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    Rebelism is an ideology that supports gerontocratic pseudo-democracy and Authoritarian Traditionalism. He hates the games Fortnite and CP77. He thinks the only one right way to live life is the life dictated by the Rebel gerontocracy.

    It's the Gerontocratic Republic of the Monopolitan Rebellion

    The flag used by the faction and by the ball.


    • The red stands for strong conservatism. (the GOP, for example)
    • The sword stands for strong Biblical values and the integration of Seventh-day Adventism into the government.
    • The pyramids stand for hierarchy.
    • The wheat stalks stand for tradition and elderly rule. (Wheat Penny)
    • The 66 marks in the sword stand for the 66 books of the Bible.
    • The red at the latter two fifths of the sword stand for the New Testament.




    • Capitalism - Money is okay, but please beware of the love of money!
    • National Traditionalism: You're in a ditch of homophobic extremism, If you calm down a bit on that straight supremacy you've got, then traditional values could be easier to uphold without you tarnishing their name.
    • Progressive Conservatism - My friend with a virus!
    • Parentism - Parents deserve paramount honor, but you can't kill the kid!
    • Libertarianism - Tread on whom exactly?
    • Right-Wing SJW - Loves patriarchy and traditionalism, but remember that a ditch is still a ditch, no matter what side you're on.
    • Adventist Theocracy - You're the only truly moral and Biblical denomination of Christianity, but you're too lenient and lax on certain people.


    • Abortionism and Radical Abortionism - Murderers. Stray!
    • Progressivism - Viral degenerate hippie! Stray!
    • Anarchism - Get Lost punk! Stray!
    • FALSCG - We don't need another Sodom or Gomorrah. Stray!
    • Nazism - We can't kill another Jew.
    • Slayerism - You are responsible for the Columbine school shooting! Teacher of wickedness!
    • Fortniteism - Immature, godless lazy teacher of wickedness! Get lost punk! And your decrepit song is on my nerves! Stray!
    • File:Qtrad.png Queer Traditionalism - Out of my face imposter. You are the impostor. STRAY IMPOSTOR!!!
    • Ethnowelfarism - Immoral racist of a Marxist. You're probably like the hippies!
    • SajZeal Model - Technocracy is kakistocracy! Your "Technic Organization" is full of liars and murderers! Social democracy doesn't make it any better!

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Download the flag above. (Don't need my permission)
    3. Warp or crop the flag to fit inside the ball.
    4. Draw the eyes and you're done!
    Rebelism is on the third-to-the-right square.


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