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    Queer Bookchin Communalism

    Queer Bookchin Communalism is a fusion of the ideologies Bookchin Communalism and Queer Anarchism.

    They strongly oppose capitalism, as they believe that Capitalism is antithetical to the freedom of queer people, and the preservation of the environment and ecosystem.

    They strive for liberation of queer people under a communalist system.




    • Anarcho-Individualism - Go away, you lifestylist scum! But my mom likes you sometimes, especially when she talks about Oscar Wilde or Emma Goldman.
    • Bookchin Capitalism - Excuse me, what?
    • Pink Capitalism - At least you care about LGBTQ rights, but what about the workers and the environment?
    • Eco-Capitalism - At least you care about the environment, but what about the workers and the LGBTQ community?
    • Georgism - It's good that you want common land ownership, but let's go further and collectivize labor.
    • Agrarian Socialism - On one hand, you support rural workers and want land reform, which does coincide with green politics. On the other hand, some of you have caused a ton of environmental damage to your countries and killed a ton of people in the process. Oh yeah, and due to many of you being conservative and nationalist, I don’t think that LGBTQ rights could flourish in rural areas without a lot of backlash.


    • Capitalism - You don’t care about the workers or the environment!
    • Corporatocracy - Same as above, but even worse.
    • Climate Skepticism - You’re a danger to humanity’s future and you know it!
    • Nationalism - How does having a fetish for a flag help the workers, the LGBTQ community, or the environment again? Oh yeah, it doesn't!
    • Reactionaryism - DISGUSTING! 🤮
    • Reactionary Libertarian Socialism - It breaks my heart that you have the gall to call yourself a libertarian socialist, but you don't extend that freedom to the LGBTQ community.
    • Reactionary Capitalism - You have the worst traits of all of the above, therefore, you are my polar opposite.
    • Egoism and Post Leftism - LIFESTYLISTS, THE LOT OF YOU!


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