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    Rastafarian Theocracy

    Flag of Rastafarian Theocracy

    Rastafarian Theocracy is a theocracy based off Rastafarianism, a religion that developed in Jamaica during the 1930s. It is classified as both a new religious movement and a social movement by scholars of religion. There is no central authority in control of the movement and much diversity exists among practitioners, who are known as Rastafari, Rastafarians, or Rastas. Rasta beliefs are based on a specific interpretation of the Bible. Central is a monotheistic belief in a single God, referred to as Jah, who is deemed to partially reside within each individual.

    Rastas accord Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia between 1930 and 1974, key importance; many regard him as the Second Coming of Jesus and Jah incarnate, while others see him as a human prophet who fully recognised the inner divinity in every individual.

    Rastafarianism is considered Afrocentric and focuses on the African diaspora. It is very popular in Jamaica.


    Rastafarian Theocracy really loves weed.

    Stylistic Notes

    Rastafarian Theocracy often calls women in relationships Queens, or Empresses, while calling men in relationships Kingsmen.


    Within the Rastafarian movement, Rastafarian belief have never been influenced by a catechism or creed. Rastafarian Theocracy place great emphasis on the idea that personal experience & intuitive understanding should be used to determine the truth or validity of a particular belief or practice. No Rastafarian, has the authority to declare which beliefs and practices are orthodox and which are heterodox.

    Jah & Jesus of Nazareth

    Rastafarian Theocracy is monotheistic, worshipping a singular God whom they call Jah[1]. Rastafarian Theocracy says that Jah is inherent within each individual;[2] & Rastafarians speak of "knowing" Jah, rather than just/ "believing" in him.

    Jesus is an important figure in Rastafarian Theology due to the fact that Jesus is the first messiah but, Rastafarians reject the traditional Christian view of Jesus, particularly the depiction of him as white, believing that this is a perversion of the truth. They believe that Jesus was a black African, & that the white Jesus was Satan.

    Rastafarian Theocracy believes that most other forms of Christdom are the creation of the white man. Rastafarians believe that whites & blacks don't worship god but rather worship satan (White Jesus).

    Haile Selassie



    Rastafarian Theocracy is very Afrocentric due to the fact that Rastafarian Theocracy is focused on black consciousness, with rediscovering the identity of black people (Though there have been problems with Rastafarian Theocracy's Afrocentrism[3]). Rastafarian Theocracy also supports Pan-Africanism.

    Rastafarian Theocracy believe that black Africans are God's chosen people, meaning that they made a covenant with him and thus have a special responsibility & due to this Rastafarian Theocracy wants the true identity of black Africans to be reclaimed.


    Rastafarian Theocracy claims that black Africans are exiles currently living in "Babylon[4]". For Rastafarians Colonialism & Globalism are manifestations of "Babylon", & that police and soldiers are agents of "Babylon".

    Rastafarian Theocracy views "Babylon" as being responsible for both the Atlantic slave trade which enslaved & displaced many Africans from Africa & the current ongoing poverty which plagues Africa. Rastafarian Theocracy uses Biblical scripture to explain the Atlantic slave trade, believing that the enslavement, exile, and exploitation of black Africans was punishment for failing to live up to their status as Gods's chosen people.

    Rastafarian Theocracy seek to destroy Babylon, something often conveyed in the Rasta aphorism "Chant down Babylon". Rastafarians often expect the white-dominated society to dismiss their beliefs as false, and when this happens they see it as confirmation of the correctness of their faith.


    "Zion[5]" is an ideal to which Rastafarians aspire to be. Rastas use "Zion" either to represent Ethiopia specifically or Africa, the latter having an almost mythological identity in Rastafarian discourse. Many Rastafarians use the term "Ethiopia" as a synonym for "Africa"; thus, Rastafarians in Ghana describe themselves as already living within "Ethiopia", & other Rastafarians apply the term "Zion" to Jamaica or, use it to describe a state of mind.

    Rastafarian Theocracy portray Africa as their version of the "Promised Land", Rastafarians reflect their desire to escape what they view as the domination and degradation that they experienced in Babylon.

    By the movement's fourth decade, the desire for physical repatriation to Africa had declined among Rastas[6], rather many Rastafarians saw the idea of returning to Africa in a metaphorical sense, entailing the restoration of their pride and self-confidence as people of black African people but, nevertheless many Rastafarians continue to emphasise the need for physical resettlement of the African diaspora in Africa.



    Biblical Patriarchy

    Rastafarian Theocracy promotes the restoration of black manhood, believing that men in the African have been emasculated by Babylonians. Rastafarian Theocracy also espouses patriarchal veiws & principles such as believeing that all women should submit to men. Rastafarian Theocracy also claims that women are morally Inferior & more suscepitable to immorality.

    Rastafarian Theocracy also dislikes monogamy, believing that married rastafarian men should be allowed to have multiple female sex partners while women are only allowed to have 1 husband.

    Black Conservatism

    Rastafarian Theocracy has many conservative views such as placing great importance on the familiy unit & the raising of children; Though there are a few differences such as the fact that the man stays, and rasies the child while women are the bread winners[7]. Rastafarian Theocracy also hates abortion believing it to be inventions of Babylon.


    Rastafarian Theocracts & followers typically dislike the USA due to the fact that USA allows birth control & homosexuality to be unbanned which Rastafarians believe that it is due to the degeneration of Babylon as it approaches its apocalyptic end.






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    • American Model - Supporter of Homosexuality and Birth Control? How dare You!

    Further Information


    Religionball Wiki


    1. The term "Jah" is a shortened version of "Jehovah", the name of God in English translations of the Old Testament
    2. This belief is reflected in the aphorism, often cited by Rastafarians, that "God is man and man is God"
    3. Rastafarian Theocracy's early years had tones of Black Supremacy most Rastafarians believed that blacks were superior to other racial groups, however many Rastafarians are not Racial Nationalists
    4. a term which it applies to Western society.
    5. As with "Babylon", this term comes from the Bible, where it refers to an idealised Jerusalem.
    6. A change influenced by observation of the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia.
    7. Women are still forced to dress properly while they are working meaning they don't show there hair & they don't wear trousers

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