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    Racism is the belief that being discriminatory based on race, is useful for the human race and the world.


    Anti-Black Racism

    Anti-White Racism

    Anti-Jewish Racism

    See   Anti-Semitism

    Anti-Native Racism

    Anti-Asian Racism

    See   Sinophobia

      Anti-Eremite Racism

    Many scholars in Sumeru harbor negative sentiments against Eremites seeing them as money-grubbing mercenaries or as untrustworthy and less than those of the scholars of Sumeru. The   Akasha System even discriminates against Eremites giving them less access to knowledge than even the foreigners in Sumeru.   Azar's reign has made the lives of Eremites even worse leaving the Eremites in the desert to survive on their own and using the Wall of Samiel as a way to implement apartheid against the Eremites in Sumeru. After   Lesser Lord Kusanali took power, Lesser Lord Kusanali is planning to take better care of the Eremites of the desert and to reverse discriminatory policies by Azar.


    In Fontaine when Neuvillette introduced melusines into Fontaine as part of the reforms of Fontaine against the Old Regime, many melusines early on faced discrimination from humans. Most of the hate against melusines stem from either the belief that melusines came from calamity and as such bring disaster or due to being against Neuvillette in general causing melusinphobia to be convoluted with Fontainian   Right-wing populism or old regime sympathizers. This has been further exacerbated with melusines often serving respectable government positions in Fontaine after Neuvillette came to power. This eventually lead to old regime supporters plotting a murder and blaming the melusines as a way to oppose Neuvillette and the melusines which lead to a   riot causing Carole to sacrifice herself in order to pacify the mob. The Gardes then put more restrictions on information and Valutrin decided to take matters into his own hands by killing the old regime supporters behind the murder. However over time this ideology mostly died out due to the population getting used to melusines as a daily part of life. In fact melusinphobia is so frowned upon these days that Fontainians are willing to hunt down anyone who decides to hurt a melusine.

    How To Draw

    1. Make sure you can actually read this first, you stupid n****r.
    2. Draw a ball, half white and half black, r*dskin savage.
    3. Draw a white figure on the black side, dumbass cr*cker.
    4. Draw a black figure on the white side.
    5. Add the eyes.

    You're done!


    He loves saying racial slurs.




    •   Zionism - I like it when you bomb Arabs but a part of me hates you.
    •   SJW - You claim to hate me, but many of you are racist towards wh*te "people".
    •   Auto-Racism   - Uh... Based?
    •   White Guilt - You're like the guy above but a bit softer. Also, why don't you embrace me? You clearly don't like whites.
    •   Fontaine Kritarchy - You used to be based very based until Neuvillette ruined everything!


    •   Anti-Racism - Stop pretending your above racism
    •   Multiculturalism - I won't mix with those inferior races you [REDACTED]. Don't let anyone know I am half black and half white.
    •   MLKism - Your civil rights movement made the US government take away their racial segregation laws! Fuck you, Ni**er!
    • Bagism - GET OUT YOUR BAG!
    • Movetism - You aren't scary.


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