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    Rabbitism is a broad umbrella term for politics related to benefitting rabbits in some way or another. This can range from promotion of rabbits as pets, to mandatory rabbit ownership, to worship of rabbits and even rabbitocracy (rule of rabbits).


    In folklore

    It is also commonly depicted across many cultures as a symbol of fertility, innocence, peace, or luck, and oftentimes an interesting combination of them. Buddhist, Christian, and Judaist traditions all have associations with an ancient circular motif called the three rabbits (or "three hares"). Its meaning ranges from "peace and tranquility", to purity, the Holy Trinity, Kabbalistic levels of the soul, and the Jewish diaspora. The tripartite symbol also appears in heraldry and even tattoos.

    The rabbit is commonly depicted in folklore of various cultures as a trickster archetype of some sort, using its cunning to outwit its enemies. This can be seen, for example, in the traditional cultures of Central Africa (the Kalulu), many indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes region (Nanabozho, a shapeshifting spirit who most often appears in a rabbit form, also a co-creator of the world), and the United States (Bugs Bunny). In east Asian folklore, rabbits are storied as living on the moon, often making food of some kind (e.g. mochi, tteok). In Chinese folklore particularly, not only is the Jade Rabbit storied as living on the moon to accompany the goddess Chang'e, but the rabbit is also one of the 12 celestial animals in the Chinese zodiac.

    The rabbit is also commonly known across the western world as the symbolic animal of Easter, a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. During Easter, the Easter Bunny is storied as carrying colored eggs, candy, and sometimes in its basket, to the homes of children.

    Modern pet

    While the hunting and farming of rabbits as a food source for humans has happened since at least the 1st century BCE in ancient Rome, the emergence of the rabbit as a pet animal began in roughly the 19th century, in Victorian Britain, during a period of animal fancy in British high culture. Domestic rabbits have been popular in the United States since the late 19th century. What became known as the "Belgian Hare Boom" began with the importation of the first Belgian Hares from England in 1888 and, soon after, the founding of the American Belgian Hare Association, the first rabbit club in America.

    The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) was founded in 1910 and is the national authority on rabbit raising and rabbit breeds having a uniform Standard of Perfection, registration and judging system. The domestic rabbit continues to be popular as a show animal and pet. Today, the rabbit is the third most popular mammalian domesticated pet in the world, after dogs and cats.


    Rabbitism has the personality of a typical rabbit. They are rather shy and docile, and instinctively very easily frightened into running away at lightning speed, but can grow to be fond of humans if given enough time to build trust. They are very quiet, even more so than cats, and rarely make noise, unless they are very happy, in which case they may honk their nose; frustrated, in which case they may stomp; or frightened out of their mind, in which case they may give a screeching scream. They are (for good reason) scared of cats and dogs, and will run and hide from them. They are rather curious and like to explore their environment. They are effectively vegan and, unlike cats, dogs, and humans, will only eat hay, grass, leafy greens, and other plant-based foods. Despite their shyness, they are a social creature at heart, enjoying the company of other rabbits, though sometimes a little too much.


    Friends (honk honk...)

    Frenemies (sniff sniff...)

    • Catism - Fellow beloved pet animal, but can you please stop trying to eat me?

    Enemies (STOMP!)

    Further Information



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