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    Radical Systemism is a cyberpunk and highly libertine ideology. He is Systemism taken to the extreme.





    • Abortionism: Treader!
    • National Socialism: Racist! Bigot!
    • Authoritarian Traditionalism: Grandeur Bigot!
    • Classical Conservatism: Grandeur Bigot!
    • National Bolshevism: Grandeur Bigot!
    • Bidenism: Fraud drools!! GET OUT OF THE FAKE WH INAUGURATION YOU DO NOTHING DEMOCRAT!! You're the demented man!
    • literally the entire authoritarian half of the compass: Grandeur Bigots!
    • Ethnowelfarism : Such darn ol' racist! Did you support Jim Crow? YES YOU DID you Bolshevik!


    He likes to go to the parties with Pink Capitalism. He also battles against Adultism in trying to ensure children's freedoms. He often gets into arguments with the authoritarian right balls, including his social arch-enemy Authoritarian Traditionalism. He often encounters National Traditionalism. He is a libertine and is perverted (according to his more moderate LibRightists and the authright), even according to his more moderate father Systemism. RadSys had called his father a bigot for many things. He has a track record of minor tax evasion. He loves to play Cyberpunk 2077, but only when he is in private so that the traditionalists don't rant at him and attack him.


    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw a blue background. (#226edf)
    3. Draw 4 torches in each of the corners. (fire=#ffe12f, stick=#b97a56)
    4. Draw a dark grey rectangle in the middle of the ball. (border=#121212, internal=#3e3e3e)
    5. Draw a big X in the middle of the rectangle. (#121212)
    6. Draw the word "Liberty" on both sides of the X, one word per side (#121212). Same font as the X.
    7. Draw the eyes.

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