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    This has now become a page where i go to to spout my ideals when i took sum good homegrown weed bruh

    Part 1

    Political spectrum

    Left–right political spectrum

    Now here i have some sort of theory and/or philosophy for ya.

    I think that the thought of what left-wing and right-wing policies are are distorted in today's society. I think people focus to much on the racial stuff, even though left-right spectrum is way bigger than just race. Is basically like Equality-Hierarchy.

    And some parties that a lot of people call "left" seem pretty right-wing to me sometimes. Like that they want inequality in some parts, but only equality in the racial, gender (and some other stuff) part.

    But if you ask me, true equality can only be achieved with absolute freedom. So, any form of authority is just right-wing to me. Thus i do tend to call some communists, though mostly socialists right-wingers sometimes. Because i do not get the same EQUAL rights of freedom.

    So yeah, i basically think Post-Left is actually left-wing and the rest is like Right-Wing or whatever.


    And i do think that anyone who's being a right-winger to me, should be killed. Because i fockin hate you 😡👉. Anyone who doesn't respect my freedom, doesn't deserve the respect from me either. And i wanna see you in pain, cause that is a huge insult to me.

    Part 2

    Hey, i'm high again! LET'S GO!



    Uh yeah, this time i wanna write about murder. Yeah, i think murder is alright tbh. Like maybe i'm a psychopath so my morals are diffirent than "normies", but it's not like i think all murder is good. Like i have my own morals, senseless murder just seems stupid; I think you should have a good reason for it.

    For example:

    • Someone stole something from you that you really like or that you need. I'd say make 'm hurt, make them regret stealing from you or just straight up kill 'm so they'd never steel again ey.
    • Someone hurt you or someone you loved. Bet you don't want that happening. Beat em up man, hit 'm till e's all blue.
    • Someone abused you, used you, told you what to do, manipulated you, insulted you... now i'd say that seems unpleasantly not based, and dare i say right-wing too. I think that's a hard hit to my ego and i will destroy you.

    "There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong"

    So, if anyone troubled you in your life. I'd say get to the root of the problem and BREAK THEM rather soon than later! Honestly revenge should be something that's personally pursued.

    Part 3

    I kinda don't feel like it today, but i will write about it anyway


    I've been fealing really schizoid today so i thought i'd just make this... but really i just wish i wouldn't have to think about this or just the outside world at all. I would much rather just think about myself tbh.

    (I'm not diagnosed, but i just really think i'm schizoid.)


    Anyway, i'll make this short. I just think that people should just leave me alone. I wanna do my thing and i want no one to talk to me or ask anything of me, because i don't want to reply. Of course, people should just say whatever they want, but don't expect anything back from me.

    I should just do whatever i want. And people shouldn't try to interact with me. Like i should get wood to make like a fire or something. But where i live it's illegal to chop wood in the forests. I think the government should leave me alone, pro-forest people should leave me alone, anti-fire people should leave me alone. If i want to make a wood-fire, no one should interfere me. Don't make your personal problems my problems, i want nothing to do with you. Honestly, just let me do whatever i want! Is that too much to ask?!!!??

    Also people should just take care of theirselves and not even bother with others. Let them do their thing and you do your thing. Keep yourself seperated from others. If you take care of yourself, you don't even have to bother with other people. You're like set for life man; Isn't that chill?

    Part 4

    Eyo let's talk sum guns bruh

    Bear Arms

    Now, i am a person who'd do whatever i wanna do. Even if it breaks some rules. Cause it's just like they say: "rules are meant to be broken". But the problem is: when you break someone's rules you might really upset that someone (or even a lot of someones); They would probably become hostile towards you.

    And that's why you should have a gun or like some other weapon. Cause if someone becomes your enemy you should be able to defend yourself and end that person's life. That way you can do whatever you want and shoot all the people who are in your way.

    But where i live it's a bit difficult to get a pistol like a cop-man has. So, it's gonna be a lil hard breaking the law/rules and vending off cops without a gun.

    So, that's why i'm a strong supporter for Deterrence Dispensed!

    Deterrence Dispensed

    Well, it all started with the great video of my hero JStark. I saw him talk about the shitty laws and this dumb distopia we live and it really spoke to me. Having a weapon has been essential for hunderds- no thousands of years from pre-historic times to medievel times. That is because weapons are powerful tools! And the government wouldn't want a mere citizen to have power in their hands, that would mean they have less control.

    So a good way to acquire a gun without the government knowing is by printing one. At the Deterrence Dispensed group they help people get weapons by making it themselves.

    That way, when you have a FGC-9 you can break the rules and stand on equal combat grounds with a cop. It'll be a lot harder for the government to control you then.

    So, start printing yourself a gun bruh! at Deterrence Dispensed 😉

    "Live Free or Fucking Die" - JStark

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with teal.
    3. Put sum patches on. (Do it however you want; I did it like the character Bluebird from Steven Universe)
      1. First up you use grey.
      2. And then you put sum blobs o' black within the grey.
    4. Then you put a anarchist eyepatch on. (Again do it wherever you want it; I did it like Bluebird)
    5. And the other eye is like Nihilism and pink because weeeeeed
    6. Lastly make a tear o' glass
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Teal #008080 0, 128, 128
    Grey #3d3d3d 61, 61, 61
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Pink #FFC1D6 255, 193, 214
    Glass #99d9ea 153, 217, 234

    Lmao those last three colours look like the trans flag. Based


    I don't really have any relations (as i am schizoid), let alone political ones... but there are sum i guess.


    • My mom - She's cool. Little too pacifist for me, but she's quite liberal and cares for nature.


    Just people i like i guess.

    • Egoism - Yeah, you're pretty cool guy. You're memes taught me what spooky is and that i should do whatever i want.
    • Gun Rights Advocacy - Yes, you're based. I should have the right to have a gun. Thanks for the files!
    • Soulism - Weed is great and fuck work honestly.
    • Revengism - "Revenge is a dish best served cold"


    • Classical Liberalism - I like that you strive for freedom with the current system, but what about absolute freedom huh?
    • Anarchism - You attract a lot of weirdos who are still spooky. It's great that they want anarchy, but i think absolute freedom is better.
    • Anti-Fascism - Fuck them fascists! But uh, i don't really like you commies either. You've been harassing/censoring Agrarianism and that's not okay. Protesting is awesome, stop ruining it for em. They should farm however they want and i still wanna be able to get sum local food. Honesty, would you rather want the capitalist supermarkets to run the food market!?



    I'm high Give me a break man!

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