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    RationalWikism is a centre-libleft ideology that claims to be centrist left-wing (though a anti-capitalist tendency should be noted), that advocates a fundamentalist version of New Atheism united with the full countering on pseudoscience, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, Anarcho-Scientificism, Epistemological Anarchism and advocates Scientific Centrism as the main base of nowadays science. Prior to mid-2010s sjw wave, the wiki mostly focused on criticizing and debunking Conservapedia's articles

    RationalWikism also advocates neoliberalism should be the basis of society and all right-wing and far left-wing authors should be countered, and even more, rationalwikism usually advocates Horseshoe Centrism and so many other concepts related to centrism, even advocating Dead Centrism and Radical Centrism.

    RationalWikism is also completely against religion and spirituality, and seeks to counter any religious and spiritual ideas, and even metaphysical and extraphysical ideas, but, in other hand, it also seeks on countering some of the ideas of Transhumanism and Post-Humanism, showing how centrist RationalWikism actually is, attacking Spiritualism, Supernaturalism and Materialism at the same time without any clean position.

    RationalWikism, due to the excessive contradictions and abuses, such as the abuse of the term "pseudoscience" and other "pseudothing" concepts, is usually reffered as IrrationalWikism.

    How to draw

    File:RationalWiki logo.png
    Symbol of RationalWikism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a brain surrounded by double brackets.
    3. Add the eyes and you're done.




    • Dawkinsism - Good writings on atheism. Too bad you are very conservative and don't like the progressive left.
    • Scientific Deism - Even majority in my wiki being hardcore atheists, some still think you are fine.
    • State Liberalism - Great ideas but please drop the authoritarianism.
    • Techno-Agnosticism - I do not completely disagree with you... You are just scientific deism but technological.
    • Communalism - I wouldn't tell I am against you, but I am favorable to you.
    • Liberalism - I like you, but you are not that cool.
    • Anarcho-Communism - I need to pretend I support you to make my arguments against him valid but I couldn't care less in the end.


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