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    R/Banvideogamesism is the (allegedly) satirical ideology of the subreddit r/banvideogames. They believe in Christianity, that gamers are racist, sexist, homophobic, satanist Nazis and that video games should be banned, so much they even believe that "game" and "gamer" are slurs that should be censored, along with "karen" and "boomer". they also have capitalism as their economic system, using the "copium" they obtained from debating gamers (refered to them as "gammie scum"). Their organisation is ANTIGA (Anti Gamer Action) and has bases around the world devoted to destroy gaming. There are many offshoots of r/banvideogamesism, such as "Funniesism" and "Biblemanism" (Bibleman is a superhero r/banvideogamesism worships religiously). R/banvideogamesism also has a lot of concentration of the preservation of Big Chungus Theocracy (however within the group there are deniers of Big Chungus' teachings and prefer a "Small Chungus")


    The end goal of r/banvideogamesism is to ban all video games. They do so by attempting to reach out to organisations and countries to ban video games, for example, the WHO and Saudi Arabia.



    • Esoteric Capitalism - Love you dad! Capitalism is the only way forward!
    • Capitalism - You allow my copium to flow.
    • Christian Progressivism - g*mers are trying to say that christians a very racist and homophobic, but it's the g*mers that are racist and homophobic.



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