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    Radical Metbolism, Also known as National Metbolism, is a form of METBOL.png Metbolism that is taken to the extreme, like National Traditionalism.png National Traditionalism. He hates homosexuals to the point that they should all die and that cisheterosexuals will rule. He is a verified Nationaltraditionalismus ideology and a hater of bodily autonomy.


    These positions are just a more radical form of Metbolism's positions.

    Sex and Bodily Autonomy

    Radical Metbolism believes that drugs, prostitution, open sex, free-sex lifestyles, masturbation, plastic surgery, gender transitioning, deviant lifestyles, and pornography should be banned. He believes that all people who are not straight must wear a yellow identification marker that clearly mentions what undesirable quality he has, like being LGBT or being a sexaholic.


    Radical Metbolism is extremely hostile toward any form of pride marches or non-conformant lifestyles. He wants all homosexuals to be required to wear special identification marks that state that they are of a deviant lifestyle. He is in favor of exterminating all homosexuals to establish a Reich with no deviance.


    Radical Metbolism is very homophobic and will often kick people he hates. He will often call Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA "diabolic propaganda". He often tries to be a leader when the progressives and "degenerates" band together to fight against traditionalists. He is very hostile toward perceived threats, such as what he calls "diabolic" and "degenerate". He can talk with a very strong German accent, like his National Traditionalism.png father and Nazi.png grandfather.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Radical Metbolism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a white Nordic cross.
    3. Draw a thick red (#DE0000) line cross-section going up and though the Nordic cross.
    4. The square that is composed of the intersection of the two red lines should be colored white.
    5. Fill the top-left and the bottom-right quadrant blue (#110F5F).
    6. Fill the top-right and the bottom-left quadrant dark gray (#171717).
    7. Draw a red (#DE0000) heraldic cat on the top-left quadrant.

    Add the eyes.




    • METBOL.png Metbolism - I love his idea of an end goal, but is just shutting down marches a bit too frail?!
    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Finally, someone who knows that equality is degenerate. All you do is kill Jews anyway. Sieg heil
    • Rebelism.png Rebelism - Really abhors alternative lifestyles radical degenerates, but is afraid to kill anyone who practices them.
    • United Russia.png Putinism - We need to crush homosexuality. But you're so scared of force!
    • CMETBOL.png Clerical Metbolism - Probably the most based thing ever, just take the homosexual question a bit more seriously.
    • Evil-METBOL.png Evil-Metbolism - Gassing gays; based. Satanism; not so much.


    • Narco-Progressivism.png Narco-Progressivism - Degenerate hippie. You are the problem!
    • Homocon.png Homoconservatism - Fake cultural rightist who is a degenerate. So just be a supertrad for once!
    • Ingqueer.png LGBT Orwellianism - Nightmare fuel.
    • SJW icon.png Left-Wing SJW - All you do is build up and glorify deviance.
    • PCB-Abort.png Abortionism - Murderer.
    • Systemism.png Systemism - Such a blockhead who is too inclusive of diverse lifestyles filthy degeneracy!
    • Cybpunk.png Cyberpunk 2077ism - People are going wild over this game that is just diabolic propaganda from the progressives. All you are is just a degenerate!
    • METBOLETTE.png Metboletteism - DEGENERATE SISTER! You adore traditional values, but why must you allow transfaggotry! I know you'll never take it far enough to kill the gays anyways!
    • PCB-Airisu.png Kirakween.png The rest of the degenerate rabble-rousers. Gabduff-icon.png Probably.

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