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    Radical Marxism/Anti-Radical Marxism

    Anti-Radical Marxism is the opposite of Pioneer Communism.



    He believes in completely unregulated capitalism because it makes workers' lives more miserable than more free. There will be no welfare of any kind. However, any form of workers' cooperative is not allowed, because it makes the workers better off. By the way, people can also be property, such as those who are considered inferior, if he thinks that they can be regarded as property, then they really become slaves, and as a property has no right to life.


    He supported Totalitarianism and the idea that one person must have all the power in the country, and that others in the government could only make suggestions, although leaders generally did not listen. As in ancient monarchies, the leader must come from the same family. Because the leader's family was sent by God to kill other nation's peoples. There will be no freedom or privacy, the mind is completely controlled. Everywhere you walk, you see a group of men who call themselves the guards of God.


    He thinks homosexuality is a terrible sin and should be killed. Men are inherently superior to women, so men should rule over women. Men and women have their own gender roles, and anyone who acts out of step with them is considered gay. Any ancient culture is good, and only ours are good. He also supported Theocracy.


    In his eyes, our nation is the most superior, because it is the nation that God originally created, and other nations are our toys, and God is afraid that we are too bored, so he created other nations for us to kill. He supports Israel and he also supports Hamas because he thinks Arabs and Jews are an inferior people and he likes to watch them slaughter each other. He doesn't want anyone to win, it's better to bomb Israel into a no man's land and then our nation will rule.


    He opposes modern technologies because they are materialistic inventions, and we only need the technological level of an agrarian society to maintain domination. Still, he rejects the concept of environmentalism because nature has nothing to protect, the destruction of humanity has nothing to do with him, and climate change is a concept invented by modernists who want us to be progressive.


    He hates human liberation, and although he has no respect for anyone's individuality, he will demand that everyone serve his own interests instead of advocating collectivist mutual aid. It is reasonable for the weak to serve the strong. He said there must be a god in the world, otherwise how could he deceive the people into invading and massacring other nations? He often ridiculed Materialists because he felt that the whole world had been created by God and that true knowledge could only be obtained through faith. The material world is an illusion, the real world is in God. He believes that God has assigned roles to everyone, such as men are to rule women, women are to serve men, our nation is to kill other nations, and so on.



    • Himself - I'm so based!

    People in Our Great Nation

    Useful Tools

    • Bibism - A useful k*ke. Kill more P*lestinian.

    Maybe an Enemy




    • Enlightenment Thought - The Enlightenment led to reason. Reason led to the idea of liberty, equality and progress. Liberty led to chaos. Equality led to weakness. Progress led to degeneration. THE ENLIGHTENMENT IS A JEWISH CONSPIRACY!
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