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    Totally didn't copy paste Neo-Kiraism's colour scheme BC I'm lazy rn. Rayonianism is the Self Insert Ideology of BaconWooper/Wobbuffet. I'm overhauling the Page.


    1. 2007 - I was created
    2. 2015-2018 - Apolit.png/Lib.png/Trumpism.png - Basically I was an American Apolitical who liked Trump bc he sounded funny
    3. 2018-Mid 2019 - Apolit.png/Lib.png/Conserv.png - Basically the same except I became Homophobic and didn't like Trump anymore because he was really fucking stupid.
    4. Late 2019-14/7/2021 - Conserv.png/Fash.png/BlackNaz.png/Islamophobia.png/Homophobia.png/Transphobia.png/Anti-White.png/Totalitarian.png/Zio.png- Basically I was a Nazi who loved Jews to the point of near obsession, Hated Whites, was Islamophobic, Homophobic, Transphobic, etc (Note: I started watching south park during this phase.) (Note: I also got into Polandball by extension Geo-Politics and learned about polcompball in Mid 2020)
    5. 14/7/2021-Late July 2021 - Conserv.png/Fash.png/BlackNaz.png/Islamophobia.png/Homophobia.png/Transphobia.png/Anti-White.png/Totalitarian.png/Zio.png (Fake Ideology for PCB Liberalconservative.png/Apolit.png/Blacknat.png) - I stayed pretty much the exact same except for the fact I pretended to be moderate as to not be banned right away.
    6. Late July-Extremely Early September - Necon.png/Liberalconservative.png/Zio.png/Blacknat.png/Apolit.png - I actually adopted the ideology above.
    7. Early September-October 7th - Necon.png/Conserv.png/Zio.png/Blacknat.png/Statist.png - I became WAY more conservative. Around this time I started shifting Libertarian
    8. October 7th-October 28th - Nrx.png/Libcon.png/FashBert.png - I got into a huge argument bi friend so I wanted to kill a LGBT People.
    9. Late October 2021-Early February 2022 - Libertarian.png/Liberalconservative.png/Prog-u.png/Necon.png - I became a lot more empathetic during this phase compared to the past. The only point where I outright supported the LGBT Community.
    10. February-August 2022 -Apolit.png/Conserv.png/Welf.png/Nihil.png - During this Phase is when my Apathism Started and I didn't really care about ideology anymore. (Note:I also moved to PCM in May and left at the end of the phase)
    11. August-March - LeftUnity.png/Libleft.png - After The Apolitical Phase I finally embraced leftism. This overall phase is rather tricky to place but eh. I tried to follow the Marxist Dogma however I do not agree with many things in such.
    12. Present





    A state is necessary to create an Ancom.png anarchist commune. However we must keep the state small and accelerate the process of it. After the Revolution Awaj.png anarchism will be achieved.

    International Policy

    Communes shall operate independently. People will be able to move between them as they please.


    The Means of Production must be owned by the Soc.png workers Synd.png. All property shall be communally owned. Work shall be more or less abolished and people will be given the choice to work or not. Automation shall replace the working (eg: Automatons, Machine Labour, etc) ofc these machines will need maintenance, repairs and oversight.

    Social Views

    All men shall me equal, no matter what culture, ethnic group or gender, now and forever, we are equal. Under no pretext are we any different from each other. We must fight against bigotry to combat Cap.png capitalism and Auth.png authoritarianism itself. Bigotry and Racism.png racism is a construct created so that people do not see the true struggle which is class struggle.


    The Les.png Gay.png LGBT+ Community Bisexual.png Trans.png SJW.png is a tough subject however I believe that anyone of all sexualities shall be equal. We should push for people to express themselves in constructive ways like parades and such. All men shall have the right of expression of gender, sexuality and affection, as well they may marry who they choose. Trans.png Trans people and Non-Conformers will be able to get HRT, Hormones Blockers and or Surgery when asked, free of charge in dispensary centres. Gender Non-conformers shall have the right to wear, dress and act as they please, all men should have to choose their gender roles or none at all.

    Race and Ethnicity

    Race and Ethnicities are social constructs, only Ethnicity actually carries some weight in reality. Nonetheless I believe in interculturalism, Multiculturalism is flawed by simply allowed all cultures to exist together as seen in America and certain other western nations they will self segregate, you cannot simply get rid of culture you must unite it to gain unity among the Proletariat.


    As stated before People will be able to marry as they want. Marriage shall be independent of Religion and State, you can get married as you see fit. On the subject of Polyamory and Polygamy, polyamory will be encouraged and supported and as well as closed relationships. We must change the way society sees polygamy.

    Body Autonomy

    Everyone should be able to do whatever they please with their bodies.


    Everyone with the capacity to have children should be able to abort them.


    Technology like an animal evolves, from the iodes to the Chips they evolve. We must encourage this evolution. Technology is the future of the Soc.png Revolution. We must automate labour and create automatons.


    We must edit Humanity and it's flaws, like aging, and allow us to be immune to injuries and pain. However I'm against using Transh.png Robotics to advance ourselves, in the future it may be more possible to unite flesh and tech however now is not the time for Robotic Transhumanism.


    Like a house the Envi.png environment must be kept tidy to establish a healthy working order. The BioCommie.png biosphere must be liberated from Cap.png Capitalism. With technology animals from the distant past could be resurrected, for endangered animals helped in repopulation.

    Energy Consumption

    We must strive for Nuclear Energy. WIP


    Religion is a concept made for people to understand the unknown, as Marx said "an opiate of the people" a light in dark times. Religion paints life in rose tinted goggles, it doesn't allow people to truly see how their horrid life is. Without religion many will see their situation as dull, unremarkable, and sad. Beyond that on the topic of Morality, Religion is a moralist dogma in which they use to keep the Workers from standing up against the Bourgeois. Under the pretence of enlightenment, it will capture you in a sense of security, that though god(s) you will each enlightenment, and through prayer problems will be solved. To reach that enlightenment you must follow said dogma and morals, this doesn't encourage individuality and makes you a pawn as you feel content that things will get better but without change and violence they will not. Despite this everyone will be allowed freedom of religion as long as it doesn't effect them politically. I see not to force people to become atheist but remove religion from the state and our society over time.


    Nationalism is how the Proletariat will be segregated from each other, for unity, nation-states must be abolished. There is no need for a nation state as a state is undesirable in general let alone a nation state.


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    Feel free to add my goofy ass.

    Extremely Positive

    Strongly Positive



    Leaning Positive

    Ormarxf.png Marxism - One of my biggest inspirations. However I'm just not for it much. Though I use Communist as a Label I can still undecided that you're the only TRUE communism.


    Leaning Negative


    Strongly Negative

    Extremely Negative

    Alt-Right - YOU'RE NOT A FREE THINKER YOU BULLY TRANS PEOPLE ONLINE!!! Sad to think I was ever like you. Truly horrific



    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - You're pretty decent. Even if an ML.

    Leaning Positive

    Med Social Model.png Tammyism - Though I like your anarchism.


    Leaning Goofy


    Neogab-icon.gif Neo-Gabrialism NGab.png - Rather Cringe brother
    GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought - ehhh. You're based in economy. Otherwise you have a few upsides. At least you're no longer a Conservative "Socialist"

    Goofy Goobers

    Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - Real Nasty. Beryism.gif Beryism - BERYIST SUSIETY!!! You're pretty cringe honestly literally me fr fr. rather cringy.
    Whiztaleanism - Rather Cringe
    YellingLiber.png Neo Social Libertarianism - Rather Cringe but you're progressive ig.
    7588.png WMS7588 thoughts - God are you dumb. 0/10 Alaois2.png ComradeAlaois - Rather Goofy and I'm object to conservatism
    NNGM.png New North German Model - Rather Cringe honestly. I'm completely Object to nationalism. However Tinism isn't bad in of itself.

    Based and Redpilled



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    PCM Soyjak

    Extremely Positive


    Slightly Positive


    Slightly Negative


    Extremely Negative



    Alaois2.png ComradeAlaois - Add me uwu

    • Late sorry ik you dead but ye

    Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - add me

    • Done pls add me.


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