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    Random Shit by Inexistent-User

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    Gaian Boogaloo

    Sometime around the 2020s, a reality-bending experiment by the US Government ended up disrupting balance in the universe. This phenomenon (commonly known as the Great Altering) caused a spike of chaos levels, which was miraculously limited to events on Earth, especially Humanity. However as the 22nd century approaches, the chaos does not seem to be stagnating anytime soon.

    Cball-USA.png The Disunited States of America

    As the United States was the original site of the Great Altering, it of course was affected first. A failure to adapt to the new spontaneous conditions and general incompetency of the central government would lead to the Second American Civil War. By 2034, the United States Government would completely collapse. Currently, the former land of the free and home of the brave is not uniting and standing, and is divided into the 4 separate countries listed below.

    Statlib.png The Order State of Columbia

    The Order State of Columbia is the largest nation occupying the former United States, stretching from Kansas to New England, the latter which was recently won back from Canada after a brutal war. The nation self-proclaim itself to be the true successor of the former United States of America and constantly warmongers against its neighbors for former American land, maybe even a bit more. This is motivated by the so-called WestChauv.png Neo-Manifest Destiny, which states that any act of war is justified if it is to spread democracy and the American spirit. However despite the principle, the country is actually ruled by a one-party state under Statlib.png The New Democrat Party. Also to be noted is that Columbia is slowly collapsing from within, due to its aggressive foreign policy and its stagnating economy. The fate of the Order State is uncertain.

    • Capital: Washington D.C.
    • Government: Unitary one-party presidential republic under a totalitarian dictatorship
    • Fun Fact: In 2070, the OSC created several districts in an attempt to proclaim federalism. In reality, the districts are closer to puppet states than actual local governments.
    • Statlib.png New Democrat Party Political Position: Centre?


    Other Notable Figures

    • Bidenism.png Joseph R. Biden - The last U.S. President before the American Emergency Council was set up by congress to address the Great Altering. Died in the warlord era; lives on through state worship.
    • PolState.png Logan Campbell - Chief of Columbian State Security, known for brutality. Is currently hunting down Elon Musk.
    • Reform.png Arthur Kent - Politician that seeks to modify the principles of the New Democrat Party while keeping its core principles to save the country, similar to Albert Speer in TNO. Hated by the rest of the party, but is cherished by the masses.
    • WestChauv.png Frank Stone - Main thinker behind Neo-Manifest Destiny.
    • Corp.png Eli Garcia - CEO of Garcia Industries, one of the largest corps in Colombia. He is a staunch Kentite and SFIL supporter.
    • Kanye.png Kanye West/Ye - Rules the Order State of Great Lakes comfortably from his Chicago home while crushing everyone else not in the party under an Orwellian boot. Is considering to change his name to Yitler.
    • ElonMusk.png Elon Musk - Once was a tech billionaire and transhumanist icon, now is being actively hunted by the CSS for expressing his conservative views. Created multiple clones of himself to throw them off; Most likely is hiding on Mars.
      • Avar.png Elon Musket - Musk's insane clone given too many bodily enhancements, literally born to kill. Took almost an entire day for Columbian Armed Forces to exterminate him.
      • IslamCap.png Elon Mosque - Musk's religious clone which practices Islam. Currently is being held in a classified prison.
      • Capital-Nihilism Icon.png Elon Dusk - Musk's edgy, nihilistic clone. Was shot to death for being too angsty and annoying.
      • Hmind.png Elon Musquito - A hundred identical Elon Musk clones found in a warehouse, all seem to be sharing the same mentality of biting enemies to death. Were shot on sight.
      • Tribal.png Elon Tusk - Musk's clone which behaves similarly to a neanderthal, which proclaims to be part of a tribe of Elon Tusks. Escaped from capture; Current whereabouts are unknown.


    Paleosocialism Fixed.png Socialist Republic of Dixie

    The Socialist Republic of Dixie was the second faction to bear arms in the Second American Civil War, just a few months after the rise of New Asiana. The origins of the SRD are traced to the various communist and socialist parties of the US when they weirdly (suspected to be an effect of the Great Altering) decided to merge into one, which became the NatML.png Worker’s Party of Dixie (thought it initially was America instead of Dixie). With the Treaty of New York signed in 2035, the party/faction was given authority over much of the former American South. It initially started off as culturally left, but the cultural/social axis would tilt right over the decades. This phenomenon is due to the country’s location, and Hazbol.png Haz Al-Ghul’s 3-decade rule, whose effects can still be felt today.



    Other Notable Figures

    • Trump.png Donald Trump - Rebranded himself as a socialist after the establishment of the SRD, despite changing none of his views whatsoever. Still influential on SRD politics to this day.
    • Fuente.png Nick Fuentes - Same as Trump.
    • TuckerCarlson.png Tucker Carlson - Same as Fuentes.
    • Cooperative Socialism.png Luke Groundwalker - Founder of the Dixie Socialist League, the main opposition to the Worker's Party of Dixie. Was largely influenced by the South Floridan Separatist League.
    • Agsoc.png Theodore John Kaczynski - Former domestic terrorist turned Anti-Transhumanist/Agrarian politician. One of the main reasons why bioconservatism is still around in Dixie, and the rest of the world in general.
    • Libsoc.png Tucker Hayes - Assassinated Haz Al-Ghul, bringing an end to his 30-year reign. Was executed via electric chair, which was merciful compared to what Haz’s modern supporters wants his death to have been like.
    • AlexLibra.png Alexandria Libra - Inciter of the Revolution of 2068, which was a resistance against Haz Al-Ghul. The rebellion was put down by Haz's regime and Libra ended up executed. But rumor has it that Libra's legacy still lives on underground...
    • Tankie.png Louis Alaois - Commissioner of the Task Force that took down Libra shortly after the bombing of Dallas. Still disappointed to this day that he was not the one who pulled the trigger on her.
    • Liberalsoc.png Tony Glencoe - Founded the South Floridan Independence League in 2042 as a response to Samuel Stewart’s brutal suppression of protesters in Miami, also fighting alongside Libra against Haz Al-Ghul. Despite Glencoe himself dying in the Flamingo Base Air Strike, the separatists continue to wage guerrilla warfare against the WPD to this day.
    • 3way.png Luis Gonzalez - Current leader of the SFIL who took power after Glencoe’s death.
    • Nujack.png Lucy Glencoe - Tony Glencoe’s daughter and the SFIL’s second-in-command.


    PanAsian.png New Asiana

    In 2027, the Coronavirus underwent rapid mutations as a result of the Great Altering. This would further destabilize the United States, which would waste millions of tax dollars to make vaccine after vaccine. As a result, Anti-Asian prejudice would skyrocket as a result due to the viruses’ origin in China. Racial tensions would build up over a period of three years, but the volcano would erupt in 2030 when the American Emergency Council passed the Yellow Fellow Laws (think of the Jim Crow/Segregation Laws applied to Asians) in an attempt to curb the racism. The Asian population of Western America would begin insurrection, and thus, PanAsian.png New Asiana was born. New Asiana would become notorious for its Apartheid-like system, the Asian minority having total dominance and miscegenation being punishable by death.

    Abmon.png Kingdom of Idaho

    Cball-EU.png The European Federation


    • Rock.png Rocksism - I love this.
    • Glencoe-Add me to this as the founder of a Separatist movement in Dixie called the South Floridian Independence League(Comprising Liberal Socialists(which is the leading and main faction),Christian State Capitalists, Liberal-libertarians,technocrats,Corporcats,and Soclibs) which is waging a guerrilla war in the everglades with Marco Island as there main stronghold after Key West got overrun in 2059(Revolt has been going on since the Miami Incident in 2042).I died when the Flamingo base got hit by a air strike.
      • Aight.
    • what is new Asiana? Is that a chinese mandate state?
      • More like an Asian New Afrika
    • Glencoe- some other Notable people in the SFIL are Luis Gonzalez(my best friend are current leader of the league), Eli Garcia (founder and CEO of Garcia industries who secretly funds the SFIL, and most likely to become leader if the SFIL wins), and Lucy Glencoe(my daughter and 2nd in command of the League,also way more extreme than me).Also the League is know to have received funding from Columbia.
    • Glencoe- Made a page that goes into the SFIL lore more:https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/Glencoe13_s_Random_Idea_page#The_Council
    • Glencoe- 2 things 1. whats the current year? and 2.what year did the great altering happen? and what were its affects?
      • 1.) 2090
      • 2.) The exact date is unknown, but research shows it happened sometime around 2025-2026. It mostly effected biology and psychology.
        • What were some exact changes?
          • Creation of human subspecies in Europe, increased people’s lifespans while decreased others, and changed personalities/mindset of certain people. Non-human animals were also affected; an equivalent of godzilla exists in East Asia now
            • What is the Current Life span now?
              • World Average is about 80. The Great Altering made it so that some people can randomly live up to 200 while some people only get as little as 20 years. Transhumanism has helped curb that problem a bit.
                • Damn, yeah Lucy Glencoe got basically all the cybernetic enhacments from Cyberpunk 2077 and i mean all she has slaughtered entire dixe regiments on her own.
                  • Real

    Glencoe.png Glencoe- thoughts on mine? Link:https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/Glencoe13_s_Random_Idea_page also the UK invasion of the USSA(2029) is part of the future of the ideal timeline

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