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    Reactionary Syndicalism is a libertarian left and reactionary ideology which believes in decentralized revolutionary worker's unions combined with a highly traditionalist social policy.

    It wants the workers to organize in local syndicates which will create wild strikes. These will bring about a collapse of the capitalist system and make sure that the will of the workers is put first. In this new socialist society the economy will be directed through these local syndicates with a great amount of economic equality.

    The previous system is believed to be evil due to its subjugation of the worker and its focus on profit over tradition. It critiques the general collapse of the focus on the community due to the fact that individuality creates greater profit. This brings about a society in which one makes more money from impovering his fellow man rather than helping him. It also argues that the awful working conditions that capitalism creates breaks down the family as work always must be prioritized to be able to survive.

    Instead it wants society to return to a more traditional way of life, making it reactionary. The new economic and governmental model of syndicalism is believed to bring about a revival of traditional values. The decentralized economy is thought to bring back a sense of community with everyone helping each other out and working for the good of the collective. The improved working conditions will also make sure that people can focus on things other than work, such as religion, culture and family.




    • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Brother, authority is not that bad.
    • Corporatism - An alright alternative to capitalism with a focus on the community. However, class collaboration won't get you anywhere and central control is pretty cringe.
    • Yellow Socialism - Ah, finally a syndicalist who's realized that the reactionary struggle is integral to... Wait, you like capitalism and nationalism?
    • Guild Socialism - Good traditional socialist like me. You must, however, embrace syndicates instead of your silly guilds.
    • Reactionary Libertarianism - Decentralization and traditional values are good, but capitalism and feudalism? Really?
    • Industrialism - You're pretty good. Just make sure that the bourgeoise don't use you to oppress the workers.


    • Capitalism - Subjugates the workers and destroys traditions.
    • Fascism - Turned syndicalism into a totalitarian, nationalist, modernist and atheistic mess. Also, you restricted unions from striking.
    • Pink Capitalism - The end goal of capitalism.
    • Liberal Conservatism - A capitalist union buster disguising himself as a "conservative".
    • Progressivism - You preach a false message of liberation. Freedom from bourgeois oppression must bring with it traditional values and culture.
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