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    Radical Abortionism is an ideology that is an extreme form of Abortionism. It supports full term abortion for any or no reason, sex for the sole purpose of abortion, infanticide/pedocide for children up to 18 years, and, in extreme cases, believing the sole purpose of children is nutritional value. It is a form of radical feminism that implies that minors are not humans and thus can be killed and harvested unless their brains have developed to maturity. It is culturally off-compass left, economically variable (but typically left as well) and civically libertarian. Radical Abortionism is not as old as the concept of infanticide itself; that dates back thousands of years ago to the time of the pagan religions of the time, such as Molech. So Radical Abortionism is not sacrificial infanticide; it is medical infanticide or infanticide in the name of abortion and women's rights.

    Personality & Behavior

    Radical Abortionism is obsessed with abortion and killing babies; he probably has a landfill full of fetuses.

    When around pregnant women or a mother with a child, she will most likely tell them that they should kill their kid, and try to convince them to do so.

    When she gets her hands on a fetus, she may begin rubbing it around his face and body creepishly, almost religiously, and may eat it too. After all, according to her, food is food.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a dark red background (#2E0D0D).
    2. Draw an icon of a baby (#0F0F0F).
    3. Draw a big X over it (#6A1919).
    4. Add the eyes and you are done!




    • Feminism - What if the born baby you are killing is a girl!?
    • Abortionism - Killing it is murder once it leaves the womb. What you think, not what I think.
    • Anti-Humanism - We both like abortions, for different reasons
    • Schumacherianism - One of my only unironic followers! What do you mean it's murder if the child is cognitively sentient? What is rationalism!?


    • Ingsoc - Don't tell me who I can't kill.
    • National Socialism - Banned Abortion in 1942! Fuck you!
    • Conservatism - Life is worthless!
    • Jeunism - NO. NO. NO. YOU DIE NOW!
    • Anti-Japaneseism - The Japanese were our biggest supporter at one point!
    • Celfloskyism - What? Spay me? You're Sexist! Listen, Aborition is a right, but you want to limit it, and you hate my friend-TERF, aren't you a Sexist? Then, children always make trouble, so don't we have to eliminate them and eat them to vent?
    • Traditionalism — Oh, just shut up! I hate your crying about children.
    • Reactionaryism — Cringe.


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