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    Reactionary-Anarchism is very similar to his great-grandfather Reactcross.png Reactionarism although with more anarchic Ideas.

    But also like his great-grandfather's he favors a way of turning back time.


    These people helped me with art and icons

    Bsaheed527 Thanks so much for the Icon and portrait.

    What it actually is

    It is truly super liberal reactionary sitting near the point of the LibRight Corner.


    He is very angry most of the time and will usually target the cultural left. Although when talking to other Rights he will remain calm even if they disagree with him. He does not hate any Right (that includes Nazi and Burgundian System but the other rights don't really like him. He is also sort of a nihilist since he knows that no one will over power the other in ideology no matter how hard we try no Ideology in this dumpster fire of a place can really work normal people are just going to look. He is also always roaming the empty space that is the wiki just looking at everyone who wants to succeed, but never will. He tries to hide his hopelessness by making himself hate lefts.



    • Ancon.png Ancon - Anarchist and Conservative not bad just bring it back in time will ye
    • Reactmin.png Reactionary Minarchism- Ye pal gets ye
    • Annil.pngAnarcho-Nihlism- Ye brings relief and more nihilism to ye that other anarchists think that here living is useless



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