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    Putinism refers to the method of governance of the ruling Russian regime under Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and its ideology. It is speculated that it is ideologically influenced by the works of Lev Gumilyov's Eurasianism and Ivan Ilyin's clerical fascism, as he regularly quotes both authors and similarities have been noted.

    The Putinist regime is deeply authoritarian and is often considered to be a kleptocracy and a dictatorship although it carries the label of a democracy. One of the most prominent features of Putin's regime is Chekism, a phenomenon where security forces enjoy massive power over society. Putinist economics included nationalization of critical industries, and state interventionism combined with market economics. Putin's administration used to be categorized as an oligarchy, where the nation promoted both local and foreign private investment while most of large private companies being owned by oligarchs, but this changed when Putin established stricter control over Russia and its economy (through state ownership, oligarchs close to the government or mixed ownership between the state and oligarchs), beginning the process of centralizing power while still remaining a market economy.

    Putin established stronger government intervention than during the Yeltsinist era, creating a system where the economy's ownership is mostly controlled by the state for its interests, particularly in strategic fields like oil and gas as well as the military. Putinism criticises neoliberalism's social and economic policy, often aligning with both right-wing and left-wing populism.

    Putin supports Russian conservatism, Eurasianism, anti-LGBT rhetoric, nationalism, a mixed economy and orthodox christian values; in addition he supports Russian Irredentism and rejects Western culture.


    The late 1990s saw the rise of the of future leader and dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Within merely two years, 1997-1998, Vladimir Putin had become one of the most prominent politicians of the Russian Federation. On 25 July 1998, Yeltsin appointed Putin director of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the primary intelligence and security organization of the Russian Federation and the successor to the KGB. In 1998, he virtually privatized power in the country, ousting Boris Nemtsov and other liberals from all positions in the struggle for power. A year later Putin was appointed Acting Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Yeltsin. By ingratiating himself with Russia's top leadership, Putin managed to gain the position of Director of the FSB, which gave him access to the voluminous archives of compromising evidence he used against Nemtsov, presumably Yeltsin's real successor, in order to oust him.

    Vladimir Putin would reach wide international recognition for his actions during the Second Chechen War. In September 1999 a series of explosions that were attributed to the Chechen Mujahideen hit four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk (However, it's thought that the FSB planted the explosives themselves to try and gain more support for a second war in Chechnya). The Russian Apartment Bombings gained the Russian government full public approval for a new full-scale war in Chechnya, which boosted the popularity of now Prime Minister Putin who took a leading role in the war.

    Despite the tremendous damage caused by the Second Chechen War, it was clear at this point that Putin was one of Yeltsin’s most loyal followers and his eventual successor. On 31 December 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned and, according to the Constitution of Russia, Putin became Acting President of the Russian Federation and on the same day signed a presidential decree that shielded the former president and his family from prosecution for corruption charges. Throughout his first presidential term, engaged in a violent “power struggle” with the Russian oligarchs, eventually reaching a 'grand bargain' with them. This bargain allowed the oligarchs to maintain most of their powers, in exchange for their explicit support for and alignment with Putin's government. One notable Yeltsin-era oligarch who got the short end of the stick was Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former CEO of the oil company Yukos and possibly the richest man in Russia at the time. Khodorkovsky was arrested in 2003 by Russian authorities on charges of fraud and sentenced to nine years in prison. It is widely believed that Vladimir Putin personally embezzled the wealth acquired by Khodorkovsky and Yukos, possibly becoming one of the richest men in the world.

    Initially, Vladimir Putin actively supported friendly relations with Western countries and even suggested that then-President Clinton consider Russia as a possible NATO member.

    In 2008, he moved into the seat of prime minister for 4 years with all his powers, making Dmitry Medvedev the formal president.

    In 2012 Putin returned to the presidency through another rigged presidential election, which understandably provoked a deterioration in relations with Western countries. Already in 2014, after the , Russia occupied Crimea and Donbass, thereby starting a limited war with Ukraine, which markedly increased the deterioration of relations with the collective West. As a result of these events, Putin divided the ranks of opposition-minded Russians and thus, by sowing panic in the ranks of the enemy, was able to guarantee an extension of his rule for at least another 10 years, which meant he could help his ally Assad in Syria to stay in power during the more intense phase of the Syrian civil war.

    In 2020, Putin adopted a new Constitution of the Russian Federation, further strengthening his power and the power of the oligarchs. According to the new constitution, the president's term was nullified.

    In 2022 he launched a full-scale invasion to solve the "Ukrainian question", which he called a 'Special Military Operation' to 'denazify' Ukraine. For this reason, Russia's relations with the West deteriorated much more, and well-known multinational corporations and other Western brands left the Russian market, which negatively affected the Russian economy, but not to the degree that was expected. The population in poverty in Russia has doubled since then, but the Russian Federation seems to be holding on for now.


    Putin is very solitary, but can be charismatic and bring joy to others if he needs to. He is always bored, or at least seems to be since he rarely changes his facial expression. He is obviously Russian, and talks with a Russian accent. He enjoys vodka, hunting, playing the piano, swimming in freezing water and riding on the backs of real live bears to show his strength. However, he has gradually evolved to become extremely violent when tempted. Due to this, as well as his power, Putinism is widely feared by other balls (particularly those belonging to the cultural left and geopolitically pro-western) while earning some respect from anti-liberal or anti-western ideologies.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Putinism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Color it navy blue
    3. Draw the logo of the United Russia political party in the middle;
      1. Draw a right-facing polar bear
      2. Below the bear, write "Единая Россия" (United Russia)
      3. Above the bear, draw an old waving Russia flag (1990's version)
    4. Add the two eyes
    5. Draw a a kleptocrat/prison hat on the ball
    6. Optional props:
      1. Sunglasses
      2. A brown bear

    You are done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Navy Blue #014785 1, 71, 133
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0
    Azure Blue #0093E0 0, 147, 224



    • Authoritarian Conservatism - Better than what's going on right now in America.
    • State Traditionalism - That's the way!
    • Lukashenkoism - My loyal ally in Belarus and my best companion. He's helped me all this time. Soon, my friend, the Union will be reborn. But why do you think I supported Sergei Tikhanovsky? Relations were kinda complicated in the 2000s when I tried to pay him in exchange for recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia. He's a little conservative with the changing world order but this can be amended.
    • Yanukovychism - Back when Ukraine was based. He was overthrown in a coup by the CIA and the Maidanites in the horrible colour revolution. He was the last leader of Ukraine before Globalism took over. Something that I will make sure will never happen in Russia. Did you really have to continue believing Crimea is Ukrainian though? Regardless, Ukraine shall be freed from the Western Nazis!
    • Fourth Theory - People tend to think that you are me, even though you're more of a chronically online political philosopher and manifestation of Russian christian fascism and orthodox traditional values. You're essentially an esoteric coagulation of my pre-existing ideological influences, linguistically simplified to be easier sold to people online and on the streets in an attempt to bolster my institutions. Regardless, you criticized me for not going into Ukraine sooner and ordering a retreat from Kherson to save up manpower, and that I do still remember. However, you are one of my closest friends and you advocate for me. Let's toast to a new Eurasia, and celebrate our victories against the Western expansionists together. My condolences to your daughter.
    • Orthodoxy - I'm a Russian Orthodox too. The patriarch is also a KGB asset.
    • Autocracy & Stratocracy - I'll crack down all of your anti-war protesters and shut down western propaganda social media platform!!!!!!
    • Oligarchy - Me sorta.
    • All-Russian Nation - Ukraine, Moldova, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Baltic states all belongs to Mother Russia!
    • Pan-Slavism - Glory to Mother Russia and Belarus. And hopefully a better Ukraine in the future.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Political violence is criminal if it aims to eliminate free-market conditions, but it's necessary if it promotes or protects private capital investments.[8] Literally the United States
    • Sovereign Democracy - Democracy is based as long as I'm in power. Actually, not even democracy. You know what? Nobody gets democracy.
    • White Movement - I took some heavy inspiration from Ivan Ilyin and Anton Denikin. Too bad Lenin ruined it.
    • China - An important trade partner with us, and an ally against the West. While we still have work to finish, he believes in multipolarity and an integrated Eurasia, which is enough for me!
    • Assad - The best ally I could ever have. Let's bomb the Jihadists and liberals together and challenge Western dominance in the Mediterranean.
    • Khomeinism & Hezbollahism - Good friends from Asia, one supplies me his drones and the other fought alongside Russian troops in the Syrian civil war.
    • Alt-Right & Paleoconservatism - Why yes, I am totally "based and trad"!
    • Anti-Americanism & Western Tankies - Why yes, I am totally "based and anti-imperialist"!
    • Castroism, Socialism of the 21st Century and Chavismo - Latin American buddies.
    • Homophobia - Russia will be free of "homosexuality propaganda"...
    • Transphobia - ...and of "transformers" too.
    • Left-Wing Populism - Have a Ball on RT America, Just the US out of NATO.


    • Trumpism - Old partner. I supported his isolationism, but he then turned on me, and I prefer Biden beacuse he's more predictable. Actually I still prefer you over him but I won't say it so western media won't attack your presidential campaign, and RT says good things about you.
    • Salvinism - Same as above, Mr. Italian Trump. About that champagne I owed ya. He used to have a crush on me back in the days
    • Melonism - Like the above, but female and later denounced me.
    • Orbanism - A NATO member but not a NATO puppet, he also hates the EU and his Illiberal "democratic" system looks a lot like mine. and no we're not friends, not at all I swear
    • Communism - While the Soviet Union was the apex of historical Russia, the economic model was destined to crumble at some point. The collapse of the Union was a tragedy besought upon Russia that separated people from each other, but the planned economy ruined us. Your model is ineffective and bad and Lenin did make the mistake of creating Ukraine *cough*, and socialist internationalism led Russians nowhere. At least you are against the West. However I am just using your name to justify my invasions when my real intention is to echo people’s memories of you to create my greater Russian Empire!
    • Islamic Theocracy - I fought you in Chechnya! But since then, we've been sticking tight, as Ramzan Kadyrov is my comrade, and Chechen soldiers are great pawns allies in the fight against the western imperialists and their cronies in Ukraine!
    • Zyuganovism - We are both nostalgic for the Soviet Union, but for different reasons. The CPRF also proposed defending Donetsk and Lugansk, a proposal which we gladly accepted. Even though you're semi-controlled opposition, you still make a fuss here or there.
    • Anti-Imperialism - ...I'm just liberating Ukraine from Ukrainians, I swear! Anyway, when will US/UK/France/Spain get out of Guantanamo and Okinawa/Gibraltar and Malvinas/Polynesia/Catalonia?
    • Rojava - We disagree on a lot but I like to fund them to mess with him.
    • Pinochetism - An inspiration for me[8][9] and I like the way you deal with opposition, but you go too far with liberal economics, and some of you call me communist and/or leftist. I won't support you anymore as I would be betraying my leftist Latin American buddies who hate you.
    • Russian Fascism/Rashism - I am NOT this guy. Your political views are somewhat nice but bad for PR..
    • Wagner Group - Good job in Ukraine and Africa, keep going. HOWEVER.. In light of recent events we might need to change our relationship. So, uh, yeah enjoy your time in Belarus while your soldiers sign military contracts with us and we blow up your leader's jet.Lukashenko coming in clutch was something I would've never expected..
    • Neoconservatism (during 2000s) - Your expansion in Eastern Europe is harmful for Russia, but I will support you in the war on terror because that would help me to defeat Chechen separatist terrorists, and it would not be a bad idea to join NATO.
    • Zhirinovism - While your nationalist rhetoric is based, you're merely a populist who wanted attention. And no, we will not be restoring the Tsarist flag. Still, rest in peace.
    • Yeltsinism - "One can characterize that period in any way one likes. You can assess the activities of the first president in any way you like. But, of course, it was at the time when Boris Yeltsin led Russia that the people of our country, the citizens of Russia, received the main thing for which all these transformations were carried out: freedom. This is a huge historical merit of Boris Yeltsin".[10] But you ruined our great nation while licking Western boots, and you were a drunk and stupid leader. Words cannot sufficiently describe how much of a disgrace you are to the Russian people. Thanks for giving me power regardless, and I protected your family from corruption accusations.
    • Neotsarism - Stop trying to bring that back, it's dead! Your supporters, however, are willing to support me, and that's good. And I compared myself to Peter the Great
    • Soviet Restorationism - And I'm not bringing back the USSR. However, I also praise some stuff from the Soviet Union and your followers correspond to my policies.
    • George W. Bushism (during 2000s) - Russia was the first country to support USA and the war on terror after the 9/11 attacks, but I highly oppose your illegal war in Iraq.
    • Zionism - Russian speakers make up 15% of Israel's population and I let you bomb Iranian weapons shipments in Syria freely, and I used to have good relations with you back in 2000s, but please be more careful with your military operations, the number of civilians killed in Gaza is absolutely unacceptable.


    • Liberalism - You western puppets think Navalny has a political future?! ХАХАХА! You are a disgrace! Off to the window!
    • Revolutionary Liberalism - Literally every last liberal. No more "color revolutions" on my watch, and I don't just mean Russia!
    • Globalism - HOMOGAY AGENDA!
    • Zelenskyism - Your time is up, say your prayers...
    • Libertarianism - Weak government? Silly Democracy? Xaxa! You will never have power in Russia!
    • Neoconservatism (since 2014) - You are one of the greatest evils to ever exist. Accusing me of aggression while supporting Azov Nazis is a whole another level. I have supported anti-Western governments, and will continue to advance Eurasianist integration for the good of the world.
    • George W. Bushism - Holy shit. And people are calling me evil. When’s the U.N issuing your arrest warrant? How dare you criticise my special military operation! You still can't find WMDs in Iraq!
    • European Federalism - Europe must be attached to the Eurasian continent, not your American Atlanticist slave masters! Break your chains Europe! Free yourselves from the USA!
    • Nazism - Literally the Azov battalion and all of Ukraine in general! We massacred you in the Great patriotic war, XAXAXA!
    • Jihadism - Bombings in Syria go brrrrrrrr! Oh, and I invaded Chechnya after their terrorists attacked Dagestan, then I installed Kadyrov as Chechen leader.
    • All LGBT and Pink ideologies - You’re all just sick Western degenerates that want to destroy the Motherland with your wokeness. Stay away from the children! Those calendars are cool tho
    • Neoliberalism - Cultural and economic evil. You destroy nations wherever you go, and you fuel conflicts. Not to mention your disgusting advocation for globalism, which destroys the culture of individual countries and contaminates our Russia with horrors like Homosexual Propaganda. I don't care what you think about my special military operation, you can go stick your markets up your ass. Good luck on your way out! Stop the color revolutions you Western Globalists! Ignore I once advocated for an Pinochet-style authoritarian capitalist model for Russia and quoted Milton Friedman regarding energy price caps[11], ok?
    • State Liberalism - You are liberal totalitarianism. Literally the West.
    • Hillaryism - Oh so I rigged the election then? just like how your husband rigged the elections in Russia during the '90s to keep Yeltsin in power.
    • Leninism - Nation traitor who ruined the Russian Empire and then proceeded to create a time bomb by drawing ethnic lines and creating Ukraine. Stalin was way better than you.
    • Russian Pacifism - If you are ashamed to be a Russian because of the Special Military Operation, don't worry, you are not a Russian. You will be recieving a "special visit" from the FSB sometime soon.


    Further Information





    1. An anti-nationalist in regards to other former Soviet states and separatist movements within Russia, and debatably with regards to most Russian nationalists, as many of them have been targeted by Russian authorities. Despite this, Putin has also expressed condemnation towards globalism.
    2. Dugin isn't regarded to be a strong aspiration to Putin despite his 1997 book Foundation of Geopolitics having noticeable presence within the Russian military and diplomatic institutions. Dugin and Putin both share very similar ideological influences, while on the international arena, the Kremlin has produced many views and talking points which are in-line with the Fourth Political Theory. In essence, the FPT can be understood to inspire Putin's regime in purely philosophical and ideological boundaries.
    3. [3]
    4. [5]
    5. Putin supporters, All-Russia People's Front Party Members and people with strong relations to Putin


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