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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Radical BLMism is an Authoritarian, Culturally and Economically Far-Left, Racial Nationalist and Globalist ideology which is pretty much a more extreme version of Black Lives Matter.

    It sees all other races as sub-humans that have been oppressing the black race for all of history. This is the reason why Europe reached the industrial age before Africa, they stole the ideas from the africans. This conspiratorial view of history is woven into the ideology and is therefore a central part of it. It wants to make all the other races pay for what they did to the black race and make the black race the leaders of the world.

    The ideology supports a Communo-Racial revolution where all the old traditions and institutions are removed since they were, according to the ideology, created to oppress the black man. Instead a new state is to be built with a new, black culture and where all the money is shared between the people of the black race.

    The ideology is also officially lead by black people who have died due to "white supremacy", for example George Floyd. The leaders of the state is ruling the country on behalf these "martyrs". This system is very similar to the one used in North Korea where the nation is lead by a former, dead leader.

    A world revolution is also something which the ideology supports. It wants all the oppressed black people of the world to throw off their chains and become the masters.



    • Black Nationalism - The black man has suffered enough!
    • Maoism - Cultural revolution and communism? Based! Too bad you were "yellow-washed" by those racist chinese who you were trying to save
    • Ethnocracy - Yes, we should rule the world.
    • George Floydism - Oh great George Floyd, we will rule the state in your name.
    • Necrocracy - It's the right thing to do. They've died for the cause.
    • White Guilt - Yeah, you should be ashamed.




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