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    Rei Thought is the ideology of Rei from the webcomic Unordinary by Uru-Chan that ruled Wellston before Arlo.


    Rei Thought believes in a hierarchy but high-tiers and low-tiers should both treated equally and respect. Rei Thought believes that all low-tiers and even high-tiers should aim to get stronger and move up through the hierarchy. Rei Thought disdains the bullying by high-tiers against low-tiers and keeping the hierarchy and instead believes that people should be allowed to move through it while at the same time high-tiers should care for low-tiers etc. Rei Thought also likes vigilantism and that high tiers should practice vigilantism.


    Rei Thought is like a wholesome guy always caring for everyone in the school. Rei Thought often comes into fights and talks about caring and loving. Rei Thought likes to encourage lower-tiers to hone their skills and become stronger so they can move up the hierarchy. Rei Thought also like to partake in vigilantism as well.



    • Remi Thought - My cute and egalitarian little sister and also carries many of my ideals after I died.
    • Unordinaryism - My inspiration
    • Combatocracy - Lower tiers should shoot for the stars.
    • Monarchism - Royals are pretty cool at Wellston.
    • Vigilantism - I became a vigilante after I graduated.


    • Arloist Thought - Former Jack but became King after I left, he respects me BUT WHY DID YOU UNDO EVERYTHING AND NOW WELLSTON IS BACK TO HIERARCHY HELL!
    • Hierarchy - Hierarchy should stop being a bullying lower tiers and start allowing lower tiers to shoot up.
    • John Doeism - I didn't mean like that also YOU BEAT UP MY SISTER!


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