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    Peasants Feudalism (or Communist Feudalism), shorten to PeFeud, is an ideology based on Feud.png Feudalism mixed with Ormarxf.png Marxism, it is on the Authleft.png Authoritarian Left quadrant of the Political Compass.

    He belives that there should be a strong and Sec.png Authoritarian goverment with a supreme leader, made by the people for the people!

    He says that all the peasants should rise up against their lords and the that land should be organized in fiefs that would be divided amog the peasants through an agrarian reform, those fiefs would be managed by peasants and controled by the goverment.

    He thinks that all nobles should be killed or arrested because of all the years of opression made by them, he also wants the construction of forced labor camps where some of the nobility would have to work so they can exepirience what is like to be a peasant in a nobel-controlled feudal society. He also hates the bourgeoisie because they are stupid greedy idiot Cap.png Capitalists and they want to make their big companies and exploit the working class!!!!11!1!

    He loves the Clergy (less the corrupt ones, those go to jail!) and always does his prayers every morning and goes to his local feudal church with his brother Christcom.png Christian Communsim every day!!


    The Tree Groups

    Peasant Feudalists belive in social equality and the non-existence of any kind of social hierarchy, but whitin their society we can identefie tree distinct groups, the Workers, the Clergy and the Enemies of the State, these are mostly defiend by their day-to-day activities and a person can become part of any of them.

    • The Workers Agsoc.png

    The Workers are the most important and most numerous group, composed by farmers, fishermen, cattle breeders, factory workers and more, they are the ones who provide for the nation and own the land that is provided by the state. They are also one of the groups who has a place in politics and helps running the country. This group is heavily praised by the nation and is seen as the best and most respecfull one.

    • The Clergy Christy.png

    The Clergy is the secound most numerous and important group, they are the ones who manage religion in all the fiefs and they participate in politics too. This group is also very respected in the nation because of the big religious vaules the workers have. At any point in their lives a worker could decide to submit his life to religion and join the Clergy.

    • The Enemies of the State Feud.png Cap.png

    The Enemies of the State are the definition given to any opossiton to our great nation, this are the ones who work on the forced labor camps, who mostly populate the nations prisons and the ones who are executed. This group is, in the majority, composed of the old Nobility and Bourgeoisir that are considered the biggest enemy of the working class. We can also find political prisioners and opossition groups in here.


    Peasant Feudalists defend an Agsoc.png Agrarian society where the economy is mostly based on farming, fishing, cattle raising and other primary types of industry, but with a still fairly average number of industrial factorys.

    They also defend some technological backwardness, specialy in the secoundary and primary areas of production, advocating for the usage of more rudimentary technics and instruments for agriculture and more 1st Industrial Revolution type of industry.


    Peasant Feudalists are firmily devout to Christy.png Christianism so the church is very much respected inside all the workers fiefs. Every worker pays his tribute to God when they can and Religious Holydays are very important events for them.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Peasants Feudalism

    Feudalism's design is based in a flag by u/PinkDolphinBoy, but I have changed it to fit the commie style.

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it whit red
    3. Draw the Holy Hand Grenade
    4. Draw the eyes

    And you're done

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #E00000 224, 0, 0
    Gold #F4C754 244, 199, 84








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