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    Red Democratism

    Short Explanation of the most important points:


    Red Democratism uses the concept of "Fully Representative Democracy":
    There is an election in a representative democracy after the idea of most of these in europe. Party A, Party B and Party C are the candidates, Party B and C would like to rule together as their ideas match the most, but want to run independently. There are only 3 seats (other scenario: there is a threshold of 5 votes, but the result is the same).
    Vote Share:
    Party A: 10
    Party B: 9
    Party C: 2

    In this democracy Party A will get 2 seats and party B 1, party C wont receive a seat. The voting power in a motion of a law is same for all parties, this means that the 9 voters of party B do get 1 seats, while 10 voters of Party A get 2, this means a vote for Party A has nearly double the worth in compare to a vote for party B. All voters for party C do not matter, though party B and party C would have had a majority 11 to 10 in compare to party A.

    What happens in a Fully Representative Democracy is very uncomplex.
    Party A gets 2 seats that both have a voting power of 5.
    Party B gets 1 seat that has the voting power of 9.
    Party C gets into the minority fraction with one seat with the voting power of 2


    A good economy that tries to employ the ideals of an equal society can only be organised mainly from down to above.
    In Red Democratist economy every job splits its self into councils/unions out of a given small verifiable number of people, which elect (with the democratic representative system given above) higher councils for budget, problems or even specified problems depending on how big the company is. Also a overall leading council for the company should be elected.
    All workers will elect councils out of different branches then, if they are very big, ofc at first regional (for example all teachers of a big city) and then more unitary, or if its a very small group just unitary, these will then share the extra budget by the state on companies according to need.

    This will be regulated by the elected state with a minimum and maximum wage, maximum working hours, etc. and ofc a minimum plan decided by the regional and unitary councils of the branch and the government, but they will decide democratically what they need and how they spend their money.
    This systems goal is no overproduction by conflict between workers, but making sure everyone gets their needs covered.


    Red Democratism is a progressive pragmatic ideology, society moves slow but heavily impacted, therefore impacts on a generation will stay for a long time, after seizing a state the red democratic party should follow following steps if not fullfilled:
    1. All penalties against minorities shall be abolished.
    2. Helping the different people and cultures of a nation to peacefully come together or if absolutely impossible integrate a x state solution which x people/cultures can at least tolerate
    3. Establishing same rights for men and women and needed infrastructure like kindergartens for emanzipation
    4. Same Rights for the biggest sexual minorities, like Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Polysexuals
    5. Establishing same rights for the smaller sexual and gender minorities, like Non-Ninaries and Transsexuals


    Red Democratism stands for Internationalism, it accepts the right of every people for self government but also recognises that in a world where people starve in the third world while 3/4 of the US-population are overweight or obese there are problems greater than our nation.

    Seizing Power

    For Red Democrats there are two ways of seizing power: Reform and Revolution.

    Red Democrats see the death and suffering that revolutions bring over people as they often cannot be peaceful. Therefore in every state with a somewhat stable and reformable democracy Red Democrats will always try to use reform by first choice.

    Red Democrats are aware of the Bourgeoisie not be willing to step down in a large number of nations therefore these nations will undergo a revolution if possible peaceful though being realistic of course violent.
    In order to implement law and order while a revolution there will be a special legal court: The "Revolutionary Court" (or german: "Revolurionäres Standgericht").
    A Revolutionary Court can be called by any soldier of the revolutionary forces or any worker.
    One basic Revolutionary Court has to exist out of (with voting power in the court in ()):
    - 2-4 soldiers (each 0.5)
    - 1 worker/soldier who declared the Court (0)
    - 1 person that is being judged on (0)
    - 1-2 workers belonging to the red democratic party or any approved alliagned party (each 2)
    - 1 random worker/citizen from an oppositionary party (1)
    - 1 higher ranking soldier leading at least 12 troops as judge (1)
    The judgement is decided by democracy except ofc the military is unwilling to commit the judgement. In case of a draw no judgement is spoken. Abstaining is allowed, no consequences can be drawn from voting behaviour, everyone has a right to defend and speak in court for at least 10min when speaking going around giving everyone the speaking allowance.
    Such Revolutionary Court may decide on prison and property judgements about following crimes (No death penalties nor physical penalties can be judged by this court):
    -Contra-Revolutionary Actions
    One hard Revolutionary Court has to exist out of (with voting power in the court in ()):
    - 10-15 soldiers (each 0.5)
    - 2-5 workers/soldiers who declared the Court (0.25)
    - 1 person that is being judged on (0.5)
    - 4-8 workers belonging to the red democratic party or any approved alliagned party (each 2)
    - 4-6 random workers/citizens from an oppositionary party (1)
    - 1-2 higher ranking soldier(s) leading at least 12 troops as helpers of the judge(1)
    - 1 highly ranking soldier leading at least 50 troops as judge (1.5)
    The same democratic rules apply for this court.
    Such Revolutionary Court may decide on prison, property and death judgements(death and physical only in certain cases in ()):
    -All crimes named for the basic Revolutionary Court
    -Mass Murder(death)
    -War Crime(death)
    -Hardcore Contra-Revolutionary Actions
    -Anti-Worker Behaviour
    -Participation in a Contra-Revolutionary Organisation
    -Leading of an Contra-Revolutionary Organisation
    -Unnamed Crime
    All Judgements by the Revolutionary Courts excluding death penalties will be reconsidered after the revolution.


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