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    Regulationist Capitalism

    Regulated Capitalism is is a form of capitalism with regulations put in place. Usually this refers to a substantial amount of regulations, but could refer to amount higher than laissez-faire.

    What difference Regulationist Capitalism from regular capitalism is that usually what people think of Capitalism is complete free markets, with no regulations, although the current status-quo has establish a certain amount of market regulations, making this probably the broadest ideology with the most representation in the current world.

    It can fall under different intensities of regulationism, from something simple as minimum wage, weekly working hours limit, security regulations and other maybe a little more specific regulations (Such as in the US and Europe), it can extend as far as price regulations or imposing a certain amount of bureaucrats to directly regulate the companies (An example of this is Nazi Germany). As far as a big amount of capital is accumulated by private entities it can fall in this category.

    With capital's meaning being everything necessary for the production of good, for example: Workers, capacitation of the workers, machines, materials, the factory itself, financial capital (The money that finances those necessary capital goods), etc...

    How to Draw

    Flag of Regulationist Capitalism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Color the ball yellow (#FFF301).
    3. Add a green (#008000) regulationist sign on its front.
    4. Give the ball a black top hat and a golden monocle.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Yellow 255,243,1 #FFF301
    Green 0,128,0 #008000
    Black 0,0,0 #000000
    Grey 36,36,36 #5d5d5d


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