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    Regionalism, also known as Regional Conservatism (RegCon), is a culturally and economically variable ideology which promotes different regions of a state preserving their own distinct identities, based on the cultural traditions of the area, as well as freedom to govern and regulate the region based on their local needs and ideals, rather aligning them with a set of national values. It believes in as much power being devolved to local councils as is feasible, allowing them to implement local law (sometimes even superseding national law), and regulate the local economy in a way that is specifically tailored to the traditional industries and resources of the area. RegCon is the father to Confederalism, but unlike his son operates on a much more specific regional basis within a state, such as a county or town council level



    • Scouse Syndicalism - My dear son. You want preserve that north-west culture, and keep your local industries thriving. Just make sure you let other regions do the same.
    • Cosmopolitanism - Nationality should be no barrier. It's doesn't matter where you were born.
    • Distributism - Stepdaddy. You taught me to priorities family businesses, and usually I agree with that. But some cities are socialist, and that should be their choice.


    • National Conservatism - Dad, I like you're idea of preserving cultural ideals. But a whole state? That's a big place. Let each region handle that on their own.
    • Anationalism - Who needs nations? But if we all speak Esperanto, that's still going to put a dent in local tradition too.
    • Panarchism - We agree on letting each locality do their own thing without being hounded by a state. But some sort of local office or governing body is still needed to help preserve the traditions of the locality.


    • Neoliberalism - You bringing your McDonalds and Starbucks over here and putting my local stores out of business. I hate you.
    • Neoconservatism - You starting your wars to try and spread your values to people that don't want them. I hate you too.
    • Ethnic Nationalism - Racist and nationalist. We can't be friends.

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