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    288ism is an Authoritarian-Left ideology, which based on National Communism. It's a Communist ideology which founded by Mikhail Celflosky's another friend.

    The Road to Communism

    Step 1: Revolution Step 2: Conquer the World but let other place people have basic rights and independence refureendum rights.

    Property Axis

    It believes all types of Property have to be public, it's a Communist. Some times it will go to far and makes people's commune. When someone gets hurt, there's still has welfare to solve the problem.

    Civic AxisFile:Statocracy.png

    It usually between Statism and Authoritarianism, it gives people regular freedom. But in emergency times, it prefer Statocracy or Totalitarianism to be safety.

    Radicality axis

    It believes just revolution can make communist society, reform is too slow of itself.

    Organisation axis

    It believes whatever Party or Union, communism always good.

    Social Axis

    It's progressive, Sometimes Revolutionary. It believes the progressive is important, abolishing traditions might work.


    It believes transhumanism is good, even wants to make a evolve. It believes The important criminal should be a robot to let people knows what should their avoid.


    It believes people have to be patriotic, and it support terriorty expand like Imperialism. On the other hand, it also like cooperation of countries. It's goal is conqurer the world.

    Idealistic Axis

    It believes Marxism's Scientific is desirable, the Utopian Socialism couldn't work.


    However, although it's a communist. It thinks CCP is a cringe, it's policies are disgusting espactially after it reform itself. The most disgusting is, it makes oppress just a part of people.

    Freedom of Speech

    It thinks everyone has different ideas, should respect.






    • Maoism-You are absolute disgusting! You ruined Communism's fame.
    • Dengism-Now you don't believes that Communism anymore, just a LARP!


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