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    The Ideology revolves around having regional ideologies turn into Technocracy, by making sure the person convinces their friends into technocracy, them making sure they have convinced some friends of theirs to join our cause. More the union is closer, our beliefs get stronger!

    General Info

    Political Stances



    We don't mind having LGBT people being in our ideology The more people supporting us, the bigger the chances we're going to reform regionally to technocracy!


    We don't mind women and children immigrating to our regions, but adult men should stay in their nation of origin and help there Supporting the women and our future generation is a must


    The same as in LGBT, any race is welcome here, no matter what's your origin, The more the merrier in the long run!


    Our stance at governments is as follows,

    • The government must be made of only the people who know what their role is
    • The government must be as close to the region as it can be
    • The government cannot be corrupted.


    Our stance on economics can be summarised in one sentence: "Supporting regional advancements in favor of boosting our economy is a must"


    Technology must prosper in the same moment as the region is prospering too, one cannot beat other, everything has to work like a clock.

    Flag's Interpretation and Drawing guidelines

    Color Name HEX RGB
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Blue #4B6CD0 75, 108, 208

    The flag's clear blue color represents intelligence and stability The flag's red color represents vitality and power The flag's white color represents hope and purity

    The red and white colors in the center resemble the technocracy logo



    •   Neo-Faustism Glad to know someone with ambitions as ours, we will get to your level of star colonisation, may the edge of space be our only limit!
    •   Regionalism - The other one of our main ideologies
    •   Technocracy - One of our main ideologies
    •   Accelerationism - Speed is key to being in the future
    •   Transhumanism - 01010100 01101000 01100101 01111001 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101100
    •   Futurism - Based ideology
    •   Monarcho-Technocracy - I know we don't support kings, but techno-kings? Hmm.. Plausable



    •   Kakistocracy - I never thought there's something dumber than Anprim
    •   Anprim - Speaking of Anprim, Don't you have some animal to hunt?
    •   Monarchism - DOWN WITH THE KINGS


  •   Liberal Technocracy To the space, brother.
  •   BERNHEism One with man, One with machine, future will be bright for us
  •   Heredism Damn, now that's how we doin
  •   MacDeko's thought They're a really good chum!
  •   Schizophrenic Accelerationism I... fuck with it, Chaos God for the win
  •   Expanded Technocratic Socialism Share common view of technocratic origin, not a major socialist myself, but I admire their views!
  • Neutral


    And regionalism!

    •   Anarcho-Britishism aw hell nah, someone rose the prices of tea bags
    •   Stefithought before you call me a homophobe, they don't like maths, which makes them Stupid ! !



    • - Add me whenever you can or want.
      • - Added.


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