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    Rational Imperialism is an authoritarian unity ideology, a radical form of State Atheism advocating for the creation of an expansionist Empire of Rationalism. They view the conquest of new land by the Empire as an ethical mission of civilization, to bring the universal light of reason to oppressed minds and people of the world. They see themself as successor of Enlightenment, and their expansion as a fight against obscurantism, which must be permanently eradicated. They are radically anti-theist, anti-clerical, anti-mysticism and pro-science often to the extent of Scientism.

    Some see Rational Imperialism as a transitory state before Anarcho-Rationalism, but others see the Rational Empire as the peak of human civilization.



    Rational Imperialism sees all people within the Empire as united by a universal sense of reason, thus being morally and civically equal regardless of origin, appearance, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. Opinions, however, aren't treated equally, as religion and all beliefs going against the scientific consensus are banned and illegal in the Empire, potentially sending you to re-education camps.

    To climb higher in the Rational Imperialist hierarchy, one has to logically win debates against their competitors. A system roughly mimicking scientific deliberation is used to determine which side won a debate, where qualified experts review and analyze each arguments. At the head of the state is the Rational Emperor, who virtually won all of their debates up to the top of the hierarchy. They can be overthrown by anyone who gets to the top of the hierarchy and wins debates against them. Every measures that the Emperor or the Senate wants to enact are peer-reviewed by experts in the relevant fields, who can amend and veto them. This whole system is of course subject to flaws such as conflicts of interest and inherent subjectivity of judgement.


    A core value of Rational Imperialism is quality education for the masses. School is mandatory from birth to adulthood, and the focus is put on philosophy, natural and human sciences, regardless of orientation choices.


    Economics being an uncertain discipline which scientificity isn't consensus settled, economical policies of Rational Imperialism can vary, especially depending on the current Emperor.


    Rational Imperialism has a very strong military, relying among other things on both transhumanist and robotic technologies. In the classical ancient Rome fashion, they have arenas in which they make compete the latest combat tactics and military innovations in fights for the honor of Rationalism. It works as another kind of debate for the progress of the army.


    Rational Imperialism is very self-confident, and extremely passionate about science, human progress and atheism. They will almost always attack religious ideologies on sight.

    Anytime they meet an opinion they don't agree with, they will go on a looong and fiery debate to prove them wrong. If they ever run out of arguments, they will not hesitate to use dishonest rethorics to either confuse their opponent into thinking they're wrong, or at least to have the last word and feel like they have won. It doesn't mean they won't change their mind, but Rational Imperialism would never admit it publically.

    Despite hating traditionalist ideologies, they have a guilty fascination of the combat ethic and fighting skills some have.

    How to Draw

    File:Rational Imperialism.png
    Flag of Rational Imperialism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it deep blue.
    3. Make a white atom symbol in the center. You can start by drawing two triangles crossing themselves.
    4. Put a white disk in its middle.
    5. Put six triangles pointing towards the outside at each extremities of the ovals.
    6. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Blue 28,33,102 #1C2166
    White 255,255;255 #FFFFFF



    • Enlightenment - I will carry your legacy, and expand it to new horizons!
    • State Atheism - The premise to my existence. I will make you proud, trust me!
    • New Atheism - A fierce debater ! I love discussing with them, even if we don't agree on everything.
    • Jacobinism - Victorious anti-clericalism, this is nice. But Maximilien, what's this "Cult of the Supreme Being" BS?
    • Futurism - I like your aesthetic and your fire.
    • Technocracy - You have good ideas. Let's debate together sometime!


    • Imperialism - I use your power for ideals that are much superior than your obsolete patriotism.
    • Stalinism - A narrow minded nationalist who won't expand his very based strong state atheism.
    • Laicism - You are way too soft.
    • Anarcho-Rationalism - I'll show you how the state can better serve us, trust me!


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