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    Red Fascism is a Fascist, Communist, Culturally Right, and Auth-Left ideology. Critics of fascism and Stalinism have often labeled Stalin a "red fascist" (anarcho-communists are the most prominent people to call Stalin a red). Mao, Hoxha, Pol Pot, and pretty much all other Marxist-Leninists have been called "red fascists". This ideology is mostly a pejoritive term that has NO real-world applications. However, Strasserism and National Bolshevism are great examples of actual ideologies that support "red fascism".

    "Red Fascism" has also been used as a pejoritive from Liberals, Social Democrats, Left Communists, and conservatives that are opposed to fascist orthodoxy.

    Mussolini during WW1 has been seen as the first real-life application of red fascism, since Mussolini was actually a patriotic socialist at the time. However, he was more akin a much more moderate conservative socialism.

    Maybe Mussolini could've stayed a socialist and had an Anti-Monarchist Revolution against King Victor III of Italy, but who knows? He was the prime minister, after all, so a revolution would.ve made him look bad.

    The National Socialists of Germany were originally socialist in practice, not just in name, so they could be seen as genuine red fascists. They hated Zionist Capitalism so much that they did a Putsch in 1923 under the Strasserists (the true socialists), but took power peacefully in 1933 under the Hitlerites (who supported economics more akin to Keynsianism and corporatism).




    • Christsoc.png Christian Socialism - Most of you are too progressive for my taste! Otherwise, great ideas!
    • Communalist.png Communalism - Dude, communism is great and all, but you take it WAY too far!
    • Tito.png Titoism - Not nationalist enough.
    • Flang.png Falangism - The fascism and syndicalism are based, but you fought the communists during the Spanish Civil War, instead of working with them... CRINGE!
    • Juche.png Juche - Quit denying it! You are literally me, but more isolationist, militaristic, ethnonationalist, and Korean!


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