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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Rational Theocracy is an Authoritarian, Economically Variable, Culturally Left and Religious ideology which worships the ideals of Liberalism, more specifically rationality and progress.

    It wants a state controlled by experts as it views them as infallible. They will act as deities on Earth as people are expected to have an unrelenting devotion to them. What the experts say become law. These experts also have the task to use their expertise to advance society both Technologically and Culturally.

    It hates everything that it views as "irrational" like Religion, Traditions and Culture. These concepts can not be measured scientifically and are therefore irrelevant in society. Although, this part of the ideology is pretty hypocritical as it supports non-scientific concepts like LGBT-Rights, Humanism and Tolerance. If any science happens to debunk any of these values then it will quickly be "debunked".

    People have to believe everything that is said by the experts that run the state and be devoted to the mainstream ideas of society. Everything that could be considered as distrust in the actions of the state will be deemed a Conspiracy Theory.

    Although the ideology doesn't have the classical elements of a Theocracy its absolute devotion to science and progress reaches levels that could be considered religion-like. It also likes to perform many irrational acts that can be likened to that of a religious ritual.



    • Mainstream Idea Jingoism - Trust the experts or die!
    • Technocracy - My system is the greatest system in the world, experts claim.
    • Mediacracy - Great way to spread propaganda teach people the truth.
    • Classical Progressivism - Progress is based.
    • LGBTism - Science says Trans Rights!
    • Covidism - I'm getting my 15th vaccine tomorrow. Still wearing my 7 masks though.
    • Liberalism - O sacred values of liberalism, give me power and strength to disprove consipracy theories. Amen... I mean... You're pretty cool.
    • State Atheism - Let's get rid of those Christcucks.
    • Cultism - Yes, I love the experts.


    • Juche - Anti-religious, but with a cult-like devotion to the leader? Based. Although, you're pretty intolerant.
    • Democracy - We must save our democracy. What did you say? Voting? Don't make me laugh.


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