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    Reactionary Minarchism(RecMin) is a cultural and economical far-right, libertarian ideology. This ideology looks abnormally shaped but it is not.


    Medieval Iceland

    The Icelandic Commonwealth, with it's Goðorð system, is the closest known example of a reactionary minarchist goverment. Free landowners that had certain quantity of property(called þingmenn), needed to associate with a goði, but were free to choose each one. The goði would defend the þingmenn in courts, while the þingmenn would provide manpower. The Goðorð created the Althing, a type of constitution. What makes Iceland Reactionary was the power of the church, who were only weaker than the Althing, specially because of the implementation of tithing, the first tax to be implemented.


    While Liechtenstein has a constitution, some leftist believe that Liechtenstein still has reactionary policies, specially regarding LGBT rights. Other important consideration, is that the monarch still has considerable power, with the king increasing his power in 2003.


    There are two groups that could be identified as Reactionary Minarchists, Paleolibertarians, and Neoreactionaries, each with it's own beliefs.


    The biggest part of the Reactionary Minarchist, are made from Paleolibertarians. They defend reactionarism, by arguing that progressive values have enlarge the role of the state, specially egalitarianism. The most notable of them, is the polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke


    While equal to Paleolibertarians in a lot of issues, neoreactionaries are different in their criticism of democracy, and support of Dark Enlightenment neologisms. They believe that democracy is inherently progressive because of the cathedral, preferring absolute monarchies or military dictatorships. They are very few, with the only noteworthy being the PCB user Kinipk

    Personality and Behaviour

    He is very protective of his property, dueling with anyone who violates it. He also likes to scare progressives with his sword abilities, often using as a way to make fun of them.





    Further Information

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