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    Reactionary Liberal Socialism

    Not to be confused with Reactionary Libertarian Socialism.

    Reactionary Liberal Socialism, clipped to ReactSocBert, WIP, which regards the enlightenment and the industrial revolution as a disaster for human history, criticising the atomisation of individuals, the exploitation of the working class and the loss of cultural identity and traditionalism as "degenerate parts of liberalism", but still recognising the shortcomings of feudalism and embracing democracy (at least in workplaces and in villages), welfare and free trade.


    Liberal Socialism for a better traditionalist society

    Co-ops as communitarianism

    One of the biggest points of criticism of liberalism is the atomisation of individuals and the loss of the sense of community. ReactLibSoc sees co-ops as a solution to this, citing the obvious cooperation between individuals in such firms as much more positive than traditional private firms.

    Another point in favour of cooperatives is the decentralization of decisions in a big firm, which would help foster communitarianism.

    Free-trade (with other christians)

    Free-trade between fellow christian nations is seen as extremely beneficial, as it fosters unity between christians and creates a de-facto united christian world.

    Welfare (Just as christ intended)

    A welfare state (mainly through a UBI) is maintained and justified as a "christian duty". Charity and work by the church would also be a great part

    Social ownership of (farm)land

    ReactSocLib is very keen on Agrarianism and deems it as the best kind of job. In order to make farming as easy as possible, social ownership of land is to be promoted or even enforced, mainly through a usufruct system.

    Social ownership of capital

    Reactionary liberalism as the best way to manage society

    File:ReactLib.png Reactionary Liberalism is the main inspiration of ReactLibSoc and, thus, there are many reactionary beliefs: generally, a constitutional monarchy is the preferred form of government; forms of democracy higher than firms and villages (thus cities, provinces, regions and the state) would be left to more 'important' people, generally basing the selection system around Plutocracy or Timocracy.

    Basic rights of citizens would still be respected, regardless of one's partecipation in the democratic system.

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