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    Rapture Individualism, is an ideology from the Bioshock game series, greatly inspired by Ayn Rand's Objectivism. It's a libertarian economically far-right ideology that utilises incognitivism.



    Creator Andrew Ryan was in favor of Laissez-Faire capitalism, or so he named it, in reality to keep status incognito he banned possession of all surface items, but they was exchanged on black market regardless, later he banned highly addictive substance called ADAM, admitting that this act is against his beliefs, but too vital.

    Charity was banned, one of the richest people in Rapture, Sofia Lamb, who didn't agree with Ryan's philosophy intentionally losed poker matches to share her wealth with people in need. It makes economy closer to Economical Darwinism.

    Overall Ryan didn't make any attempts to fight poor and unemployment until others started to use it, aiming to take controll over the city.


    "...The only people who face capital punishment in Rapture are smugglers. And that's because they put everything we've worked for at risk. Imagine if the Soviets found out about our wonderful city, or even the U.S. government. Our secrecy is our shield."

    Since the beginning Ryan kept everything in secret, spending a lot of money to make materials transportation unnoticeable. Leaving the city was forbidden.


    Not technological, but biological. Briefly mentioned above ADAM with combination of other substance Plasmid, allowed people to change their bodies without any limits, however organism treated those changes like a cancer desease trying to cure body, to prevent it one was need to consume ADAM from time to time, that's where addiction comes from.


    Churches, holy books, religion symbols were fobidden. Some of the people, like Sofia Lamb considered his believes in The Great Chain (which is in fact - invisibile hand of the market) to be a religion. Andrew Ryan considered faith as an obstacle to the self interest of any person, but let people to believe in whatever they want to believe in private.






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