on LGBT issues, and unnecessarily cling on to religion. I also really need more info on your economic and governmental views. Furthermore, while I recognize this is mostly in a joking context, I do kinda feel like there could a bit more behind the antisemetism.
    • Uzarashvilism.png Uzarashvilism - I feel like you're not economically left-wing enough and I'm obviously not a fan of your religious and multicultural ideals but I think we can agree on some other important issues like workplace democracy, being careful with Progressivism, and interestingly enough; aesthetics. Also seeing someone from Abkhazia is pretty cool, I wish your state and people success in Independence and appreciate that you personally seem to reject Russia.

    People I don't know

    • AlaskanSoup.png AlaskanSoup Thought - Ideas of a 'frontier' are very compatible with idealized Tinist terre nullius so, that's based. In general I can understand where the idea for frontier anarchism comes from, while I'm still very critical of it, I see it as way more realistic than regular global anarchism if executed correctly. Fish currency seems very wacky and I'd love to see it be tried. Also, while you might not see it viable, become a full "separatist".
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere Thought - Page is pretty empty as of now, for now I agree with almost everything written in the sections though; except of course, anarchism, which is the only thing thus far I can actually disagree with, judging by those DozenValues results however I'm sure there is plenty more cringe to come.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Gotten pretty based I see, I'd put you higher if you gave up your delusions of world (con)federalism and e-democracy (which is insanely dangerous and stupid); your UBI plans also go too far - you can't eliminate ALL welfare with just 1.5k USD per month. Other than that we agree on a lot of stuff ig, although it's noticeable that you're new to this whole socialism thing; you're definitely on the right path tho.
    • Cflski.png Celfloskyism - Multicultural civic nationalist larping as a "Han-Nationalist" for some reason. Economics are decent but a bit too moderate.

    Kinda No.png
    Mostly Cringe

    People I know

    • Blood.png Animalisticism - Too much care about animals, anarchist, too progressive, way too radical, very cool person tho.
    • Aldath.png Aldathism - Idk what to think about you. You seem like a nice person and I've known you for a bit now, however your ideology, while I do agree with some very insignificant details, is pretty garbage. That said, you being not toxic at all as well as being a femboy kinda nullifes my hate. Though your pan-nationalism is shit.
    • Suavis.png Suavism - Cringe centrist but I must give you some credit for adopting Tinism.

    People I don't know

    • MattBall1.png Mattism - Socdem - while you seem to somewhat support workplace democracy (only trivial mention) you describe yourself as "economically syncretic" and a social democrat; go further left and I'd be happy. I'm also in firm opposition to most of your foreign/ international policy/politics stances, particularly the opposition to separatism which I find to be deplorable. It's still a improvement from the contemporary american model, but not good.
    • NeoAlphadonialism.png Post-Alphadonialism - Really not a fan of all that philosophical shit, I really couldn't care less. I'm also not a fan of accelerationism (and obviously anarchism). Some of your ideas are interesting, some we agree on, but most I don't like.
    • Panth.pngPantheonism - I'm not sure if I should put you here or in "frenemies", but here is probably best. So:
      World federalism is fucking disgusting. The idea in general is already but your execution especially is pretty shit, that's really the biggest problem I have with your ideology; pretty much everything else I can look past. However I shall still critique it - Your monarchism is completely unfounded and nonsensical, unlike most others who at least try to find justification in religion or something all you've created is a convoluted semi-constitutional elective monarchy, and for absolutely no tangible reason. You do not list any benefits of this unnecessarily convoluted and authoritarian system and it makes absolutely no sense to me as to why you'd advocate for it, beyond maybe "it'd look/ be cool". Secondly, your governmental system is just a unstable, authoritarian, and nonsensically convoluted soviet democracy with extra steps; what do you need 2 3 legislatures for, 2 of which not even directly elected? And why tf can both the Parliament AND the assembly veto eachother? Nonsense, unstable, authoritarian, and unnecessarily convoluted. Your economics are also quite convoluted. I appreciate your anti-capitalism and rejection of Marxism but I don't think I really like the conclusion you've reached, it's not terrible mind you, just a bit weird and not preferable to other systems. For this one I'd wish you'd embrace co-ops and get rid of corporatism/ class collaborationism. Sadly you don't seem to specify on your cultural views, which is pretty sad since they would surely have been interesting. So lastly, your views on Nationalism are mid. Like most people you misunderstand the term to a degree, though not to a horribly huge one as I would've expected. And you're a cultural nationalist, so that's based; just not as based as could be. Your critique of separatism however is unfounded and retarded, I cannot think of a single example where that happened, beyond, maybe, if you stretch the definition, Moldova?
      Overall, get rid of world federalism and we're good; the rest is mid at best.


    People I know

    • Quarkism.png Quarkism - Incredibly cringe.
    • Anbun.png Anarcho-Buniism - Anarchist, transhumanist, accelerationist, way too progressive & philosophical.

    People I don't know

    • Xirlan-alt.png Xirlan Thought - I like your Anti-Immigration stance and rejection of Pan-Europeanism, pretty much all of the rest of the ideology is horrible through. Your anti-industrialism borders on luddism; your "anti-Zionism", even if you may not realize it, is literally just disguised antisemitism; and your ideas for Women and LGBT are pretty bad as well, although I find it interesting & good that you somewhat? accept Bi people. Your diplomatic description is also very incoherently gamified and makes me think you came straight out of HOI4 without any real-world understanding of politics, especially concerning diplomacy. Also monarchy + (weird) capitalism + authoritarian + reactionary.

    Mega No.png

    People I know

    People I don't know

    • METBOL.png Metbolism - Truly terrible. Such a cool flag yet such a terrible ideology.
    • ReactionaryCentrism6.png Neo-Bannnedism - I hate you, everything you stand for, and your terrible tests.
    • KaiserKlaus.png Eco-German Nationalism - Fascist, larper, not a real German.
    • Pixil-frame-0(16).png Reactionary-Cheesenism - This either satire or written by a literal five year old. No matter what it is however, the ideas laid out here are absolutely deplorable.
    • Tricolorism-icon.png Tricolorism - You haven't at all bothered with looking at my ideology and only picked out two things you don't like from the surface without any context or explanation when rating me, so why I should I bother with your page?


    Components/ Influences of my ideology with expenation.

    • Sep.png Separatism - We need the liberation of all people, including mine, from central and federal oppression. Full separatism and ultralocalism are the only option to do so.
    • Tinismpolcompball.png Tinism - Same as separatism but way better, you are what we truly need, separatism is important but in no way complete without ultralocalism in a equal and fully liberated Tinist world.
    • Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism - When I said liberation of all peoples I meant, true liberation and equality of all peoples. This how peoples are supposed to be living and it's the only way to preserve all cultures and ethnicities in their true state and environment. Every people a state.
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - In addition to national liberation we obviously also need economic liberation and tue democracy, a true socialist system of both governmental and economic democracy is essential, ideally archived through reform.
    • Semidirect.png Semi-Direct Democracy - I said democracy, this is democracy - workable and hard to corrupt.
    • Menslib.png Men's Liberation - Yes, this a core component. The liberation of men, and for that matter all other genders, is essential. We need full gender equality and the abolition of current gender roles. Mf I just want to wear a skirt outside ;-;
    • Pac.png Pacifism - We shouldn't engage in violence against other people period. Neither should we engage in revolutionary violence, nor should the state engage in imperialist or anti-democratic oppressive violence.

    • FDF-Pirate.png Piratism - We need a completely free internet and a very strongly reformed copyright law.
    • Secular.png Secularism - State and church separate, that simple. Laicism is despicable, we need actual secularism.
    • Local.png Localism - Humans are local being, we need to live and focus on the local and build an actual community between people as well as promote local history, culture, and the local economy.
    • Republicanismpix.png Republicanism - For obvious reasons republicanism is essential, any other form of government is either oppressive or Utopian.
    • Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - The workers must own the means of production directly and democratically while being afforded the liberty to do with themselves and their time as well as any consenting party anything they please.
    • Statecap.png State Capitalism - Whatever is automated and thus can't be owned by the workers should be owned by the state, goods produced from said industries are to primarily serve Hamburg's people, with excess being exported for profit so that the state may lower taxes and increase spending on social services.
    • UBI.png Universal Basic Income - Ensures stability of life and income for everyone no matter what happens. It's totally reasonable and sustainable but also will become necessary in the face of automation.
    • Antwork.png Work Abolitionism - As per above, automation will come and it will most likely eliminate most work. Replace mandatory work with UBI and let people live their lives as they see fit.
    • Cultirredentism.png Cultural Irredentism - Me and the boys on our way to do ethnic cleansing in order to reverse ethnic cleansing 😎
      Ok but seriously, they've stolen our land and history and I want it back, not in my country but in the hands of my people, this must happen peacefully. I also just really want Kaliningrad back, the rest I don't care as much about, but come on pls gib Kaliningrad.
    • Envi.png Environmentalism - My vision of conserving all human civilization obviously also applies to the environment, we should seek to preserve nature and find to recognize it as an essential part of earthy life. Just how every people deserve conservation, so does every species; extinctionism cannot be tolerated. This obviously also means the slowing or stopping of climate change. My ideals of respecting and conserving nature do not extent to individual lifeforms.

    • Fem.png Feminism - Same as I said about Men'sLib, gender equality.
    • Femboy.png Femboyism - I've said it before and I'll say it again, Men'sLib. Femboys are the ideal type of male and we need more. Not just more femboys, but more LIBERATED femboys.
    • Smol biotranshumanism.png Biotranshumanism - The only based interpretation of transhumanism, and extremely so. I am in full support of biological and to an extent also genetic transhumanism. Everyone has the right to freedom of form and we need to work so it's possible. Also gib irl catboys pls
    • Fed.png Semi-Federalism - While I see true federalism as an evil, I obviously see it's benefit especially within city-states, which are naturally forced into high populations, thus I believe the current boroughs of Hamburg (which aught to be reorganized) should have more power within the new system. It's not federalism, it's just ugh, idk, read the government section.
    • Reform.png Reformism - This system should be reached peacefully via reformist-sepratist means.
    • Parl.png Parliamentarianism - There must be a democratically elected multi-party parliament as per below.
    • Parti.png People's Multiparty Democracy - While it hasn't worked in Nepal that's only because they've executed it wrong. Socialist multi-party democracy can and will work; Nepal, even if coining the term, it isn't socialist so it makes no sense to apply this concept to them.
    • Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism & Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Nationalism - A nation is primarily defined by ethnicity and culture; both, especially the former, should be preserved. Should one be patriotic about these elements or our nation/ state in general? No, patriotism is irrational and fallible and can easily lead to Supremacism.

    • Speciesismicon.png Speciesism - Animals do not deserve rights.
    • Zimea.png Zimeanism - Likely needed in the first step towards establishment but only under me, if not applicable the system shouldn't be used. However as my old ideology, I do obviously carry some of it's non-governmental ideas with me still.
    • StateSI.png State Metricism - There is only one system. That this has to even be elaborated on is just another indicator of how Americans have made this world worse.
    • Antideo.png Ideology Disintegrationism - It's obviously way more useful and important to argue about specific issues rather than some labels.
    • Wagenknecht2.png Sahra Wagenknecht Thought - The book "Die Selbstgerechten" definitely influenced me at least a bit. Quite the based person.
    Very minor Influences:

    • Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism - Authoritarianism is cringe except when I do it
    • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism - I am fully and unironically in support of destroying the american state and people.
    • Antiarbeit.png Anti-HARTZ 4 - A system intended to keep people in poverty and crying about them not working while discouraging improvement.
    • Antiabunify.png Anti-Abrahamic - Abrahamic religions are cringe and should cease existence to be replaced with better ones.
    • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism - Capitalism is when the bad things, socialism is when the good things; I like good things.
    • Antibureaucracy.png Anti-Bureaucracy - We need to immediately and extremely reduce Bureaucracy, insitutions need to serve the people and be simple.
    • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism - Imperialism bad, all people have the right to self-determination without exploitation by or of others.
    • Antiedem.png Anti-E-Democracy - Extremely dangerous and shouldn't be used, this should be obvious to anyone.
    • Antitransh.png Anti-Transhumanism - Technological transhumanism is a terrible idea, especially in a capitalist society. Same as above.
    • Antitot.png Anti-Totalitarainism - Even if you have nothing to hide, you still have something to fear.
    • Antimultcult.png Anti-Immigration - Do I really have to elaborate?
    • Anti-Corrupt.png Anti-Corruption - One of the largest failures in current society and representative democracy.
    • Anti-Globalism.png Anti-Globalism - Current capitalist globalism is terrible, I'm still looking into alternatives because we obviously need a replacement.
    • Antizion.png Anti-Zionism - While I'm not 100% Anti-Zionist, I will always support the colonized over the colonizers.
    • Anti-Racism.png Anti-Racism - I do in fact oppose racism, I think everyone should be treated equally and seen as equal.
    • Antisjw.png Anti-SJW - You make social Progressivism into a joke.
    • Antigendern.png Anti-Gender star - I'm against the artificial altering of language, especially when it's nonsensical and provably harmful like this.[s 3]
    • Antineopronoun.png Anti-Neopronouns - Same as above, no artificial altering of language in nonsensical directions. And yet again, you ruin Progressivism.
    • Euroscept.png Soft Euroscepticism - While I mostly like the benefits the EU brings, I'm critical of it's authoritarian nature (among other things).


    By others
    Graphs and Maps that include me

    Perceived accuracy score [1 - 10]

    Further Information

    Stuff that may or may not have influenced my ideology to some extent as well as potential future communities and other resources produced by myself to explain my ideology further.

    Further info on this Ideology

    You're able to read up on small summaries of my opinions on specific issues on Self-Insert stances on specific issues.
    You're able to read up on some quotes I find to be based under User:JonahF2014/Quote Collection, some of which are already on this article.

    Sub pages

    Stuff I've read

    Stuff that I've read, this doesn't mean I agree with it, just that I've read it and that is potentially influenced my ideology to some extent.
    This list in the order in which I've read the literature.

    Plan to Read

    Stuff that I plan to read whenever I get the time and can be bothered, this doesn't mean I will agree with it, just that I find it to be interesting and that it might further my understanding of political theory and ideology. The books are in rough order but the order in which I actually end up reading them may differ.

    Good Videos

    Some good videos and channels that somewhat describe some of my believes or that I generally agree with. This doesn't mean these videos or channels are perfect or that I fully agree with them, just that I think they're good (or at least decent) at outlining some concept(s) I agree with.

    " Means that I find the video especially good and important.





    References & Notes

    1. A ideal execution of the plan and thus also this ideology is shown in the TBA alternate-future scenario.
    2. This oversight committee may only have partial authority over the southern border as that is also a international border and should thus be under the authority of the national border guard/ patrol instead who may set up and run a border wall in said area.
    3. This is primarily concerning visitors and tourists as well as those passing through, anyone wishing to take up a job must apply for a work visa or permit.
    4. Depending on circumstances, exceptions and conditions apply.
    5. See #Ethnic Model
    6. Includes Germanic Jews
    7. Excluding mandatory military service unless said person has voluntarily stayed in the military longer than required.
    8. Under the definition of the BITE-Model unless a better model is found/developed.
    9. The current population of Hamburg is roughly 1.8 million, adding all major cities that would be part of the second Greater Hamburg would bring the population to roughly 2.1 million; adding the populations of smaller towns ans villages as well as the leaving of non-Germans and other population change should average out at between 2 and 2.2 million at the time of independence. This article uses the 2 million figure.
    10. Comparison between the old and new design
    11. Example of a full Ferry being abused by tourists.


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